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Shuttling Shuttles!

I just landed at Dulles International Airport to be greeted by a sight that is… something amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics, but there it was, the NASA 747 with the Shuttle ENTERPRISE sitting atop it, awaiting it’s flight

Apollo 14

“And it’s been a long way, but we’re here.” This month in Astronomy history… Apollo 14 returned to Earth on February 9th, 1971. Crewed by Commander Alan Shepard, and pilots Stuart Roosa and Edgar Mitchell, this was the third manned

3 Juno

This Month in Astronomy History…. 3 Juno was discovered by German astronomer Karl L Harding on September 1st, 1804. Juno for short, it was the third asteroid to be discovered. Juno is currently classified as the 10th largest asteroid with

Fairy of the Eagle Nebula

This month’s astropic is courtesy the Hubble Space Telescope. It features dust sculptures from the Eagle nebula. You can see the full size picture on the NASA website.