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Diplomatic Desperation

  Terror strikes Ecurai!   Political ties between the Democratic Romulan Republic and the United Federation of Planets are strained after the most recent diplomatic incident.         Months earlier the DRR and UFP scheduled a meeting to

USS Sheridan – Update

The latest mission in the Sheridan’s history has certainly been an eventful one. Here at FSNN we give you the full story, and how it all went wrong. After a restful break at Star base Alpha, the Sheridan set out

USS Intrepid, CA-1708 – Mission Update

The Intrepid is heading back to Earth after exploring an area of space that was unknown to the Federation. The crew had been given orders to explore an area of space that seemingly held a dark secret. The Intrepid managed

Election Coverage

The voting polls for the election of the Federation President have been open for five days and already the exit polls show that voting turnout has been high. The polls will remain open until 21501.15 but already, according to pollsters,

Interview: Cdr John Halpert, SF Academy

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with one of Star Fleet Academy’s senior administrators to discuss recent Academy events. Star Fleet Academy’s main campus is located in San Francisco, Earth and is overseen by Superintendent -Captain Abigail Taylor,

Investigation Yields Little Progress

Star Date 21409.13 is a date that is forever etched into the minds of Federation citizens across the quadrant. That day was not unlike countless other days on Earth but one event would forever impact the lives of billions of

2415 Presidential Campaign Coverage

Political campaigns … Some people thrive for them. The thought of running for an office, following someone’s campaign trail, and voting is enough to make certain people’s hearts race and adrenaline flow. For the rest of us it is another

4th Fleet Happenings for 21301

Ship Reports Ship reports are as of 21301.16, and are provided by the CO of the relating ship. USS Avenger The Avenger has arrived at the Wadi homeworld in the Gamma Quadrant.  We are here to meet with the Dominion

4th Fleet Happenings for 21212 (Dec 2012)

Ship Reports USS Avenger The USS Avenger has been continuing toward the Wadi world.  LCdr Tucker has been left in command.  Security is investigating malfunctioning showers and replicators, and Engineering has joined in this effort.  On the bridge, there is

4th Fleet Happenings, 21211 (Nov 2012)

Ship Reports USS Avenger Still en route for Wadi, the Avenger is mostly quiet.  We have are conducting active scans of the Dominion ‘escorts’ while they do the same to us.  It’s kind of like a game of chicken… see