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#123608 Presidential Address and Site News Update - 21712

Posted by Joshua Barnett on Star Date 21712.06 @ 21:54 (09:54 PM)

Hello Fed-Space Membership.


I’d like to take a few minutes of time to address some points that have been coming up in discussion between some members of the leadership team, as well as make some announcements about upcoming events and news about the site.


The site membership hovers at around 75-80 players as I write this.  Our recruitment and attrition roughly equal, so we have stayed at around 80 members for the past 2-3 years.  This is a sustainable level, and while I’d be very happy to see our membership grow, I’ve always said I’d prefer a core of strong, committed players vs a large mass of players who don’t believe in the core values of our game.


Sadly, that is partly what has inspired this message.


Federation Space is a place for writers and roleplayers to come together to collaboratively tell stories set in the Star Trek universe. But over the past few years we have noticed a trend in both new and veteran players who don’t put in the effort to write good stories, who don’t interact with their peers, and who can’t be bothered to maintain and promote the spirit of Federation Space.   This is obvious in a number of ways:


●     Slow Posting Rates/Whining about having to post:  Federation Space is a hobby.  It should not be viewed as a ‘chore’ where you ‘have to post’.  It should be something you look forward to participating in.  I get very tired of hearing (and I will admit I am a victim of saying it sometimes), “I guess I need to post” or “I really need to post, but…”.  What we should be saying is, “I really want to post today.” 

○     We make time for the things we want to do. If you are coming up with excuses why you aren’t posting, or whining about posting, then maybe you should be asking… do I really want to be here? If the answer is yes, then you need to look at adjusting your attitude a little.

○     “Yes, but I also have 8 NPCs, GM, and AI roles.” If you can’t keep up with all your roles, then maybe you need to have an honest look at your capacity. Some people can post for a Main PC, an alt-PC, a GM, AI, and multiple NPCs. Some people can only manage one PC. And both are just fine. There isn't one "right way" to play FedSpace. But just be honest with yourself with what you can and can't do.

○     “I’m too stressed because fill in reason” to post. “I’m too busy to post”. We’re all busy, we’re all stressed. As a hobby, Fed-Space should relieve that stress.  This is not to say I don’t understand the need to slow your posting rate, take an LOA, step back from NPCs, etc. if you have a life event that interferes.  But that should be the exception, not the norm.

●     Lazy posting: It’s blindingly obvious when you don’t use spell check. It’s obvious when you haven’t read other players’ or the GM’s posts. We all miss cues now and again but it shouldn’t be more than 10-15% of the time at most, and ideally much less.  You should always read all posts in the thread you are in and any threads affiliated with your plot--I always re-read everything since I last posted in a thread when I am about to post a reply. This is a collaborative game; you’re missing the point if you ignore other players’ posts. Not only that, but it’s disrespectful. How would you feel if other players ignored your posts? And you should always, when in-mission, read the Bridge.  If you really want to get the most out of the site, go outside your comfort zone and read posts on other ships/bases/etc.  You are missing out if you only read one or two places. 

●     The tagalongs. All members of Fedspace are here to collaboratively tell a story. This involves 1- writing your character’s reactions and interpretation of what other character’s have said/done and what the GM has given, and 2- moving the story along. But we’ve seen a rise in players who don’t do step 2. They’ll post their character’s reaction, and then do nothing that makes the story move forward. Sometimes your character might not know what to do, or might not have the skill; but that doesn’t mean they can’t move the story forward. Sometimes their inactivity is what moves the story forward (maybe they don’t notice a warning light, or their hesitation gets them shot). But you need to do something that makes the story move forward. Otherwise the GM could just tell the story themselves.

●     Out of Game Problem Solving: I’ve noticed an increase in players using OOC to problem solve, instead of having their character doing it. This is a roleplaying game; your character should be the one taking steps to solve a puzzle. OOC should only be used to clarify a point, if you have a concern, etc. There’s no reason for a player to be contacting a GM directly. Nor should you be asking a GM questions in Crew Announcements/Discussion. If you have a mission-related question, go up the chain of command. Some players seem to be doing this so that their character won’t make mistakes. This takes away from the storytelling aspect of our game. Even if we are the ‘heroes’ of Star Fleet, we should be making mistakes, and our characters should have to go through the motions of figuring things out.  It’s called story and character development.

●     Metagaming/supersimming: Characters who magically know the answer. Characters that are perfect at everything they do. Characters that suddenly have skills and abilities not listed in their bio. Characters who have an ability/device/idea that so overshadows everything else that they can’t possibly have made a mistake or been wrong. Characters who solve an entire plot in one post without anyone else participating.  If this is how you want to play, then why are you even here?  Go write your own private stories on your own blog or something.  This is a site for people to interact, to write  together, to collaboratively solve the fictional problems that a GM presents. Even Captain Picard relied on his senior staff to solve problems, he did not do it all himself. We have very carefully tailored the technologies and abilities on this site to ensure balance so that players/characters can be challenged, but also have a reasonable chance of success if they work together and do things as a team.  If you want to metagame/supersim, then I’m going to be very direct here:  Leave and go find another site to write on.  Fed-Space is not the place for you.

●     Entitlement:  The admins often hear “Why am I not a CO? I was next in line?!” or “Why can’t I be promoted to that rank?” Often these are the same players who are lazy with their posts, who metagame, who don’t do anything to contribute extra to the site, who don’t participate in the community outside their own ship. These people often feel entitled to be a CO or have a more senior rank.

○     Here is what every player and character is entitled to on Fed-Space: They are entitled to a friendly community where they can explore the lives of fictional Star Fleet characters in a future version of the STAR TREK universe. 

○     Nobody is entitled to anything more, or less, than that. 

○     When you try to take more, you take it away from others. 

○     When you fail to be a community-minded member who provides good, regular posts, you take the fun out of the game for others. 

○     Your character it not entitled a certain rank or position, they aren’t entitled to have certain abilities or to have certain tactics that automatically work. 

○     They earn rank and position through:

■     your time on the site

■     your active, productive participation through posting

■     3- your demonstrated contributions to the site.

○     If you think you deserve more, then demonstrate it.  Show us that you do and it will be recognized. 

■     If you feel like the opportunity to contribute more isn't available to you, then you should bring this up with your Primary PC’s DH, FO, CO, FC, or the CinC or another site admin.

■     Remember, you have to show that you have the skill, dedication, and commitment to the site to be considered for these positions.


I think we can all work together to do better ourselves and to mentor those around us who might need some extra support.  At the end of the day, this community is what keeps us going, and we have a strong community of fun and caring people.  We all just have to want to be here.


That’s the end of my ranting in this post… now on to some site news:

●     We are also working on switching the main message board software to the latest version, and also making updates to the WordPress front-end sometime in the coming year, hopefully early in the year.

●     We are still working on the new Constitution.  As we delved into the rewrite/reorg of the document, we realized that it was a good opportunity to revise a document which no longer reflected the way Federation Space operates.

●     We have a new Fleet Personnel Officer (FPO).  Commodore Wendy Rickenbacker will now be handling all non-cadet account creations, and will be checking rosters to ensure COs and FCs are doing their jobs by ensuring these documents are updated in a timely manner.  She answers to the CinC, and will report to her any discrepancies.

●     The site is stable financially for now.  We have about 3-½ months of funds in the bank to keep us afloat.  There are still over 30 pins available for those who donate $5+.  See the site financial reports thread in Red Alert for more info.

●     The site’s telepathic guidelines were recently updated to address some concerns.  Anyone playing a telepath should read them.

●     ALL equipment or ship specs changes need to be reviewed by the site’s ENGCOM, Commodore Julia Nielson.  You should email her if you have a request.  She will discuss with the site creative staff and then get back to you.  If a change is found that was not authorized by her, then appropriate disciplinary action may be taken at the discretion of the site leadership.

●     ALL new BIOs (character changes, NPCs etc) must be reviewed and approved by the academy.  Send them to Commodore Taylor and she will send to a BIO evaluator to review and approve.

●     We will also be reviewing the guidelines on multi-species (hybrid) characters.  It feels like there is a very high amount of them, and some which it would be impossible for any genetic compatibility, even with DNA manipulation.  Nearly ANY pairing of different species would require SOME manipulation, and it seems like we’ve gotten out of control with this on the site.

●     Character Death and Character Consequences are being reviewed.  Apparently people think that their characters “cannot die” without their permission ever, under any circumstances.  This is not true.  In fact, the GMs have a mechanism, when a character does something that is so implausible it must result in permanent damage, death, or career-ending results, it can in fact happen.  In those cases, the GM discusses the matter with the Creative Director and the site admins, and we make a decision.  So don’t go shooting an ambassador, or jumping into an exploding warp core unless you are willing to accept the consequences.

●     Some site terminology tweaks are occurring. Following is a lexicon of some changes and standards we use on Fed-Space

○     Fed-Space/FedSpace/Fed Space/Federation Space are all acceptable terms for the site.  The legal entity that owns the site is “Fed-Space Association LLC”.

○     Star Fleet is the site’s official term for what Trek canon calls Starfleet.  This was done for multiple reasons, but mostly to help mitigate any ‘copyright’ concerns that may arise.

○     Star Date is what we officially use for stardate.  Again, for the same reasons as we use Star Fleet.

○     We don’t use NCC- for the same reasons, and also because our site founder wanted our ship designations to reflect the ship class.

○     First Officer vs Executive Officer:  Which is right?  The answer, is BOTH.  On Fed-Space we accept either as valid.  For all official documents we use First Officer, or (FO), but in-game Executive Officer or XO is acceptable as well.


Character type designations are also changing effective Star Date 21801.01 to better reflect how we use them on the site:


●     Primary Rated Character (PRC) is replacing “PC” or “Player Character” as the site’s designation for your primary character.  The CO of your PRC is the one who must approve you having an SRC, NRC (see below), GM, or AI, or any other site role.  They have the authority to revoke those roles after granting them if you are not performing as your PRC.

●     Secondary Rated Character (SRC) is replacing “ALT” or “Alternate Character” as the site’s designation for your second rated character.

●     Non-Rated Character (NRC) is replacing “NPC” or “Non-Player Character” as the site’s designation for any character you have which you do not earn points for.  This was done because in virtually every other role playing system an NPC can only be played by the GM or moderator.  Because NRCs are played by PLAYERS, we wanted to switch to the rated/non-rated to make things clearer, especially for newer players.

●     “Rated” characters are characters that earn points.  All of your additional points (other than positional or medals awarded to your SRC directly) including AI/GM/Division Head, etc. points are always awarded to your PRC.   Your PRC is the only one that can be in a command (FO/CO) position.  Your PRC is usually of higher rank/position.


This will all be spelled out in the new Constitution in more detail, but I wanted you all to be aware as the designations begin to change across the site (you’ll notice the Academy has slowly started switching to the new terminology).


And don’t forget, new BIOs for all PRC/NRC/SRC characters must be approved by the Academy, and all new accounts other than Cadet accounts are approved by the FPO following submission of the new character form as found in Red Alert.  This process may take several days as the Commodore will verify the information with your CO(s) as appropriate.


As always, if anyone has any questions, concerns, etc. you can email me at President@Fed-Space.com.


Thank you, and ahead Warp 9.

-Perry Brulotte, President, Fed-Space Association, LLC

-Joshua Barnett, President, United Federation of Planets

#159030 Earth - Specify location in post

Posted by Adm Daniel Wueste on Star Date 22005.19 @ 18:47 (06:47 PM)

==Personal Residence, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania==


The corridor felt endless and familiar.  The lights pulsed red.  He was running, but he was not sure from what.


He heard a voice call to him.  He ran faster.


A door ahead in the darkness.


He read its signage.  




The voice called out again.  No, it was a whisper, the voice whispered his name.  Why?


He reached the door.  It did not open.


Instinctively he reached for the wall control.


​His arm was covered in some sort of metal.  A tube ran from near his wrist to by his shoulder.


The door opened.  She was there.  His wife.  The borg queen who had been his wife.




The Admiral's eyes opened, the room was dark, his heart raced.


"Bridge, this is..." 


He stopped, his eyes focused, he remembered where he was.


Home.  Earth.


"Computer, lights."


Dan's master bedroom illuminated.


He checked the time.


[0430 EDT]


Just a dream, only a dream.


It had, after all, only been a dream.  An old dream, a nightmare from long ago.  He'd had it most nights now since the recent Borg attack.  Since he'd read the after action report.


The Admiral had asked Star Fleet to let him lead the 1st Fleet's response.  He would have planted the flag on Pulsar.  He had been ready to lead his old ship and fleet into battle.  Against the Borg he would have done whatever was necessary, if it had meant helping to assure victory.


Command had declined his offer.  They had been kind about the rejection.  They had not questioned his ability or his desire to see the job done.  No, they had been all too understanding.  Command had instead sent Thrawn.  Now Matt was in a hospital, too many others were dead, and here Dan sat, safely home.


Matt Thrawn was the best of Star Fleet.  Dan was under no illusion that he could have done any better.  Still, he wished it had been him.  


I'd gladly have Matt safe and sound and me be the one recovering in a hospital bed.


It was vanity, ego that drove those thoughts.  Dan knew it.  He wanted so badly to do right and show the people of the Federation that they could trust him again.


The humor of the situation was that the people of the Federation, those who even remembered him, seemed to have already forgiven him.  There seemed to be no wide-spread malice.  Not from the average citizen on the street, not even from his fellow Star Fleet officer.  On the whole, it seemed, people understood.  If anything, they seemed to pity him.  Most seemed to recognize that the neural parasites had been the true enemy, that those actions had not been his own, but those of the being that had taken over his body.


None of that changed how he felt.  Not even after so much time.  No amount of forgiveness could ever erase the guilt he felt, the sense of profound failure.  


He stared at the ceiling, reached over to his nightstand and grabbed the PADD he'd left there.


Then he did what he had done 2-3 times a night, every night, since he'd received the report.  He read about the battle against the Borg and, as it always did, his attention settled to the ships lost.


Enterprise, Beckett, Intrepid, Drake, Pegasus, Yeager, Cicero, T'Plana-Hath, Ian Fleming, Jacques Derrida, Surak, Ozaki, Philadelphia...


It was a blessing that somehow his former commands, Pulsar and Dauntless, had survived.  


The destruction of the Beckett had meant a tabling of the entire production line.  He remembered her launch day.  It had been a day of great hope for the future.  Still, Jon Beckett having a ship named in his honor had made sense.  The end of the Beckett-class, sad as it might be, did have the fringe benefit of preventing the launch of the next in line USS Wueste.  It was the closest to a silver lining he could find.  Having a ship named after you was the sort of honor that should happen only to the greatest of leaders and even then only after they had retired, or maybe even a century after their death.  It was a lifetime achievement award or perhaps best meant as a way to memorialize those long gone.  


​I warranted none of that.


Placing the PADD back on the nightstand, he rolled over, tried to get comfortable.


He needed to be up in only a few hours.  He had work to do. Reports to be filed.  Paper work was still work.  Dan's signature on official documents still carried some weight and Command still had use for the statistical analysis and data review he could provide them.  


He closed his eyes, tried to will himself back to sleep.


The early morning hours were quiet, still.  A loneliness gripped him.  

#172795 Star Trek: Lower Decks Discussion Thread SPOILERS!!!

Posted by Cdr Alexander Talion on Star Date 22108.30 @ 03:27 (03:27 AM)

I've never really understood this. You can like or not like things as is your personal taste, but if you don't like it, then shrug and move on. There is no need to bash. If it isn't your flavor, then don't drink from that fountain again. You have a right to professionally express your differences in writing style and so on.


Personally, I like them all. Some I like better than others. Every single one of them suffers from poor writing sooner or later, but they rarely all have the same writers, no matter what series you ever encounter. I love it when they mix up writers and directors, giving you some variety in view and approach to the material. The Mandalorian gets top marks for that, but I won't digress outside of the topic here. Can you imagine what it would have been like if we never deviated from TOS?


By all means, be a respectful fan with an opinion. Please don't be a "Gatekeeper" who tries to define what should or shouldn't be considered part of the collection. There, that's MY opinion.

#164558 (Humor) From the Office of Star Fleet Regulations

Posted by Lt (JG) Robin Mayfair on Star Date 22012.15 @ 20:57 (08:57 PM)

Stardate 22012.15

Office of Star Fleet Regulations

Admiral Kenneth Masterson


After much discussion and several unfortunate... incidents, Star Fleet has decided that new regulations are needed to address certain actions taken by Star Fleet personnel. You know who you are. 


Effective immediately:

  1. Star Fleet personnel will no longer be allowed to leave their phasers on "disintegrate" just because it's cool.
  2. Klingon officers will take note that today is NOT a good day to die.
  3. Neither is tomorrow.
  4. Stop trying to get Deltans to break their oaths of celibacy. Seriously.
  5. You are not allowed to paint flame patterns on starship hulls. On a related note, bumper stickers are not allowed either. Our starships don't even have bumpers. 
  6. If you need to set the ship to auto-destruct, at least try and have a good reason for doing so.
  7. Ramming speed is an order that is only to be given as a LAST resort. Not an opening move.
  8. The playing of AC/DC on the bridge is hereby banned during Red Alert.
  9. Science and Engineering are no longer allowed to create spatial anomalies just to see what happens.  
  10. Personnel will no longer request site-to-site transport to the bathroom because they're too lazy to get up and walk.
  11. It is no longer permitted to demand every Star Fleet officer with a moustache prove that he is not from the Mirror Universe. 

More to follow. (sigh) Many more. 

#157822 Fringes of Federation Space, Alpha Quadrant

Posted by Lt Benjamin Elias on Star Date 22004.22 @ 20:52 (08:52 PM)

==Timsford, Allanis - Colony world near Ferengi Space==


Benjamin stood outside the gate, staring at the clean, well manicured house and lawn, and for the umpteenth time wondered what the hell he was doing here. Just leave, get out of here, he heard himself think, she’ll never know you were here, she’ll never care. She didn’t want you here in the first place.


Shut up, he fired back, and went through the gate and up the stone path to the front door, and before he could start the debate again he knocked on Iris’ door.


The house is beautiful, he thought to distract himself. The kind of face he never could have justified while they had been married, simply because he couldn’t leave the maintenance of it all to her, combined with her running the store in town. He hadn’t been home enough to be able to really help. Especially in the last few years, she had taken him touring homes like this when he was home on leave, and she’d always been so disappointed when he’d said they couldn’t.


It had broken his heart, or so he’d thought at the time. The actual heart-breaking had come later.


He snapped out of his reverie when he heard the door opening behind him. He turned and tried to plaster a smile on his face, though he knew his eye was trying to twitch. His mouth opened, but his voice died in his throat as he saw not Iris, but a man holding a boy on his hip. The man looked him up and down - though he never had to bring his chin that far up, being at least a head taller than Benjamin - before opening his mouth. “I thought we were done with you guys,” he said. “We’ve been over everything at least a dozen times, with a dozen different…”


He trailed off as Benjamin just kind of stood there, staring at the kid. He couldn’t have been more than two, and he had Iris’ hazel eyes as he hugged close to what had to be his father. “You’re not with security, are you?” the man said, noticing finally that his uniform was the deeper mustard rather than security yellow. Benjamin was scanned again, and something must have clicked into place. “You must be Benjamin, aren’t you?”  All he could do was nod, wondering what would happen next.


He wasn’t prepared for the wide smile and the hand clapping his shoulder. “Thank you,” he said. “From what we were told, if it weren’t for you they may never have found my wife.” A tear formed on the man’s cheek, and the boy tried to get even deeper into the man’s shoulder. “The local police weren’t having any luck, and Federation security was similarly having problems, when they got the call from Star Fleet, with the only lead.” He shook his head and stepped back inside. “Come on in.”


“Uhh…” was his only reply for a moment. “I mean, are you sure?” he finally asked, feet firmly rooted to the doorstep. “I mean, you know--”


“Yes,” he said. “I know your history,” he said. “I know what’s happened. But we still owe you a debt. Come in, please.” He put a hand to his chest, and then on the kid’s head. “I’m Jacob, and this little guy is Harry.” Harry tried to get his dad’s hand off his head, failing miserably. “I was just about to put him down for a nap, and I don’t think that’s changed.” As Benjamin followed them inside, he pointed him towards a living room, with a pair of couches and a viewscreen, defended by a minefield of toys and blocks. “I’m sorry for the mess, but if you don’t mind waiting in there for a few minutes, I’ll be right back.” Benjamin just nodded, and the two men went deeper into the house.


Benjamin, for his part, planted himself on the edge of a couch and tried not to disturb anything. He was just trying to control his breathing for a moment, intensely uncomfortable and trying to fight off his instinct to just run out of there. How could he want me here, he thought. He didn’t understand it, and wondered if maybe they hadn’t been told that it was all his fault that she was kidnapped in the first place. That was the only explanation that made sense.


He had about decided to say so when he heard footsteps coming back into the room. He stood and turned, and was surprised again when not only did Jacob walk in, but so did Iris. All thought and word left him, and Benjamin felt his face go slack. He had come here to talk to her, and yet, now that the time had come and she was here… he had no idea what to say. What could he say?


It was obvious that the couple had noticed - he hadn’t exactly been able to hide anything - and Iris looked at Jacob, waving him back down the hallway again. He smiled politely and left the room, heading back the way he’d come without a word. Iris smiled at him, and Benjamin sank back to the couch, memories playing back in his head as she picked her way over to the couch.


For a minute, he could see her there in the shop window, when he’d first met her. He could see her on their wedding day, a vision in white as she walked down the flower-lined aisle. She was-


He snapped back to the present, as he noticed her limping, a cane in one hand helping to take her weight as she picked her way across the room. Her leg was in a brace, as was her arm, and while the bruises had faded he could still see where her cheekbones had been shattered, and it was too much. His head fell, and the tears did likewise. He barely noticed her sitting beside him, only jumping when he felt her hand on his knee.


“It’s okay,” she said, and he realized she’d been saying it multiple times as he finally recovered. He finally realized he’d been just saying he was sorry over and over again, and his mouth was dry as a result.


“No,” he said, “no it's not. It's all my fault. It’s all my fault…” Her hand reached out and grabbed his, squeezing it in a familiar grip, and he turned to look at her. “If it weren’t for me, you never would’ve been a target of those bastards, you wouldn’t have--”


“I know,” she cut him off. “That bastard liked to talk, and he spoke at length about what you were like… while you worked for him.” He could tell it wasn’t easy for her to talk about it, and there were tears on her cheeks, as well. He put his free hand on top of hers, squeezing it a little with the hand she was holding. “About how despondent you were, how you talked about me when… whenever you were sober. Or were approaching sober.”


Benjamin hung his head in shame. He wasn’t proud of those years, much less of the fact that it had been years of working for that man. He was glad that he was free, that he’d found a way out and had friends who cared now.


“So you see,” she said, tears flowing a little more now, “if you’re to blame, then so am I. If I hadn’t done what I did, then you never would have wound up there in the first place.” She wiped at her face with her free hand, looking out the window as they sat there. “I never apologized for that,” she said. “My… my therapist told me to for years, but it took this to get me to, isn’t that funny?” She chuckled, but that just brought more tears.


Benjamin reached up to wipe them away, but stopped before his hand got there. Instead he reached behind him and grabbed at the box of tissue there - something he should’ve done earlier, and brought it over. They each grabbed one, and she continued. “About… about six months after I…” she caught on the words for a moment before just finishing, “after. Selena, the security chief for your ship? She came to visit me. She told me that it was all her fault, that she’d been spreading rumors to try and split us up, that she’d wanted you, but knew you wouldn’t leave me.” She sighed, looking back at him. “And I bought it, hook line and sinker.”


“Why?” Benjamin asked, finally finding his voice again. “What had I done to make you think I’d cheat on you?”


She smiled at him again, sadly. “Nothing,” she said. “You hadn’t done a thing, other than have a job that took you away from me more than I wanted. I was selfish, and the lies fed into that, and before I knew it… you were gone.” She dabbed at her eye again before continuing. “And if that’s all it took… maybe we weren’t meant to be anyway.”


Benjamin felt his chin drop, eyes going down to his feet. He’d thought it before, as well, but to hear it aloud… somehow it felt more real. He took a deep breath and made himself agree. “Maybe you’re right,” he said. He took back his hand, and felt at his ring that he still wore. “I still love you, you know,” he told her, still not able to look her in the eye.


“I know,” she said, putting her hand back on his. “And I love you, but that’s a chapter that’s been over for a long time.” There was some noise from the back of the house - maybe Harry wasn’t liking his nap - and they both looked back that way for a moment before Iris kept on. “Jacob’s a great guy, works in construction here in town. He was there, and has always been there. You…” She smiled at him again, moving a hand up to his cheek, tracing the scar tissue there. “You’ve always had your head in the stars, Ben. You’re not going to settle down until you have no choice.” He laughed, setting his hand on hers against his face, as she looked down at his ring. “You mean to tell me that, all these years, there hasn’t been anyone else?”


He chuckled and shook his head. “No,” he said. “Though fate’s been trying pretty hard recently.” She laughed, and for a moment it was a decade ago again, and the first time they had talked. He remembered sitting with her, talking late into the night. Her laugh had been infectious then, and it still threatened to pull him into it, but she stopped before he could.


“Maybe you should listen, Ben.” She waved at the room, and he looked around. “Maybe you don’t want to settle down, but there are advantages. Don’t… don’t let me weigh you down. I’m sorry for what I did, but I think it’s taken me where I need to go. Maybe both of us.”


He looked around and thought about it. She was right: he would never have been able to give her any of this. A family, a home? How could he have done that when he worked on a starship? It was always going to be a problem, and though he’d thought love could conquer all… how stupid he’d been. How young.


He nodded. “I’m still sorry for everything that happened,” he said. “But maybe you’re right. I know I’m happier in the Fleet than I ever was on Aces Wild” - he pointedly left out working for Harkens - “and maybe… maybe I couldn’t have given you what you really needed. I’m glad you found it.” He smiled at her, and she squeezed his hand.


He stood up and nodded. “I… I should go,” he said, and started to pick his way across the room. Iris didn’t get up, and simply nodded. “I’m glad you’re happy,” he said as he got to the door. “And I’m glad you’re okay.”


“Thanks for checking on me,” she said back, “but Jacob and I will be okay. I just wish…” she trailed off, but shook her head. “We’ll be okay. Just do me a favor? Take care of yourself, and your family.”

He nodded, and left the happy home, down the path and out the gate. As he walked down the street, looking out over the canal across the way, he came to a decision. He quickly crossed the street and stopped, looking down at the still water.


He thought back to while he and Iris had been dating; they had gone down to the city park, walking beside this same canal - further downstream, but the same water - and talked for hours, watching as the sun set the autumn colors ablaze in the trees. He remembered coming back months later, at the start of spring, and dropping to one knee to propose to her, the joy they’d both felt when she said yes.


He looked at the ring as it sat in the palm of his hand. But that’s all in the past now, he thought. And it was time to move on.


He turned his hand, and watched the ring sink into the water before turning and heading to the transporter terminal. It was time to go home.

#148306 Star Trek: Picard Discussion SPOILERS!!!

Posted by Captain Serran Zan on Star Date 21907.21 @ 19:34 (07:34 PM)

In case anyone on the planet hasn't seen this yet, full trailer for PICARD dropped at Comic Con! I may have cried, just a little. 





#141542 New Ships and New Horizons

Posted by Alexis Tregelen on Star Date 21901.21 @ 00:06 (12:06 AM)

As some of you might be aware if you are keeping up with reading Pioneer or have been checking out the Facebook group or the Discord chat there are a few changes coming soon with regards to two of our ships here on Fed Space, specifically the Intrepid and Gettysburg.


After much discussion between the admins we have decided to retire the more 'warship' classes from Fed Space in favour of a more exploration orientated design. This is in part due to our new position at Pioneer station and our mission profiles leaning more towards exploration than war. Does this mean that we wont have conflict? Of course not, we are exploring the unknown and who knows what is out there. That is where the Intrepid and Gettysburg come in.




The Intrepid launched on the site 6 years ago this month under the command of Captain Gabriel Archer. The crew had transferred from Space Station Sierra-18 after its destruction at the hands of an invading, at the time unknown threat. Over those 6 years the command team of Archer and Kaiser have guided the ship through various missions with their crew but it is time for the Intrepid to retire.


The crew will be transferring to a new vessel, the USS Magellan FSC-28019 a Yeager Class Scoutvessel which will open up a much wider range of mission profiles for the crew and give them lots of exciting opportunities to post not just together but with the rest of the site while they are docked at Pioneer.


This will be the second ship to launch on Fed Space of the Yeager class, the first being the classes namesake the USS Yeager however it is the first to launch without the associated... baggage that the name came with (for those of us too young to know what im on about, the Yeager had a tendency to break every mission and on at least one occasion became a submarine).


After discussion with Captain Archer he has decided to step aside as Commanding Officer of the Magellan. Gabe has agreed to take on the role as CO of Pioneer which will give him more time to spend with his growing family while still enjoying the opportunity to post with members of the site as they pass through Pioneer.


RAdm Jal has agreed to take on the role of Commanding Officer of the Magellan while a more permanent replacement can be found so as not to delay the crew the excitement of moving out on their first mission.




The Gettysburg is the longest serving vessel on Fed Space having been launched in June 2002 and been posted on consistently since then. For those of us not great with maths that is 16 Years, 7 Months, and 20 Days or 6078 days. During that time she has gone through a lot including 9 different COs (although 3 of those were Perry so its really 7 COs), she was involved in one of the first major site wide events with the destruction of Starbase 1 by the Borg, time travelling to attempt to fix it and encountering assimilated versions of themselves and eventually destroying a Borg queen (seriously, go read the Gettysburg history.). But all good things must come to an end.


The crew of the USS Gettysburg will be transferring to the USS Artemis EX-11000, a brand new Vesta Class Explorer. The Vesta holds the latest in Federation technology (that actually works, unlike the Beckett) and will be at the spearhead of the Federations exploration into the unknown.


I'm sure that you are all excited to see what happens with these new ships as much as I am.

#132933 New Creative Direction for Fed Space

Posted by Alexis Tregelen on Star Date 21806.21 @ 04:21 (04:21 AM)

With the departure of Perry, Andrea, and the stepping back of Dan the new admin team has been discussing the creative future of the site. Specifically we have been discussing the fleet structure, mission profiles, and ship interaction.


With that in mind we have decided to make some changes as outlined below.


USS Beckett


As you may have noticed already, due to the departure of the command team of the Beckett and the creative direction that we are intending for the site (more on that to come) it has been decided to close the Beckett and distribute her crew to the remaining ships. This is never an easy decision to make but it was felt that it was what was best for the site as a whole. We hope that you make the transferring crew feel welcome in their new homes.


Fleet Consolidation


With the Beckett closing this will reduce the number of active ships to 5 (plus the Apparition but she doesn't exist so let's not talk about her). It has been decided to merge the two fleets into a single group. This will be designated an 'Expedition Force' with an emphasis on exploring the unknown reaches of space with our missions. In game RAdm Jal will be the Expeditionary Field Commander and RAdm Ristone will be the Expeditionary Base Commander while out of game their roles remain the same with Trystan still handling things for the Intrepid and Copernicus while Nick handles things for the Gettysburg, Sheridan, and Ozaki.


By having all ships in the single group the intention is that it will give the ships more opportunity to interact with each other not just on shore leave but during missions as well.


New Station and Direction


The new Expedition Force will need a home. We are dusting off an old design, giving it a bit of a facelift and pushing her back into service. The Sierra-Classed Outpost, previous made famous as Space Station Sierra-18 will have another member to its ranks in the form of Pioneer Outpost. This outpost will be located in non-aligned space on the other side of the Breen Confederacy and Cardassian Union. The station will have a gate to join it back to Federation Space when/if required.


This will provide our ships with a new direction to explore the unknown and encounter species that we haven't traditionally dealt with here on Fed Space. Our ships will be the spearhead of the Federations exploration into the unknown much like the Enterprise was in TOS/TNG.


With a new station comes a new bar. We will be having a competition to name the new bar as well as its owner, please use the following form to submit your nominations (limit to 3 bar names and 3 owner names). You don't need to nominate both, if you only want to name the owner then that is fine.




New Content Manager


With me taking over as President I have decided to step aside as Content Manager to focus my energies on my new role. With that I have passed on my duties as Content Manager to Cdr Acenvar Crystillin, congratulations Nate I know you will do well in that role.


If anyone has any thoughts or concerns regarding any of the above, please feel free to post here or if you would prefer you can email me directly.

#131204 IMPORTANT - Announcement regarding the future of Fed Space

Posted by Alexis Tregelen on Star Date 21805.09 @ 11:04 (11:04 AM)

By now I'm sure you have all seen the message from Perry regarding his future on Fed Space, if you haven't then I suggest you go read that before you continue reading here (https://fed-space.co...site-leadership).


While we are all saddened to see our friend leave, we wish him all the best in what his future brings. We also want him to know that he will always have a home here if he ever wishes to return in whatever capacity he chooses. With that being said we as a group also need to move forward.


I want to assure everyone on site that Fed Space isn't going anywhere, this is just a leadership change. This has happened before when President Beckett left and the site didn't fold then and its not going to fold now. The site leadership as well as the senior admins are discussing the best way to handle the transition. When we have worked out the full plan we will advise you what is happening.


Until then if you are wondering what you can do to help the site, the best thing you can do is to donate. Fed Space has never been and never will be pay to play. The site runs entirely on donations from its members.


If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to email me. I will do my best to be available on Discord more than I have been in the past so if you ever see me online feel free to send me a message and I will reply as soon as I can.


Keep posting everyone and above all else, keep having fun.

#95945 Word of the Month (WotM)!

Posted by Joshua Barnett on Star Date 21606.25 @ 17:38 (05:38 PM)

This month we had 2 entries for pauciloquent.  I really liked both uses, and so had to flip a coin.  Unfortunately I didn't have a coin so I just flipped a bird.


And the winner is...


LCdr Pheral Ohmsford!


You get the usual 50 points + 1 week in a Klingon dungeon sex resort.




The word of the month for 21607 is:

Pluviophile: A lover of rain; Some who find joy and peace of mind during rainy days. 


(aka an absolutely insane person, almost as crazy as a lover of SNOW)



#43483 2014 State of the Site Address

Posted by Guest on Star Date 21403.30 @ 12:04 (12:04 PM)

I realized yesterday, when I saw the thread from Cdt Knight about the site being “the most detailed”, that this year we didn't do an anniversay/state of the site post for 2014!


March 2014, March 2414 in-game, or 21403 the way we write it here on Federation Space.

The site's official anniversary date is March 1, 2000. Over 3 years before I arrived here; although I know a few of you were here very early on—perhaps as early as that beginning month?

Fourteen years, nearly eleven of which I have been a part of this dynamic, fun, and usually exciting community.

If you wiki “Avark”, you'll see the zany (read: insane) Klingon that I ran for my first several years on the site. Starting out as an Ensign on the USS Titan; the first person (or 'guinea pig' as the academy admins at the time called it) for the Opt-Out exam—a quite different exam than we have nowadays on a site which was quite different. Back then we had 6-7 ships, as I recall 3 fleets.

At that time (thank you wayback machine!) the site looked like this: http://web.archive.o...scus/discus.cgi

Three fleets, 9 ships, many of which are now in mothballs or retired, but most of which are either still in play or have come back into play; perhaps with major refits or in at least one case destroyed and re-commissioned (USS Yeager).

About 60-65 members as I recall. No ALT's back then, you had your PC and an approved number of NPC's.

Bright (hard on the eyes) colors. People posted in different colors based on their position on the site, rather than the nice cool consistent colors we now use. Post formatting was similar, but not that different.

But that's the mechanics of it all. What's really important are the PEOPLE.

We've had a lot of turnover, changes in administrative people and others. Great people were here; some of them remain. Great people have left; some equally or perhaps even greater people have arrived to fill those gaps left by departing players and friends.

This site has given so much to so many of us (warning, personal nostalgia section follows).

Let me tell you my story...

In 2003 I was 34 years old. I was in a stressful corporate job, living a life I wasn't completely happy with, but was mostly 'content'. I had been a Star Trek fan since the mid 80's (perhaps earlier, but who remembers that age when you're coming up rapidly on 45?) and had been involved in various RPG's (mostly table-top, and as I recall only one web based) since 1984-1985.

One day, thinking I needed something to fill some downtime, I went to good ole Google and typed “Star Trek Role Playing Game Online”.

There was no STO then (and to be frank, that's fine by me). There were rumors of an online graphical game at some undetermined time in the future. There were a LOT of ST RPG games that were PBEM (play-by-email). And a handful that were forum-based. Most of them used a scene-based structure where everyone would write together in one big thread for a given scene or episode. Federation Space attracted me, partly because of its location-based structure. You posted WHERE you were, and moved about the site as you moved your character.

So I clicked that link that said “Federation Space”, and clicked the “Join” link (after researching the site's pages [pre-wiki] and forums). A day or so later I got a response with instructions on how to join (much different in those days!), and a day later I found myself in a chat (MSN was what we used back then) with two academy admins (now former players). I was instantly taken in by the friendliness and fun of these two people, and it only helped to draw me in.

Ensign avarQ (the spelling was later changed to accommodate you Terrans who can't seem to properly write a Klingon name) was registered on June 21, 2003; and I actually started posting the character a few weeks later as a Security Ensign aboard USS Titan.

In that first year I met many great friends (many of whom are still with the site, and a few who aren't) that are still good friends today. These include people such as the players behind retired Adm Thrawn; retired Adm Roberts (then Valiant); LCdr Dega; Capt Gagarin (Yvette, Lacey); Cdr Dys (Abaa); and to be honest probably a half-dozen that I can't recall at the moment, so don't feel left out!

I engaged several of these people in friendship outside the 'online' world; including my wife who plays Capt Gagarin. We met here, in this little world, in early 2004. We met in that scary outside world in early 2006; and were married later that year. Almost 8 years ago. It seems a lifetime, and yet only yesterday.

In late 2004 I spent 6 weeks traveling the USA, and met a dozen current and former players. I spent a few days with Cdr Dys and his family; met retired Capt Wong; LCdr Dega; other retired and current players. In 2009 I drove from where I lived at the time (near Boston MA USA) to OKC and met Valiant/Roberts, Kayzon/Cole, Tucker, Adaran, Ristone, and Crawford for the first time. Met several from overseas who have become good friends, from the UK and this last New Years we had a visitor from Australia that you all know as Cmdr Tregelen; and Cdr Mattiana came down from Canada to visit.

Quite the adventure this site has been for me personally, and I'm sure for many others.

In 11 years from Security ENS avarQ to VP of the site, Fleet Commander, working every day to try to make sure that the site, overall, is as much fun for everyone as possible. I don't take credit for the success—that goes to our great admin team. We do it together, myself, Adm Wueste, Capt Adaran (aka FAdm T'Mana), Capt Taylor, Cmdr Tregelen, and the rest. These people deserve your thanks for all the hard work that they do.

Overall we try to think about the roughly 100 members of the site whenever we make a site change or decision. Is it always the right call? No. But we try to adjust as necessary when it's not. We all work hard to ensure that this place is a fun and relaxing journey for everyone here. But we are human, we are also players, and we often, as administrators have to set our fun aside for a bit to keep the wheels turning behind the scenes. For me, at least, that is an even greater reward.

I enjoy shaping the creative side of the site, working closely with Dan Wueste. Discussing site structure, personnel, and other matters with Autumn (Adaran/T'Mana), and Dan as they affect 1st Fleet. Catching up with the CO's, FO's, DH's, and everyone else on Google Talk and in email. I get my reward when I see players enjoying things like the Krynar Finale (because to be honest it's very time consuming and stressful to run such a plot).

Please, the next time you are frustrated by something, talk to your DH, FO, CO, FC. Thank them for their work on the site, and for all that they do to make this a fun place for you to play. Remember that they are human, that they are not perfect, and that they sometimes make mistakes. But for the most part they will work with you to resolve any issues to the best of their ability and they are trying to think of what's best for the department, ship, fleet, or site.

I also want to mention cadets and new midshipmen. Without you the site doesn't exist. We need your 'fresh blood' coming in and growing with us. This grows the site. It may seem frustrating when you reach Lt(JG) or Lt and there isn't a DH slot for you; or you sit at LCdr for a few years because there isn't a FO slot. But keep in mind that balancing the needs of the 11 ships currently running with the number of personnel; keeping the rosters balanced as much as possible, we are always thinking of how to ensure the best for everyone's enjoyment.

It is my hope that we get an influx of strong players (as we have been over the past few months) this year and can re-add a 12th ship to the site in 2014 sometime. Should we feel we have the personnel to do so, then we will; and that will open new opportunities. But we need to see our current rosters stay stable, and to get some new blood so we are not emptying current ships to make this happen. So enjoy you time here, recruit your friends, post a ton, and enjoy!

In closing I want to give you some very vague insight into our creative side of the site and processes going on.

We are about 3-1/2 years into the Krynar sitewide. This plot started with a boom (namely the boom of Star Base Charlie, Bajor, and most of the 3rd fleet) on Star Date 21110.31. It will end in the next couple of weeks. But we haven't stopped thinking about the next big thing.

In fact, it's been brewing for 2-3 years now; and some of the 'reveal' will come in the next few months. Actually, some of it has happened, but you won't have enough information to connect the dots for a few months; and then a few of you will go “WOW...”. Dan Wueste was the brainchild of most of this new thing, and it's been an absolute pleasure working on it. It's something truly unique (much as Krynar was), but will have ties to canon in the series (I won't tell you which).

We expect the arc it creates to propel us through 2-4 years depending on how it develops. We usually have about 3 years of big picture thought out; and then we bend it based on what happens with the players on the ships—that's right... we don't have the future written. You all write it as you write your posts; and while we have an overall arc planned, we alter it as we go based on your activities. I can tell you that the Krynar plan has changed VERY dramatically since the beginning; while still keeping the core elements.

A big huge THANK YOU to Creative Director Dan Wueste, our GM authors, and our GM's on keeping the creative side of the site running.

A giant THANKS to Autumn/T'Mana/Adaran for her keeping the personnel side clean and for ensuring we have smooth operations and being my sounding board on things.

APPRECIATION to the Academy staff for everything y'all do to keep us infused with fresh blood.

And to everyone for your incredible creativity, and your friendship.

And of course, last but certainly not least, I want to thank President Jon Beckett for the vision which created this site, for the continued support financially and otherwise, and for your friendship.

Financially the site was supported 100% by President Beckett until mid-2012, when we had our first fundraiser. Those funds have since mostly been depleted, and we currently stand at $230.30 in the bank account. At some point this year we will have an updated SSC eBook and another fundraiser, as our renewals in October will cost us between $500-700. I am also going to start, once that next fundraiser/renewal happens, posting quarterly statements of our finances including a total amount donated and detail of the expenditures.

Thank you all for your support, and enjoy!

#32992 Site-wide Dec 2013

Posted by Guest on Star Date 21311.23 @ 14:11 (02:11 PM)

Posted Image

#170423 Coffee or Tea

Posted by Lt (JG) Asfar Farhat Alturkia on Star Date 22106.20 @ 16:13 (04:13 PM)

I got me one of these...


#156311 Commiseration

Posted by Capt Jennifer Braggins on Star Date 22003.18 @ 01:22 (01:22 AM)

People seemed to be leaving Jenny well enough alone, which suited her just fine; she was here because it was expected, not because she wanted to socialise with the sorry remnants of the crews whose homes had been declared total losses and who had actually contributed something useful to the battle, which was why neither the Copernicus nor the Sheridan had representation among the band of mourners. The glass in her hand was now just over a quarter full, the pint having been consumed quickly by the diminutive former pilot, and she was already eyeing up a second one to help speed up the time before it was socially acceptable for her to return to her quarters, where she would be left alone to...


To what? You've not written anything since before the Megasphere was discovered. You haven't drawn or played the guitar since then, either. You'll just sit there and feel sorry for yourself until someone from Star Fleet comes for your head. If they're going to use you as a scapegoat, better enjoy yourself...


With a deep sigh Jenny finished off the last quarter pint and tapped the empty glass on the bar, signalling for another. As it was poured and placed before her, Jenny could feel someone moving behind her, and had to fight to suppress the urge to attack the person who must be an attacker; she was in the Artemis' Crew Lounge, among people she counted as friends, anyone who tried to attack her here would be insane.


"Hello again, Commander. Good to see you again. How are you holding up after all this?"


Looking up and around, Jenny saw a tall green woman in a black business suit standing beside her. Until now Jenny had believed she knew every Orion currently serving in Star Fleet, from her surrogate 'aunt' Mirax to the auburn-haired woman standing with members of the Ozaki crew. This woman was new, and given she was not, in fact, addressing Jenny but the blonde Trill beside her - Zan, formerly of the Magellan. Then, another movement behind her and another face beside her; Artemis' resident screwup.


“Hello Commander, glad to see you. You, ah… you look good.”
Sure I do...
“Care to have a shot of something strong with me?"
Jenny snorted and shook her head, a small smile on her face; the first that had come naturally to her for days. She and Ramius had drank together, once, and she'd figured the Security Officer had learned his lesson, but apparently he was game for round two, and who was Jenny to argue? Using the bar that ran around the counter and standing up on the tips of her toes, Jenny leaned over the bar with both arms and ran her hand across the tops of the bottles; one of the downsides of being short was that this was more difficult than it needed to be, but she'd placed herself perfectly. She came back with a bottle of blue liquid and two glasses, pouring a generous measure into each, passing one across to Ramius.
"Don't ask where Orrin got it, he took the good stuff with him when he disembarked at Pioneer. And yes, drinking it is an order, illegal or not."
What's another charge added to the list?
Lifting her glass, Jenny swirled the blue liquid around gently, watching how the light shone through it.
"A toast: to screwing up, and hopefully surviving with an intact career!"

#155747 2020 Anniversary Presidential Address

Posted by Alexis Tregelen on Star Date 22003.02 @ 02:32 (02:32 AM)

Greetings All,


20 years. That is how long Fed Space has been going now. In March 2000 this little slice of the internet was carved out and has grown over those two decades into what it is today. We have gone through a few leadership changes, many ships (33 by my last count), and literally thousands of characters (if you don't believe me, go check out the wiki. There are currently 1,038 bios if you add up the PRCs, SRCs, and NRCs and that's just the ones that we have on there. It doesn't include most of the really old ones or the cadets that sign up but never graduate). Through ups and downs the biggest thing has always remained the community. This site is here for you to enjoy and that is what I want it to always be for everyone. If you aren't having fun, speak to your DH/FO/CO they are here to help.


If they can't or you don't want to speak to them for whatever reason, you can always go through the chain all the way up to me if you want to. I'm always around, might take me a few days but ill always respond.


Financial Position

One of the primary rules of Fed Space is that it is free to play. Free to join, free to enjoy, and you never get any perks by donating. That being said, Fed Space still requires money every month to keep it running. At the moment, these costs are mostly supported out of my pocket with a few members donating regularly. To those members I want to say, thank you. I do appreciate your generous donations.


At the moment the donations go directly to my personal PayPal account which is currently at $250.16USD. In order to keep track of things better I have created a new PayPal account to be used specifically for Fed Space. For anyone wanting to donate, please use the below email address. If you have already set up a regular donation (you know who you are) please cancel your current one and direct it to the new address.



Email: paypal@fed-space.com


New Ship Designs

Over the course of the last few years the senior admin team (both the current and former team) have been working on bringing in some newer ship designs and retiring the older ones. This was done for a number of reasons:


The primary reason for the new designs are the age of the existing ones. Some of the ship designs have not had any fundamental changes since the launch of the site 20 years ago. Yes they have been tweaked here and there, most noticeably the mass shrinking that happened many moons ago (basically every ship shrunk to around 1/3 their size... yeah... go look at the sizes of the ships and work out what they used to be... I'll wait....) but for the most part they have remained the same. 20 years is a long time when it comes to technology. There would have been new shields, engines, sensors, weapons, computers and many other things developed by Star Fleet. While some things can be retrofitted to existing ships, some things wouldn't be able to and would necessitate new ship classes. I know that the Excelsior, Oberth, Miranda classes were used on trek for almost a century but that was because it was cheaper to use the existing models than it was to create new ones. Once they went to CGI it seemed like there was a new class popping up every week. With the new creative direction that we want to take the site, it required a new fleet of ships.


Secondary: Quite a number of players are more familiar with these designs as they have come from Star Trek Online or the expanded universe novels. This leads to more people finding the site as they are researching those ships which in turn bring our numbers up.


Another reason: Designing ships is fun. Look out for more designs in the coming weeks and months, mostly of the non-Federation variety.


Creative Direction

Over the next few months you might notice some changes to the creative direction of the site. For most of our 20 year run with a few exceptions we have been running single missions, having shore leave back at base, then going out on a totally different mission. We will begin trialling some longer story arcs with ships potentially going out on 2-3-4 mission arcs before returning to starbase for repair and resupply. This will mean that the decisions that you make in the first mission will impact directly on the second and third mission. Did you fire a spread of torpedoes? well guess what, you wont have a full compliment next mission. Did you suffer damage in a battle, that will still be there in the next mission.


This does come with some obstacles most notably new crew assignments but we will come to that when we come to it and most ships will be able to get around that with the old 'promoted from the gamma shift' excuse.


Like I said, this will be a trial so I want to hear how it goes from all of you. We will be looking at sending out questionnaires in between each mission to gage your thoughts on how its going. As I said up above, this site is here for you to have fun with so let us know what you like and what you don't like.


With that in mind we are also looking at where the ships will be sent for their missions. With the invention of the slipstream engines (and the new ship designs with those engines) we have literally the entire galaxy open to us so stay tuned for your ships next mission, who knows you might be heading off somewhere completely new.


Site Membership

For the, I don't know how many years in a row but we have maintained very similar numbers in terms of site membership.


Star Date Format

Since the beginning of Fed Space (well at least since I started) we have used the same Star Date format, '2'YYMM.DD e.g. 22003.01 for March 1st 2420. While we have been working on expanding the back history of Fed Space is has become increasingly difficult to determine if the date that is being referred to is 2420, 2320, 2220, 2120, 2020. Because of this we will be moving away from that star date format and moving to include the entire year, 22003.01 becomes 242003.01.


You don't need to worry about going through the wiki and updating all of the dates to the new format, that will be handled by the wiki team just from now on use the new format. Remember, we are exactly 400 years in the future from today.


Yearly Awards

The yearly awards will be run again this year, if anyone would like to volunteer to run them please send me an email. If I dont have any volunteers by the end of next Sunday I will run them myself.


Site Canon vs Alpha Canon

With the recent Borg Megasphere plot it has been noticed that a few people have been referring to Voyager a bit as they dealt a lot with the Borg. I would like to remind everyone that in our universe Voyager never made it back and most of what they learnt has not made it back to the Federation... yet... If you are ever wondering if something is canon or not, look it up on our wiki, check out this page (https://wiki.fed-spa...itle=Site_Canon) or ask one of the site admins and we will let you know.


Senior Administration Team

Over the course of the last year I have had many people come to me and ask who the senior admin team consists of, what are their roles, how we make decisions etc. so I wanted to clear that up here.



I am the site President. I own the domain name, servers etc and have final say on whatever happens on site. My focus is on the overarching creative direction of the site, the wiki, and the Academy. I currently am not an active poster on any ship.



Autumn is the sites Command in Chief and is in charge of personnel. She handles all transfers and disciplinary issues that might arise. She also handles all of the behind the scenes technical things to do with the servers. You will see her around  as FAdm T'Mana and Captain Adaran 225 on the USS Yoritomo.



Paul is the sites Creative Director, works with the Academy, and is in charge of the creative team which includes mission authors and GMs. Paul works with me on the creative direction of the site, works with the COs, GMs, and mission authors to write the missions that you all enjoy, and works in the Academy. You will see him around as Cdr Jennifer Braggins on the USS Artemis and GM-CD.



Trystan is the sites sole Fleet Commander and is in charge of overseeing every ship on site and ensuring that the COs are doing their job. Trystan also works on creative and helps to develop the ships missions. You will see him around as Cdr Serran Zan on the USS Magellan and as RAdm Kinziri Jal.


The admin team don't work in isolation, every decision that is made is done with at least two preferably three of the admin team aware of it. Major decisions such as the commission or decommission of a ship require all 4 of us to have a say with a 'majority rules' type of scenario with me acting as a tiebreaker if needed.


The team also works with a number of other members in order to keep things running smoothly. The Commanding Officers, Content Manager, and Academy admin team are all involved in the discussion where it relates directly to their specific area. COs are consulted about their ship and the missions that it undertakes, the Academy admins are worked with in regards to the Academy and the cadets coming through, and I work with the Content Manager on things that need to be completed with the wiki.


If you are at all interested in becoming an AI, GM, Mission Author, or Wiki Contributor there are threads for that in the recruitment section of Red Alert (https://fed-space.co...141-recruiting/)


I hope that this has clarified that for everyone. If there are any more questions regarding the senior admins, please let me know and I will give you an answer.


And with that, it brings me to the end of my address. I wish you all an amazing year and I look forward to seeing all the fun we are going to have.



#144147 2019 Anniversary Presidential Address

Posted by Alexis Tregelen on Star Date 21903.08 @ 02:10 (02:10 AM)

Greetings all,


Federation Space RPG started in March 2000 and over the years we have had many ups and downs and seen countless people come through the gates, some of which enjoy it so much that when they leave they come back again and again and again (insert joke about not being able to give up Fed Space here). As we move into our 20th as a community we look back on the previous year we have had and what a year it was.


Site Membership


Site membership has once again remained quite steady this year. We have had some people leave but we have also had some people come on board, even had some that have returned.


Fleet Changes


There have been a few fleet changes since this time last year, most notably the Beckett launch and closure along with the Intrepid and Gettysburg reassignment. I have gone over in detail why we moved the Intrepid and Gettysburg crews to new ships recently so I wont go over them again here but I did want to talk about the Beckett. When the Beckett was launched it was the brain child of our former President and it was meant to serve as his command. When he decided to retire from the site we had a decision to make and that was regarding what happened with the Beckett. After much discussion it was decided to, in game have several of the brand new technologies fail on its maiden voyage much like the Excelsior and the Transwarp drive did in the movies and the crews moved to other ships to bolster their numbers. This was done due to many factors but mostly because we felt that as it was Perry's project and the plans he had for the ship that it was best to retire the ship. The class still exists and is being worked on in game by the Corps of Engineers so who knows, maybe you will see the class again in the future.


Leadership Changes


As I touched on above, there was a significant leadership change last year. When Perry and Andrea left and Dan Wueste stepped back from most of his roles that left a large gap in the leadership team. I am thankful to the new leadership that stepped up during this time and I believe has done an excellent job with keeping things moving along and not just moving but progressing forward. Much like the Gettysburg and Intrepid I don't want to go too in depth here about it as it has been explained in other threads.


Presidential Elections


Due to the leadership changes last year the in game elections were not held. Now the ball is in your court with this one, we can either run the elections this year and play with some timelines and pretend that they happened last year or I can just make a winner and play as them. I will create a poll and you will have until the end of the month to vote on what we do. These are in game elections only and are just meant to be a bit of fun.


Yearly Awards


The yearly awards will be run again this year, I will be posting the nomination forms shortly. These awards were created to be a tongue-in-cheek look at the fleet with awards such as 'Character I would most like to date if they were real', 'Most technobabble', and my favourite 'Best English as a Second Language player' which I myself have won a couple of times (being Australian and all apparently I don't speak English?). These awards are not meant in any way to be offensive to anyone. I encourage everyone to nominate and vote in the awards, they are a great way for the community to show recognition to its members for the great year that they have had.


Thank you all and I look forward to another amazing year.



#131875 IMPORTANT - Announcement regarding the future of Fed Space

Posted by Alexis Tregelen on Star Date 21805.27 @ 05:02 (05:02 AM)

After much consideration and consultation between the other senior admins it has been decided that I will take on the position of President of Fed Space. Perry has transferred all ownership of the site to me and I will continue it going forward.


This moves me onto the next part of this announcement. What some of you may not be aware of is that Andrea (Nielson, Taylor, many others) and Dan Wueste have also decided to step down from their active roles on Fed Space. I want to make it absolutely clear, stepping down was their own decisions and was in no way influenced by others in the admin team. Dan will still be around in an advisory role and post from time to time when he feels like jumping in. Just like with Perry we wish them both the best in the future and they too will have a place here if they wish to come back.


This has left us with a few vacant positions in the Site Admin team so without further delay I would like to announce the following changes.


RAdm Kinziri Jal, RAdm Nicholas Ristone, and VAdm Paul Braggins have all agreed to step up to fill those admin roles. They will remain in their current roles as FCs and Creative Director but also take on the Senior Admin role and assist Autumn and myself with the day to day running of Fed Space.


This still leaves the Academy. With Andrea stepping away this has left the position of Superintendent vacant. After consultation with Andrea as to her successor, Captain William Bodash has agreed to assume the position of Academy Superintendent.


I thank you all for your patience during this time and look forward to serving you all as President.



#127076 Introducing: The Beckett-class Star Cruiser

Posted by Joshua Barnett on Star Date 21802.11 @ 14:25 (02:25 PM)



And this is the good news of the week.


We've been working hard to come up with a new class of ship that would balance exploration/diplomacy and defense.  Something that, in our minds, landed between the GSC and the BB.  Or in canon terms, between the Galaxy and Sovereign classes.


I'm pleased to present to you the new USS Beckett, CX-2000, the first Becket-class Star Cruiser.


The Beckett was named for our site founder, as was the class.  And all ships in this class will bear the names of famous Fed-Space or Star Trek "legends", hence the title "Project Legend" for it while we were developing it.  We want this class to represent the great history of Fed-Space and Star Trek leaders.


Beckett will launch with an in-game ceremony next month.


Please note:  Some of the specs and page details are still being finalized, so there may be some tweaks to the ship and class before launch.

#119776 Star Trek: Picard Discussion SPOILERS!!!

Posted by Lt Mori Lunori (ZenZin) on Star Date 21709.27 @ 19:14 (07:14 PM)

I'm so excited!!!!

and I just can't hide it

#104265 Word of the Month (WotM)!

Posted by Joshua Barnett on Star Date 21612.26 @ 16:18 (04:18 PM)

3 entries this month, and because I'm feeling holiday generosity EVERY submission gets the 50 points, the free weekend at the Nausicaan Spa on Rigel VI, and a lifetime supply of Ferengi Tube Grubs (minus the shipping cost of 5,000 credits per month, of course).


So, who are these lucky people?


None other than:

LCDR Ducote

LCDR Tucker

LT(JG) Robert


Now, for the new Word of the Month!

noun: tegmentum; plural noun: tegmenta
  1. a region of gray matter on either side of the cerebral aqueduct in the midbrain.