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The Federation Space News Network serves as the newsletter for members of Federation Space RPG, an online Star Trek forum based role-playing game. It’s your one stop for all the Fed Space and Star Trek news you need.

We bring you stories both in-character and out-of-character with four different sections: Star Fleet News, FedSpace News, Trek News, and Science News.

Star Fleet News
The Star Fleet News section of FSNN is going to feature news that happens in game. It’s anything that your characters would hear if they pulled up the FSNN on a computer terminal, as if reading the daily newspaper or watching the evening news broadcast. In this section you’ll find briefs of what’s going on on each ship, interviews with Star Fleet personnel, and even some travel advice for your character’s next shore leave.

Please note that all stories in this section are written in-character.

Fed Space News
The Fed Space News section features news concerning Federation Space that happens out-of-game such as ship promotions, medals, transfers, and recent academy graduates. We’ll be interviewing players, bringing you information about new things to the site, and keep you up to date with anything going on behind the scenes.

Please note that all stories in this section are written out-of-character. This means that your character may or may not be privy to the information in this section, and as such you should avoid using this information in game.

Star Trek News
The Trek News section will have news about Star Trek. Whether it concerns the new movie, reviews about books and games, or a Trek jokes to make you giggle, this is the section you’ll find it.

Science News
Our Science News section is going to cover modern day science, astronomy, and technology topics. Have they invented transporters yet? Discovered life on Mars? We’ll keep you covered on the interesting tidbits we dig up.


At the Federation Space News Network, we’re always looking for interesting article ideas. If you have an article you would like to write, or simply an idea you’d like to see in an upcoming issue, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Editor in Chief.

If you’d like to be featured in 20 Questions, please contact the editor as well.

FSNN Staff

Editorial Team

Captain Julia Nielson ((Rachel Christie)) >> Contact

Managing Editor
Commander Ryan Cooper ((Kevin Avery)) >> Contact >> Twitter @KevinAveryFNN

Staff Reporters

Lieutenant Alice Dega ((Nina Garcia Jenkins)) >> Contact
Lieutenant Commander Phoenix Carter ((Havraha R’Mor)) >> Contact


>> Vice Admiral Thomas Grayson
>> Captain Abigail Taylor

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