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FedSpace Laws

Fedspace Laws [‘fedˈspās lawz] noun A facetious set of laws that govern the online role-play game, Federation Space. 1- When you’re feeling creative and itching to post, your shipmates are busy. 2- When you’re feeling unmotivated to post, your shipmates

A Tale of the Star Fleet Marines

The elite Star Fleet Marines were fighting the Romulans on some distant planet. Over the top of  a hill lay the Romulan commander’s objective. He dispatched a squad of 10 Romulan centurions to take the objective.  As soon as they

Some Shatner fun!

Shatner in his (in)famous 1978 performance of “Rocketman”: Kevin Pollack does Trek: Kevin Pollack does Shatner: Shatner on Pollack doing Shatner: Shatner sings “Your Way” to Lucas (AWESOME!)

Humor: Klingon Style