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#123608 Presidential Address and Site News Update - 21712

Posted by Joshua Barnett on Star Date 21712.06 @ 21:54 (09:54 PM)

Hello Fed-Space Membership.


I’d like to take a few minutes of time to address some points that have been coming up in discussion between some members of the leadership team, as well as make some announcements about upcoming events and news about the site.


The site membership hovers at around 75-80 players as I write this.  Our recruitment and attrition roughly equal, so we have stayed at around 80 members for the past 2-3 years.  This is a sustainable level, and while I’d be very happy to see our membership grow, I’ve always said I’d prefer a core of strong, committed players vs a large mass of players who don’t believe in the core values of our game.


Sadly, that is partly what has inspired this message.


Federation Space is a place for writers and roleplayers to come together to collaboratively tell stories set in the Star Trek universe. But over the past few years we have noticed a trend in both new and veteran players who don’t put in the effort to write good stories, who don’t interact with their peers, and who can’t be bothered to maintain and promote the spirit of Federation Space.   This is obvious in a number of ways:


●     Slow Posting Rates/Whining about having to post:  Federation Space is a hobby.  It should not be viewed as a ‘chore’ where you ‘have to post’.  It should be something you look forward to participating in.  I get very tired of hearing (and I will admit I am a victim of saying it sometimes), “I guess I need to post” or “I really need to post, but…”.  What we should be saying is, “I really want to post today.” 

○     We make time for the things we want to do. If you are coming up with excuses why you aren’t posting, or whining about posting, then maybe you should be asking… do I really want to be here? If the answer is yes, then you need to look at adjusting your attitude a little.

○     “Yes, but I also have 8 NPCs, GM, and AI roles.” If you can’t keep up with all your roles, then maybe you need to have an honest look at your capacity. Some people can post for a Main PC, an alt-PC, a GM, AI, and multiple NPCs. Some people can only manage one PC. And both are just fine. There isn't one "right way" to play FedSpace. But just be honest with yourself with what you can and can't do.

○     “I’m too stressed because fill in reason” to post. “I’m too busy to post”. We’re all busy, we’re all stressed. As a hobby, Fed-Space should relieve that stress.  This is not to say I don’t understand the need to slow your posting rate, take an LOA, step back from NPCs, etc. if you have a life event that interferes.  But that should be the exception, not the norm.

●     Lazy posting: It’s blindingly obvious when you don’t use spell check. It’s obvious when you haven’t read other players’ or the GM’s posts. We all miss cues now and again but it shouldn’t be more than 10-15% of the time at most, and ideally much less.  You should always read all posts in the thread you are in and any threads affiliated with your plot--I always re-read everything since I last posted in a thread when I am about to post a reply. This is a collaborative game; you’re missing the point if you ignore other players’ posts. Not only that, but it’s disrespectful. How would you feel if other players ignored your posts? And you should always, when in-mission, read the Bridge.  If you really want to get the most out of the site, go outside your comfort zone and read posts on other ships/bases/etc.  You are missing out if you only read one or two places. 

●     The tagalongs. All members of Fedspace are here to collaboratively tell a story. This involves 1- writing your character’s reactions and interpretation of what other character’s have said/done and what the GM has given, and 2- moving the story along. But we’ve seen a rise in players who don’t do step 2. They’ll post their character’s reaction, and then do nothing that makes the story move forward. Sometimes your character might not know what to do, or might not have the skill; but that doesn’t mean they can’t move the story forward. Sometimes their inactivity is what moves the story forward (maybe they don’t notice a warning light, or their hesitation gets them shot). But you need to do something that makes the story move forward. Otherwise the GM could just tell the story themselves.

●     Out of Game Problem Solving: I’ve noticed an increase in players using OOC to problem solve, instead of having their character doing it. This is a roleplaying game; your character should be the one taking steps to solve a puzzle. OOC should only be used to clarify a point, if you have a concern, etc. There’s no reason for a player to be contacting a GM directly. Nor should you be asking a GM questions in Crew Announcements/Discussion. If you have a mission-related question, go up the chain of command. Some players seem to be doing this so that their character won’t make mistakes. This takes away from the storytelling aspect of our game. Even if we are the ‘heroes’ of Star Fleet, we should be making mistakes, and our characters should have to go through the motions of figuring things out.  It’s called story and character development.

●     Metagaming/supersimming: Characters who magically know the answer. Characters that are perfect at everything they do. Characters that suddenly have skills and abilities not listed in their bio. Characters who have an ability/device/idea that so overshadows everything else that they can’t possibly have made a mistake or been wrong. Characters who solve an entire plot in one post without anyone else participating.  If this is how you want to play, then why are you even here?  Go write your own private stories on your own blog or something.  This is a site for people to interact, to write  together, to collaboratively solve the fictional problems that a GM presents. Even Captain Picard relied on his senior staff to solve problems, he did not do it all himself. We have very carefully tailored the technologies and abilities on this site to ensure balance so that players/characters can be challenged, but also have a reasonable chance of success if they work together and do things as a team.  If you want to metagame/supersim, then I’m going to be very direct here:  Leave and go find another site to write on.  Fed-Space is not the place for you.

●     Entitlement:  The admins often hear “Why am I not a CO? I was next in line?!” or “Why can’t I be promoted to that rank?” Often these are the same players who are lazy with their posts, who metagame, who don’t do anything to contribute extra to the site, who don’t participate in the community outside their own ship. These people often feel entitled to be a CO or have a more senior rank.

○     Here is what every player and character is entitled to on Fed-Space: They are entitled to a friendly community where they can explore the lives of fictional Star Fleet characters in a future version of the STAR TREK universe. 

○     Nobody is entitled to anything more, or less, than that. 

○     When you try to take more, you take it away from others. 

○     When you fail to be a community-minded member who provides good, regular posts, you take the fun out of the game for others. 

○     Your character it not entitled a certain rank or position, they aren’t entitled to have certain abilities or to have certain tactics that automatically work. 

○     They earn rank and position through:

■     your time on the site

■     your active, productive participation through posting

■     3- your demonstrated contributions to the site.

○     If you think you deserve more, then demonstrate it.  Show us that you do and it will be recognized. 

■     If you feel like the opportunity to contribute more isn't available to you, then you should bring this up with your Primary PC’s DH, FO, CO, FC, or the CinC or another site admin.

■     Remember, you have to show that you have the skill, dedication, and commitment to the site to be considered for these positions.


I think we can all work together to do better ourselves and to mentor those around us who might need some extra support.  At the end of the day, this community is what keeps us going, and we have a strong community of fun and caring people.  We all just have to want to be here.


That’s the end of my ranting in this post… now on to some site news:

●     We are also working on switching the main message board software to the latest version, and also making updates to the WordPress front-end sometime in the coming year, hopefully early in the year.

●     We are still working on the new Constitution.  As we delved into the rewrite/reorg of the document, we realized that it was a good opportunity to revise a document which no longer reflected the way Federation Space operates.

●     We have a new Fleet Personnel Officer (FPO).  Commodore Wendy Rickenbacker will now be handling all non-cadet account creations, and will be checking rosters to ensure COs and FCs are doing their jobs by ensuring these documents are updated in a timely manner.  She answers to the CinC, and will report to her any discrepancies.

●     The site is stable financially for now.  We have about 3-½ months of funds in the bank to keep us afloat.  There are still over 30 pins available for those who donate $5+.  See the site financial reports thread in Red Alert for more info.

●     The site’s telepathic guidelines were recently updated to address some concerns.  Anyone playing a telepath should read them.

●     ALL equipment or ship specs changes need to be reviewed by the site’s ENGCOM, Commodore Julia Nielson.  You should email her if you have a request.  She will discuss with the site creative staff and then get back to you.  If a change is found that was not authorized by her, then appropriate disciplinary action may be taken at the discretion of the site leadership.

●     ALL new BIOs (character changes, NPCs etc) must be reviewed and approved by the academy.  Send them to Commodore Taylor and she will send to a BIO evaluator to review and approve.

●     We will also be reviewing the guidelines on multi-species (hybrid) characters.  It feels like there is a very high amount of them, and some which it would be impossible for any genetic compatibility, even with DNA manipulation.  Nearly ANY pairing of different species would require SOME manipulation, and it seems like we’ve gotten out of control with this on the site.

●     Character Death and Character Consequences are being reviewed.  Apparently people think that their characters “cannot die” without their permission ever, under any circumstances.  This is not true.  In fact, the GMs have a mechanism, when a character does something that is so implausible it must result in permanent damage, death, or career-ending results, it can in fact happen.  In those cases, the GM discusses the matter with the Creative Director and the site admins, and we make a decision.  So don’t go shooting an ambassador, or jumping into an exploding warp core unless you are willing to accept the consequences.

●     Some site terminology tweaks are occurring. Following is a lexicon of some changes and standards we use on Fed-Space

○     Fed-Space/FedSpace/Fed Space/Federation Space are all acceptable terms for the site.  The legal entity that owns the site is “Fed-Space Association LLC”.

○     Star Fleet is the site’s official term for what Trek canon calls Starfleet.  This was done for multiple reasons, but mostly to help mitigate any ‘copyright’ concerns that may arise.

○     Star Date is what we officially use for stardate.  Again, for the same reasons as we use Star Fleet.

○     We don’t use NCC- for the same reasons, and also because our site founder wanted our ship designations to reflect the ship class.

○     First Officer vs Executive Officer:  Which is right?  The answer, is BOTH.  On Fed-Space we accept either as valid.  For all official documents we use First Officer, or (FO), but in-game Executive Officer or XO is acceptable as well.


Character type designations are also changing effective Star Date 21801.01 to better reflect how we use them on the site:


●     Primary Rated Character (PRC) is replacing “PC” or “Player Character” as the site’s designation for your primary character.  The CO of your PRC is the one who must approve you having an SRC, NRC (see below), GM, or AI, or any other site role.  They have the authority to revoke those roles after granting them if you are not performing as your PRC.

●     Secondary Rated Character (SRC) is replacing “ALT” or “Alternate Character” as the site’s designation for your second rated character.

●     Non-Rated Character (NRC) is replacing “NPC” or “Non-Player Character” as the site’s designation for any character you have which you do not earn points for.  This was done because in virtually every other role playing system an NPC can only be played by the GM or moderator.  Because NRCs are played by PLAYERS, we wanted to switch to the rated/non-rated to make things clearer, especially for newer players.

●     “Rated” characters are characters that earn points.  All of your additional points (other than positional or medals awarded to your SRC directly) including AI/GM/Division Head, etc. points are always awarded to your PRC.   Your PRC is the only one that can be in a command (FO/CO) position.  Your PRC is usually of higher rank/position.


This will all be spelled out in the new Constitution in more detail, but I wanted you all to be aware as the designations begin to change across the site (you’ll notice the Academy has slowly started switching to the new terminology).


And don’t forget, new BIOs for all PRC/NRC/SRC characters must be approved by the Academy, and all new accounts other than Cadet accounts are approved by the FPO following submission of the new character form as found in Red Alert.  This process may take several days as the Commodore will verify the information with your CO(s) as appropriate.


As always, if anyone has any questions, concerns, etc. you can email me at President@Fed-Space.com.


Thank you, and ahead Warp 9.

-Perry Brulotte, President, Fed-Space Association, LLC

-Joshua Barnett, President, United Federation of Planets

#142184 PI/D64 - Docking Ports and Customs Offices

Posted by Cdr Dietrich Kaiser on Star Date 21902.01 @ 03:10 (03:10 AM)

==Farewell Intrepid Thread==


Captain Archer, Commander Kaiser, and Commander Rage stepped off the turbolift and headed for the docking port.  These were their final steps on the USS Intrepid and each of them had said their goodbyes.  Rage and Kaiser, however, knew something the Captain didn't.


When they approached the airlock, the stood in front and the circular doors parted revealing the gangplank to Pioneer Outpost lined with the crew of the Intrepid.  The Captain didn't know this would be there.


Kaiser turned to his Captain and extended his hand.  "This is for you, Captain."


After shaking his hand, Kaiser and Rage made their way through the lined crew to the end to be the last to see their Captain off.


Kaiser took special note when his foot set foot off of Intrepid and onto Pioneer.  At the end of the line, he turned back to see the mostly windowed corridor show the massive Intrepid and his heart ached a little.  A smile returned to his face as he saw the crew shaking hands with their Captain.


==All Intrepid Crew are invited to partake in the line==

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#127991 Crossroad

Posted by Lt(JG) S'hiarra Sothrick {Kurasa} on Star Date 21802.22 @ 22:26 (10:26 PM)

She had made arrangements in the 'real world' to have a pad of paper and a pen in her hand, shortly after they entered Lunori's mind she wrote


Keeping him Busy. Find him, GREAT DANGER.


She had done this before when practicing her interrogation and knew so long as she kept it simple it would allow her to communicate with those watching.


Sothrick had engaged him in conversation, and had wrapped a mind shield around them both, just as she had expected him to do, so she synced hers with his.


He was attempting to anger him, which was risky, but similar to her plan. 


She gave the man a smile. "So you are Betazoid, and likely from an outlaw house if you use your talents in this way. However the scene around us is illusion drawn from Lunori's mind, and it does not inspire fear."


She looked momentarily at Tourock before she added emphatically; her voice carried certainty in its tone, "However it would appear that you are not aware that you have already made a mistake; can you guess what your error is?"


Tourock was agitating him so she opted to sowing confusion and doubt. Any time he wasted could provide the First Officer a chance to deal with his body, perhaps even going so far as to beam it into space.


==GM. Sothrick and S'hiarra are at this point one mind, and their strength added together in perfect symmetry. They are both highly trained


Tag Brooks and Harrison Go get him guys!==

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#142514 PI/D64 - Docking Ports and Customs Offices

Posted by Capt Gabriel Archer on Star Date 21902.05 @ 03:01 (03:01 AM)

Captain Archer felt his heart aching as he stepped off the Intrepid and into the docking port of Pioneer. It was strange how life went full circle. Many years back he had stepped off Space Station Sierra Eighteen to Command the Intrepid, now he is moving off the Intrepid into a Sierra classed Outpost which, according to RAdm. Jal he is likely to take command of. 


At least this time my last command is not being blown up by the Krynar....


To his surprise, he saw the Intrepid's crew lining up the corridor ahead. Someone blew a whistle and the crew stood at attention as he approached.


What... is the meaning of this...


"This is for you, Captain." Kaiser explained.


Gabe was speechless... he walked over and started shaking hands and saying a few words to every single member of his crew. He got to know them well over the years, and now was his chance to say thank you. Fortunately, he learned that a good number of them will be assigned to Pioneer station. However, the majority of his senior staff will be needed on one of the newer exploration ships where their expieriance in ship operations will be most needed.


"Thank ye, Cap," Erdos smiled. "Ti'was an honour, servin' under ye. I'll go wherever I have tae 'n' serve whoever I'm assigned tae from now on loyally, givin' them my heart 'n' soul, but nobody cannae ever take yer place."


"Thank you Doc, you will do great things in Star Fleet I am sure. I am proud in what you have accomplished during your short stay aboard the Intrepid." Replied the Captain, "Keep up the good work and pass by my office any time you stop at Pioneer. Drinks are on your old Captain!"


A few officers later it was Price,


“I… I’m so grateful for my time here.  The last four years aboard the Intrepid have been unforgettable. I’m honored to have served such a fantastic commanding officer on an amazing vessel. Thank you, Sir... And good luck." She said.


"Thank you Michelle. Make sure you come visit the next time you stop by here, alright?" Gabe said.


Soon after that, Archer found himself shaking hands with MacClare.


 "It has been honor serving under you, Sir. The best of luck to you in your next assignment." She said.


"Likewise," Gabe said, "All the best to you Ensign."


It was then that someone pointed out to the window, and Archer turned to see his ship, formal ship, the USS Intrepid, powering up and starting to move away from Pioneer Outpost. There was a moment of panic in his heart, he needed to get back on the ship right now, but his head stepped in and put that thought to rest, The Intrepid was no longer his. Some Admiral behind a desk somewhere had made sure of it. Yet this was not the end for him, his story was not over yet,


There was a collective groan as The Last Avenger jumped into warp and disappeared from view. Taking with it a part of Gabriel's very soul.


Farewell Intrepid. we will never forget...


Archer turned around and address the gathered crew.


"Thank you all for doing this. I means the world to me that you are here and that you participated." He started. "Your new assignments will be coming in shortly, Chances are I will be taking command of this outpost, and many of you will be assigned here with me. Some of you will not. To those I say, farewell and it's been an honor, To all of you I say, remember your time aboard the USS Intrepid, and use what you learned to continue to serve the Federation with the same level of excellence expected of us. I am sure you will make me proud wherever the wind of change takes you. Safe journeys and until we meet again,"


Gabe turned to Rage and Kaiser.


"Kaiser and I will be heading to meet Commodore Tregelen. Did you learn of your new assignment yet? Arcber asked Rage.






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#142271 PI/D64 - Docking Ports and Customs Offices

Posted by Ens Elaina MacClare on Star Date 21902.02 @ 03:44 (03:44 AM)

== Farewell Intrepid Thread ==


Elaina arrived at the docking port and found a place in the line that was forming of the Intrepid crew to see their Captain off.  Her eyes were teary, but she tried to keep her composure.  Her heart swelled with pride to see the corridor lined with all the members of the crew.  She was grateful to have served on this ship and with these people.


Rage and Kaiser walked ahead of Archer, taking their places at the far end of the line. She smiled at the two of them as they passed by.  Time seemed to stand still, almost as if this wasn't really happening.  Elaina tried to capture this moment in her memory of the whole Intrepid crew being together one last time, honoring their Captain.  


As Archer came nearer, she straightened her shoulders and tugged on her jacket to smooth out any wrinkles.  Once the Captain got to her place in the line, she reached out to shake his hand.  "It has been honor serving under you, Sir.  The best of luck to you in your next assignment."


Elaina watched as the Captain reached the end of the line, where Kaiser and Rage were the last to see him off.  This is goodbye...  She felt the tears forming in her eyes.  USS Intrepid, may she fly forever in our hearts!

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#141542 New Ships and New Horizons

Posted by Alexis Tregelen on Star Date 21901.21 @ 00:06 (12:06 AM)

As some of you might be aware if you are keeping up with reading Pioneer or have been checking out the Facebook group or the Discord chat there are a few changes coming soon with regards to two of our ships here on Fed Space, specifically the Intrepid and Gettysburg.


After much discussion between the admins we have decided to retire the more 'warship' classes from Fed Space in favour of a more exploration orientated design. This is in part due to our new position at Pioneer station and our mission profiles leaning more towards exploration than war. Does this mean that we wont have conflict? Of course not, we are exploring the unknown and who knows what is out there. That is where the Intrepid and Gettysburg come in.




The Intrepid launched on the site 6 years ago this month under the command of Captain Gabriel Archer. The crew had transferred from Space Station Sierra-18 after its destruction at the hands of an invading, at the time unknown threat. Over those 6 years the command team of Archer and Kaiser have guided the ship through various missions with their crew but it is time for the Intrepid to retire.


The crew will be transferring to a new vessel, the USS Magellan FSC-28019 a Yeager Class Scoutvessel which will open up a much wider range of mission profiles for the crew and give them lots of exciting opportunities to post not just together but with the rest of the site while they are docked at Pioneer.


This will be the second ship to launch on Fed Space of the Yeager class, the first being the classes namesake the USS Yeager however it is the first to launch without the associated... baggage that the name came with (for those of us too young to know what im on about, the Yeager had a tendency to break every mission and on at least one occasion became a submarine).


After discussion with Captain Archer he has decided to step aside as Commanding Officer of the Magellan. Gabe has agreed to take on the role as CO of Pioneer which will give him more time to spend with his growing family while still enjoying the opportunity to post with members of the site as they pass through Pioneer.


RAdm Jal has agreed to take on the role of Commanding Officer of the Magellan while a more permanent replacement can be found so as not to delay the crew the excitement of moving out on their first mission.




The Gettysburg is the longest serving vessel on Fed Space having been launched in June 2002 and been posted on consistently since then. For those of us not great with maths that is 16 Years, 7 Months, and 20 Days or 6078 days. During that time she has gone through a lot including 9 different COs (although 3 of those were Perry so its really 7 COs), she was involved in one of the first major site wide events with the destruction of Starbase 1 by the Borg, time travelling to attempt to fix it and encountering assimilated versions of themselves and eventually destroying a Borg queen (seriously, go read the Gettysburg history.). But all good things must come to an end.


The crew of the USS Gettysburg will be transferring to the USS Artemis EX-11000, a brand new Vesta Class Explorer. The Vesta holds the latest in Federation technology (that actually works, unlike the Beckett) and will be at the spearhead of the Federations exploration into the unknown.


I'm sure that you are all excited to see what happens with these new ships as much as I am.

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#137523 SB/D15 - Spanky McPasternak's Bar and Grill - Main Bar

Posted by Lt Kamiro Tosamien Deklos on Star Date 21810.11 @ 07:33 (07:33 AM)

As Kamiro’s attention moved towards Shione, both the Vulcan-hybrid and Jelaya placed one of their hands upon hers…


…it is their nature…


Both women had a nurturing, compassionate streak and Kamiro kept her hand from moving; though the Ullian felt it uncomfortable. She had merely mentioned (in vague terms) her history to the younger Sothrick, not to illicit sympathy, but merely being transparent to the man. His father’s Head of Security merely wanted the son to know a little more about her; a reciprocal openness for his sharing of his thoughts on his mother.


And then the sensation…struck? No, that would be too forceful…pushed? As if Kamiro were wrapped in a protective balloon-like membrane and external force was working to pierce it (albeit gently) from the other side…


The only physical manifestation was the white-haired woman’s eyes opened wide…the sound, they were words, muffled, as if spoken from underwater; was definitely in Shione’s voice; though the attractive woman’s lips were not moving.


Kamiro as yet, couldn’t quite make out the words, but the gist was one of shared understanding and simpatico experiences. Shione was making a direct telepathic communication…


The Mirak then took her hand away and Shione’s remained on Kamiro’s…


Next, hazy images of S'hiarra appeared in Kamiro’s mind, wrapped tightly in Shione’s arms, and then the Ambassador’s face, held in stone-like relief…a feeling, contrite…


…images of starships and their personnel, a color…Security Gold, and then…


~…Copernicus and I would vouch for you there.~ Shione said telepathically…


Copernicus…that had gotten through…


“…no…!” Kamiro responded softly to Shione; her head just perceptibly moving side to side…


"Well I hope working with my father gives not only new purpose…” Tourock’s voice cut through Kamiro’s tenuous hold of containing the breech…


She did her best to focus on the Ambassador’s son…


“…but happiness and I am sure at the very least it will open you for new opportunities. He does seem to trust you more than other aides I have seen him work with.”


If open to it, Tourock and Shione would receive a flash of quick images of a highly inebriated Tactical Officer; a short skirmish with an Engineer; Ambassador Sothrick sitting at a table in a bar; Fleet Commander Authorization…


The Security Officer continued:


“He had told me that he had not changed positions as it were. He resigned, again from SFI but did not just return to be an Ambassador for Vulcan but now for the Federation. I don't suppose you understand how that is possible do you?"


Young Sothrick’s eyes had become gloss, obsidian black…though now Kamiro could actually sense the connection between them…Tourock’s emotions were very strong in protection for his mate. Deklos’ telepathic centers (essentially, new and regenerated tissue); had been undergoing stimulation since she entered Spanky’s; and between Shione’s direct (yet well meaning) telepathic assault; the overt emotional responses of the Vulcan-Betazoids and their near constant telepathic communications…neurotransmitting chemicals flushed in her temple lobes…and then…




To all nearby minds (telepaths and non-telepaths alike, within about 5-meter radius) one might* receive the sensation and/or imagery of walls of columnar, gray-black megalithic basalt suddenly spring forth accompanied by an almost searing warmth…but as impenetrable as the metaphysical fortifications appeared, it was but a thin veneer of mental protection (but for whom? For Kamiro or for those around her?)…cracks formed in the dark rock formation and a FLASH of imagery was broadcasted forth…


In an instant, all the following could be accessible: images of an attractive, short-haired, light-green skinned (likely) Orion woman appeared; a bearded, dark-brown haired human male; a pair of exotic humanoid twin females (beautiful looks on par with Shione and S'hiarra) even with their Ferengi-like features; a Vulcan-hybrid female, an extravagantly over-muscled Science Officer…and then through a new crack…


…the highlights of the night’s dinner (from Deklos’ perspective) flowed to receptive minds: the recent rescue of bad feelings by the Ambassador, snippets of angry and hurt faces, Tourock inflamed at Lorrick, the emotional intimacy Kamiro felt for Shione in Spanky’s bathroom (including pointing a phaser at the incredibly attractive Vulcan woman), the salty and tangy taste of Kamiro’s meal, the feelings of distrust as Kamiro was introduced to the table…


And then as quickly as the mental imagery began, it all evaporated to a feeling of humid mist and then it was gone…


Deklos, with a neutral expression, withdrew her hand from Shione’s contact; the Ullian’s eyes moved from the Ambassador’s son to that of her new friend/sister…


“…I’m not ready...” Kamiro stated almost absently…


…and then ignoring the feelings of profound embarrassment at what she had just telepathically broadcast, Deklos, her body stiff, let her eyes move back to Tourock:


“Politics Lieutenant Commander…” Deklos said, finally answering the Chief of Security’s last question:


“…the Federation is reaching out past Cardassian and Breen space. We want to show our diversity.”


Kamiro, then stood up from her seat, somewhat robotically; looked around the table in turn, at Tourock, Jelaya and then to Shione:


“A pleasure to have met you all.”


And then Deklos spoke to one of the Vulcan security detail:


“S’Kol, please inform the Ambassador that I will begin operational preparations for Gargoyle.”


And then, the Ullian slid back her chair so that she would easy egress away from the table; her intention to make a quick beeline for Spanky’s exit…



== *Reception of Kamiro’s telepathic output is purely up to the PRCs and NRCs discretion (within range, ~ 5m of course). All of the images would have occurred in about a full second, sort of like a dream. Recollection (any, all, little bit or none) of the imagery is also up to the PRC/NRC. ==

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#132933 New Creative Direction for Fed Space

Posted by Alexis Tregelen on Star Date 21806.21 @ 04:21 (04:21 AM)

With the departure of Perry, Andrea, and the stepping back of Dan the new admin team has been discussing the creative future of the site. Specifically we have been discussing the fleet structure, mission profiles, and ship interaction.


With that in mind we have decided to make some changes as outlined below.


USS Beckett


As you may have noticed already, due to the departure of the command team of the Beckett and the creative direction that we are intending for the site (more on that to come) it has been decided to close the Beckett and distribute her crew to the remaining ships. This is never an easy decision to make but it was felt that it was what was best for the site as a whole. We hope that you make the transferring crew feel welcome in their new homes.


Fleet Consolidation


With the Beckett closing this will reduce the number of active ships to 5 (plus the Apparition but she doesn't exist so let's not talk about her). It has been decided to merge the two fleets into a single group. This will be designated an 'Expedition Force' with an emphasis on exploring the unknown reaches of space with our missions. In game RAdm Jal will be the Expeditionary Field Commander and RAdm Ristone will be the Expeditionary Base Commander while out of game their roles remain the same with Trystan still handling things for the Intrepid and Copernicus while Nick handles things for the Gettysburg, Sheridan, and Ozaki.


By having all ships in the single group the intention is that it will give the ships more opportunity to interact with each other not just on shore leave but during missions as well.


New Station and Direction


The new Expedition Force will need a home. We are dusting off an old design, giving it a bit of a facelift and pushing her back into service. The Sierra-Classed Outpost, previous made famous as Space Station Sierra-18 will have another member to its ranks in the form of Pioneer Outpost. This outpost will be located in non-aligned space on the other side of the Breen Confederacy and Cardassian Union. The station will have a gate to join it back to Federation Space when/if required.


This will provide our ships with a new direction to explore the unknown and encounter species that we haven't traditionally dealt with here on Fed Space. Our ships will be the spearhead of the Federations exploration into the unknown much like the Enterprise was in TOS/TNG.


With a new station comes a new bar. We will be having a competition to name the new bar as well as its owner, please use the following form to submit your nominations (limit to 3 bar names and 3 owner names). You don't need to nominate both, if you only want to name the owner then that is fine.




New Content Manager


With me taking over as President I have decided to step aside as Content Manager to focus my energies on my new role. With that I have passed on my duties as Content Manager to Cdr Acenvar Crystillin, congratulations Nate I know you will do well in that role.


If anyone has any thoughts or concerns regarding any of the above, please feel free to post here or if you would prefer you can email me directly.

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#131204 IMPORTANT - Announcement regarding the future of Fed Space

Posted by Alexis Tregelen on Star Date 21805.09 @ 11:04 (11:04 AM)

By now I'm sure you have all seen the message from Perry regarding his future on Fed Space, if you haven't then I suggest you go read that before you continue reading here (https://fed-space.co...site-leadership).


While we are all saddened to see our friend leave, we wish him all the best in what his future brings. We also want him to know that he will always have a home here if he ever wishes to return in whatever capacity he chooses. With that being said we as a group also need to move forward.


I want to assure everyone on site that Fed Space isn't going anywhere, this is just a leadership change. This has happened before when President Beckett left and the site didn't fold then and its not going to fold now. The site leadership as well as the senior admins are discussing the best way to handle the transition. When we have worked out the full plan we will advise you what is happening.


Until then if you are wondering what you can do to help the site, the best thing you can do is to donate. Fed Space has never been and never will be pay to play. The site runs entirely on donations from its members.


If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to email me. I will do my best to be available on Discord more than I have been in the past so if you ever see me online feel free to send me a message and I will reply as soon as I can.


Keep posting everyone and above all else, keep having fun.

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#120846 "At First Sight"

Posted by Cdr Sothrick on Star Date 21710.18 @ 01:51 (01:51 AM)

He was slightly, yet happily, surprised  by her response and attack. And as she stradled him his hands glided up her firm thighs enjoying the curvaceous and power in them as his hands cupped each cheek pulling her closer as they shared a passionate kiss. He could feel much was on her mind.


He playfully, while his eyes still closed, faked searching for her lips as she pulled them from him for a moment before opening his eyes to find hers as she traces his features with his hands causing his eye lids to droop slightly enjoying her touch.


It had been so long since he had allowed himself to feel this. To feel this way. They had such a complete connection so early but he was holding some back. He guardedly thought of this hiding it from her but she would tell that his thoughts were drifting into a darkness she could not see.

His years of training his mind to be protected enabling him to shield from even the strongest telepath.


She was making him so completely happy in every illogical aspect but he had concerns. Concerns of some she knew could feel and others that he staved off.


~I used your name, and I'm sorry; but I know she can be trusted. The 'plan' is for us to go to bed and passionately 'show' each other what we feel~ and she taps his chest. ~Here. Not the very pleasurable physical love we made earlier, but I want a slower, and more romantic time before we sleep together for our first time~


He started to respond to both but she was already to her next point. He really was not upset with her at the use of his true name. To his own surprise he really was not. It was emotional moment and was understandable. It was also clear that she trusted the Bajoran and that was good enough. He knew he needed to build a group he could trust sooner or later.


"But First we talk..." She jumped in vocally now and the words made him smile as she was clearly more comfortable with talking than he was.

He mused at the difference between them as she went on about Phoenix. What she was saying was not at all surprising as woman either loved him or hated him. Some even stated they hated him only to find themselves next to him in the wee hours when they thought no one else would see.


His face returned to a more serious look as she tried to playfully, puppet him. So he then broke his silence. He enjoyed each playful kiss and returned them mimicking her with each one and with a smile now melted onto the once stone like features he responded.


 "I am more than happy to pull any practical joke on Phoenix you would like. I think him seeing us together will be enough for him though.  However, I do believe you take him too seriously. Yes I know Mathew Phoenix. He has been my longest and closest friend, until now, throughout my Star Fleet career."


"Mr. Phoenix is harmless and what they call a flirt. He is what we call an over compensator. His womanizing bravado is his own shield and false façade. Not much different from my own Vulcan persona I work to project."  He added. 



Then she returned to their silent exchange. And she found his word for her that he thought earlier. But he answered verbally.


"That is illogical. I need your talents in my depart besides you would have to deal with the charms of Phoenix and I could not bare to loose you to him." He said with a mischievous smile.


"We are not bound by the foolishness of humans we can differ from, work, to personal. I will always want to protect you. I have since looked through your, her, file. You are a skilled officer with the training and tools so far to be a great security officer. If you would like I can continue your training to become a great Chief of Security or beyond but not because it is you that is one of my jobs is to always be creating those under my command to be better and be ready for the next promotion."


He paused a moment to give her another kiss and squeeze her back side that his strong hands had not moved from.


"We are officers and while on duty that is what we are, period. However if I feel as your department head that their maybe a conflict of interest between us I will request you to be moved departments because I would rather loose an officer than my mate. From what I have read up on this new Commanding Officer I am sure if she feels that it warrants you to be moved department I will respect her wish too."


"However, we are Vulcan and I believe that side of us will rule out any foolish pride that humans allow to get in the way" he finished his thought.


~Now back to what you were talking about earlier ~  He paused to lay on a long passionate kiss


~If you are ready I want to give you more. I want to give you all of me.~ he pulled back slightly with serious but happy look into his eyes.


~You and I already are linked I can feel it and I know you can but we are not complete. I am able to completely bond and link with you so that you know all of me and nothing, none of my thoughts, worries, fears, memories would be hidden from you. Equally you would have nothing you could hide from me. We would be bonded together for life we could even feel each others sensations ~  His thoughts paused allowing her time to understand


"But only if you are ready. I know this is all so new to you. I don't want to rush anything but I do know it is right with you. But I want you to know I do understand. I know you draw from her memories, her passion, her strength as you clearly make it all your own too but it is also all new to you"


He smiled and kissed her lightly again.


"You are always safe with me."  He said as he waited for her response. Letting her know what this would mean. Letting her take in a moment to understand the depth of it all.


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#84672 New Star Trek TV Series!

Posted by Capt Jane Fields on Star Date 21511.02 @ 19:45 (07:45 PM)

It's going to be made by the reboot film people, so I'm not sure I'll be able to watch more than 5 mins of it before wanting to throw something at the tv... :unsure:

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#32992 Site-wide Dec 2013

Posted by Guest on Star Date 21311.23 @ 14:11 (02:11 PM)

Posted Image

#137543 SB/D15 - Spanky McPasternak's Bar and Grill - Main Bar

Posted by Ambassador Lorrick Sothrick on Star Date 21810.11 @ 22:31 (10:31 PM)

== Side Room in Spanky's ==


He was not empathic but he had much experience reading people, reading their physical ques how they react. Her body language changed in sorts. His keen eyes searched her form, her face as she was still defensive.


She was a worthy chess opponent and she was still playing the game it would seem. Before she even spoke his hand dropped, unaccepted. He could see that she was not done yet.



“It would seem that somehow you have been given knowledge that I had been assured by my Father Sormok, and Admiral Jal would never be made available. You know about my genetic background don't you?" Tears threatened to flow.


His eyes lowered as he slowly shook his head. His first response wanted to be...


HOW DARE YOU! Do you not know who I am?!? My reach is far! I was a Commodore in SFI privy to information that would have your hardened 'sister' crying in the corner. Your head reeling for all the ins and outs of what the Federation and Starfleet are really up to. You think finding out how a woman of important birth, suddenly has a sister, a twin sister at that.

You idiot child!

Or do you not think I would have the knowledge that a ship came back with nearly double its crew?

Do you not think I know of the few surviving clones and of those who helped protect them and enter them into our known society?


However he took a breath, holding his answer as she was clearly not done. 


"Somehow that most personal knowledge of me is being disseminated despite promises that it would not and it was that which was the basis of your opinion wasn't it?"


As she spoke he raised his eyes back to hers. If he was truly to start again, truly to change, truly to mend his relationship with his only family and perhaps create more of his family he would have to calm her and win her, this small battle, before winning the war.


She grabbed a napkin wiping her eyes. “So I guess your bodyguards know, and how many other people will I be meeting at this new assignment that will be looking down on me and judging me as less than Shione. I was accepted by both the Federation and Star Fleet; I had to prove myself to both and I did that, and yet here you are; an intelligent man assuming before you met me that I was somehow less.


What sort of Ambassador makes that prejudicial judgement without meeting someone first. You assumed I was a lesser being simply because of my birth; the truth now? And how many other people will I be meeting who also have this knowledge and will also be judging me as less?"


She met his gaze. "So how about we deal with this first?"


He continued to slowly shake his head from side to side as he stepped around the table closing the distance between them.


"S'hiarra..." He started then took a deep breath as he stood in front of her. He restrained his personal thoughts and thoughts to place his hands on both her shoulders attempting to calm her. He felt it would somehow do just the opposite.


"Yes, I know. I know how you came to be but first, No one betrayed you, not even my son. I, like you, am linked to my son. A link I believe he sometimes forget. He did not tell me but I felt his concern, his passion and focused all on you. He was more protective of you and at first I was not sure why. However I could sense his concern with you and how you came to be then I could see it."


He paused then took another deep breath. "And yes as you stated I created some presumptions which I already admitted to. My fatherly protective actions kicked in, as my professional judgement took a back seat. For years I protected him then for years he protected me. I felt it was my turn to protect him. However, as I stated I was wrong, I like so many protective family members, jumped to conclusions on the premises of protecting and thinking we know best for the ones we.... we love.


And to answer your other question, no or course not, this information was never shared with anyone least of all not my temporary staff not even my new, Head of Security. I have nothing to gain by telling them and it was not their need to know.


Lets put all that aside though. I have already admitted my mistake and accepted who you are. I have asked for forgiveness yet you seem to be latched on to the idea that I will be the bad guy here. It would seem you have made you presumptions of me as well but you, unlike myself, are unwilling to see that and wish to keep us struggling against each other.


If that is so there is no outcome to that in which either of us truly win. I know that if your relationship with my son were to end he would suffer and likely hold it against me. As well if for some reason he were to break ties with me I am sure that  he would still be saddened and if not outwardly secretly despise you for it. It would eat at him eventually devouring your relationship whole.


Surely you can see this. In truth you can accept my apology and my commitment to not only give my blessing for your union but for us all to work to be the family he and you want. Or you can chose to keep your misguided opinion of me and we continue to fight.


I do not wish to be antagonist to each other. You are an extraordinary woman and as I said and I am ashamed of my previous thoughts.


Again I find myself apologizing, which is rare for me so please understand the weight of it. I am sorry, for my presumptions however they were made with good intentions, which I know, much blood has been spilled with 'good intentions'. So as I do not want blood shed but unification let us be done with this or talk it to where we both understand each other. However, I came here to show my change and to change and repair my relationship with my son and create one with you. I would hope that we can move forward in that."


He took another breath then continued. "I know, as I said we are alike and that means you are a stubborn woman. However I know you are passionate and love my son so can we move past this. Can we mend and heal?" He said. Handing another napkin to her to dry her tears.


His eyes searched hers. His tone his demeanor would seem sincere. What he said was truth he was done with this and desired to get moving. There was much for him to do and this was now becoming exhausting, mentally.


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#137431 SB/D15 - Spanky McPasternak's Bar and Grill - Main Bar

Posted by LCdr Shione Kurasa on Star Date 21810.07 @ 19:28 (07:28 PM)

Jelaya wrapped her arm over Shione's shoulder; knowing how much this whole scene was hurting her mate. “Just remember that she is every bit as strong as you are m'love"


Shione turned her head giving a quick buss to the lovely Mirak's cheek before laying her's had on Jelaya's shoulder.


Kamiro and Tourock were talking about each other, and she couldn't shake the impression that Kamiro didn't approve of her attack on Lorrick, but all of her instincts had told her that she had to stand up for S'hiarra; and perhaps she had gone too far except that she knows it could have been worse, and Lorrick had brushed it away as insignificant anyway.


But Kamiro didn't; I don't think.


The Ullian then began a very intimate description of her past and the loneliness that emanated from the white haired woman was too poignant for Shione to ignore, and at that moment Kamiro's attention seemed to return to the Hybrid, and without needing to discuss it both she and Jelaya reached across the table and each laid a hand on the back of Kamiro's which was on the table.


~I understand Kamiro; I too have served on Intel ships and done; and agreed to things I can never speak of and wish I could forget. ~


Jelaya said nothing but pulled her hand back, leaving Shione's. ~I will tell you that I have protected S'hiarra always. She is a kinder soul than I am, and takes such matters more deeply than I would. The Ambassador should have known better, but so should I and I regret that I had to speak such harsh words to the man who has given your life purpose again.


Should you ever seek to return to Star Fleet I am the Chief of Security on the Copernicus, and I would vouch for you there.~


Shione left her hand there for the time being allowing Kamiro to respond in a similar and private manner, or choose to withdraw it should she wish to.


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#137410 SB/D15 - Spanky McPasternak's Bar and Grill - Main Bar

Posted by Ambassador Lorrick Sothrick on Star Date 21810.07 @ 07:21 (07:21 AM)

"Ambassador if you would be as a Father to me, then when we walk..." said the young lady as she took his offered arm. He nodded "Absolutely, my dear" Gave the Ambassador.


As they were given permission to use the adjourning room he led the pair in that direction just out of ear shot of the others before arriving in the room she continued. 

"You made quite clear to everyone who could sense the emotions that you would rather have Shione as a wife for your son. Can you understand how much that dishonors us both, as well as yourself? I would not have blamed Shione had she chosen a more physical response; as she is very protective of me; so let us deal with that first shall we?"


He fell silent for a moment as they took the last few steps and took a deep breath. She was much more observant, they were much more observant or empathic than he expected. This night was getting away from him and perhaps...


"I understand...." He took a breath to center him self. "You are correct, and all I can say is ... I" His face contorted as if a bad taste was forming in his mouth. "...I do apologize." It was obvious that he was not accustom to having to apologize.


"As your sister is protective of you as I know you two feel that you only have each other now..." He began as he continued to walk around the table after letting her arm go. "...Tourock and I are all we had and as he is protective of me so am I in what capacity I can."


He turned and looked slowly around the room "I was wrong in my first impression of you it was a... knee jerk, reaction I believe. However tonight I can see that you two have a mutual...love, respect, and passion for each other. And again Ms S'hiarra, I am attempting to apologize and give my blessing."  He said as he looked back at her.


"I found myself though reacting as my father would have. We, you and I, are not so much different. My father was of the world that marriages were still arranged. My marrying Tourock's mother infuriated my father." He said with a nod


"And despite my fathers outrage and protest I married her just the same. I  married for... love. He said as his features grew softer as if remembering something. "And I had never been happier. You clearly have that with my son. I am not proud how tonight has gone however I did have to make sure."


"I have only once other seen him this happy and protective. Even with his last fiancee I believe he was more linked with the child. Tourock is different as I am sure you know As I watch you two tonight you seem to be, hmm, how to say, his yin to your yang, to use a human expression." He continued.


"I believe, my first impression, no my thoughts of you, as I had not allowed you to give me and impression, my preformed thoughts of you were ... misguided. You... you are every bit as good as your, your sister. My son is lucky to have you and I am honored to have you as part of my family." 


"You are like me and... you might be the better part of Tourock..." He said with a hint of a smile flash across his face.


"I had made a foolish assumption that you would be ... less, than your, sister. You are not. Perhaps you are even more. I hope we can move past an old mans foolishness and over protectiveness the same I am sure you would do for... your, sister." He stood and stretched out his hand.


"As you said I would be a father to you, and I would be honored to be your father."


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#131983 --Federation Space Donations & Financial Reports

Posted by Alexis Tregelen on Star Date 21805.30 @ 12:16 (12:16 PM)

Please note that the donation link has changed. If you have any saved bookmarks or regular donations please remove them and use the link in the first post of this thread.

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#127940 Crossroad

Posted by Cdr Sothrick on Star Date 21802.22 @ 02:32 (02:32 AM)

The doc raised a valid concern that Sothrick had already thought of as well.


He was sure he could shield his mind from even the most talented telepath he had a back up plan an had in a silent way called for her without giving to much details.


"Doctor I understand you concern. It is one I have given thought of and believe I can keep any would be attacker to gain such information. However I never underestimate an opposing force."  He paused and with that his mate made herself more known to the rest of the room


"Regardless of ranks here there will be no mind meld by Sothrick unless I; his mate participate." she announced as she met the gaze of everyone present. "So he and I do this together or not at all."


A slight smile escaped his lips. She was always fierce but they would have to have a talk later as his rank would mean that it is not good for her to sneak or bust into a room of senior officers and make demands.


However this was exactly his back up plan.


"Midshipman Shiarra here is very similar to me in the fact she is a strong and accomplished telepath. She already is linked with me however we can strengthen each others mind to shield from any other outside threats. Considering the strength I feel of this other telepath I would be more concerned to do this alone. However with the Midshipman here I do not believe one telepath has a chance." He offered.


S'Hiarra took no further convincing or need to explain what was going on and was ready to get to the task at hand.


She turned and Sothrick followed and the pair initiated contact. First with each other but with their active link this required no effort then they reached out to Lunori's mind.  Doing so Sothrick concentrated on building mental barriers around both of them.


The pair plummeted into one disturbing vision to another. ~do not focus on the images remember they are a compilation of what Lunori feels and what the puppet master wants us to see. We go deeper.~  He shared with his mate.


As the pair appeared to the man both Sothricks and S'Hiarras eyes appeared black as midnight with no pupils.


Finally finding the chosen image of the puppet master attempting to unnerve the pair with his own images about them, spoke as he rose from his chair.


Sothrick was putting the pieces of the puzzle together. While it was obvious the man wanted to harm Lunori he wanted Brooks and Harrison to suffer too.


''Welcome dear friends to your nightmare" the strangers voice echoed out.  "This is not our nightmare but merely the images you force on a poor tortured soul." Sothrick retorted as he gave a look around. It was sothricks words but both he and S'Hiarra continued to speak in unison.


''I'm not going to allow you to see me, for now I am just a shadow figure, So why come to my domain..?" He questioned as he took another step closer to S'Hairra


Sothricks first instinct was to move between the man and his mate. Physically his mate was more than capable to take care of herself. She was in fact rather dangerous as much as she was beautiful. However in this realm she was a little less disciplined. And this realm was different than reality but no less dangerous for all of them.


Neither her or her original had as much experience and already this mind meld was much more different than anything he had experienced too. They were strong together and that's what they needed to project. Perhaps they should have projected as one...


But Sothrick knew that such a show would also create a show of weakness. Instead he stood his own ground, beside her keeping their united front and reminded her, silently, to do the same.


"You can maintain your mysterious form if it pleases you." He taunted, still both distinct voices spoke as one, creating an equally disturbing effecting with the differences in their voices yet in harmonious union. "However this is not your domain, you have been revealed despite your inability to see it. Your plot can not work from here. Its best you release this individual, now!"  Sothrick was taking a risk as he taunted the man.


He knew however that agitated persons made more mistakes.


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#117711 SA/D17 - The Drunken Tribble - The Bar

Posted by Lt Mike Hobritz on Star Date 21708.19 @ 15:09 (03:09 PM)

Mike stood in something like a trance looking at Grix, having no idea what his so called best friend was on about.  "Trust me, buddy, I would have told you if I was allowed and now I'm going to find out if she hates me like she should because I am certain she will think I am a bastard".  Hobritz held his head to one side and narrowed his eyes, wondering just what had gone on with Christian in the months since their last contact.  The blonde who'd been observing them, was clearly someone who'd hooked up with Christian and if Mike judged it correctly the end had been abrupt.  "We will catch up before we ship out, I'm joining the Intrepid if you want to find me "  At that point Christian left and joined Pond, who in turn had gone to assist a Vulcan officer and returned to her previous position.


"Alrigh..."  Mike wasn't able to say much more, Grix was out of earshot and gone again.  With a shrug of his shoulders, the engineer turned back towards the table he'd joined.


“Hi Mikey!!!”  Rage replied her tone once again more or less friendly.


One of the others looked towards Hobritz.  “do yourself a favor and run now while you still can.” 


"Here's to advice worth taking!" The older man at the table began, raising his own glass and taking a hearty drink. "Have a seat Mike! Doctor Martin Fields, but call me Marty."


Hobritz didn't know whether to take Arron seriously or not, his eyes shifted to Megan briefly, she'd been quiet for some reason and was not the bubbly lady he'd met before.  Something terrible must have happened to their crew, whatever it was had apparently taken a greater toll on Rage.  He sympathised with her, his life had been anything but perfect recently, but he hoped that would change soon enough and give himself the ability to move on.  He turned to face Marty and gave the man a nod and eased himself into an empty chair.


“That's it!” Rage yelled, suddenly standing up, “I'm over this bulls**t, I'm going to bed.”  


Mike was startled by the outburst, Elizabeth's mood had changed again and gone to boiling point.  He hadn't noticed the exchange of gestures, between her and the man she'd collided with.  Things seems to slow for a moment and quiet struck in ever so briefly.


"Soooo..."  One of the Intrepid's officers said, no doubt trying to change the direction of discussion.


All Mike could do was sit and smile awkwardly, he had absolutely no idea on what to do or what to say.  None of them were known to him, apart from Megan of course, but that had only been a brief union in the bar some time back.  He hardly knew her and didn't know any of the others.


“Hi.”  Another voice said, Hobritz looked to his right and saw a lady with dark brown hair, she was clad in a medical officers uniform.  Mike smiled as she nodded to everyone at the table.  “Couldn’t help but notice....”  Her eyes moved off to one side, in all likelihood the whole bar had noticed the outburst.  “What happened? Is anyone hurt?”


Marty answered Price right away.  "I think we're alright, but not for lack of trying" He laughed, trying to shake off his irritation. "I don't think we've officially met yet. Doctor Martin Fields."  He clearly knew of the Doctor now at the table, but not much more than Mike knew her, which of course was not at all.


At that point Hobritz felt compelled to speak.  "Uhm I won't pretend to know what's going on, but she's clearly upset."  He fell silent as his manners returned to him.  "Sorry Ma'am, please..."  He said standing quickly and pulling back his chair for Dr Price.  "Please have a seat."  He said gesturing to the now vacant seat, an honest smile crossed his face as he did so.  "I should really let you fine people be alone, I guess I'm intruding."


Another man joined the table at that point.  “Ladies, gentlemen.” He said pointing in Rage's direction. “There a story behind that? Or do I need to go get her?”


At that point the Engineer kept his tongue, deciding he wasn't the best person to comment on whatever was going on with Rage.


==Tags to all at the Intrepid table==

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#104265 Word of the Month (WotM)!

Posted by Joshua Barnett on Star Date 21612.26 @ 16:18 (04:18 PM)

3 entries this month, and because I'm feeling holiday generosity EVERY submission gets the 50 points, the free weekend at the Nausicaan Spa on Rigel VI, and a lifetime supply of Ferengi Tube Grubs (minus the shipping cost of 5,000 credits per month, of course).


So, who are these lucky people?


None other than:

LCDR Ducote

LCDR Tucker

LT(JG) Robert


Now, for the new Word of the Month!

noun: tegmentum; plural noun: tegmenta
  1. a region of gray matter on either side of the cerebral aqueduct in the midbrain.




#143160 Goodbye Old Friend / Hello New Friend

Posted by Adm Daniel Wueste on Star Date 21902.16 @ 06:15 (06:15 AM)

With the command transfer effectively complete, the Admiral had almost started to head back to his seat when Braggins asked him for remarks.


Is he joking?


Dan nearly protested, before thinking better of it.  This whole program was an act of such heart, generosity of spirit, and kindness.  He had begun to worry that the modern era of Star Fleet had no place for old warhorses like him.  He'd started to feel like a hopeless romantic adrift at sea amongst cold calculating logicians.  Perhaps there was more of the Star Fleet he'd known left than he had realized.


After taking a moment to shake both Paul and Tyra’s hands again, he approached the podium.


"Thank you, Admiral Braggins, Captain Crawford.  I appreciate you both affording me this opportunity today. You know, truth be told, I’m not quite sure how to handle all of this.  I have thoughts about it; that won't surprise those of you who know me, so, since Paul's made the fatal error of inviting me to speak with all of you, I'll do my best to articulate them."


He paused, taking a second to collect and attempt to organize the thoughts and feelings which threatened to boil over.


"Today's event really serves to punctuate how much has changed since Gettysburg's launch.  So, I think what I'd like to tell you is that days like today are important.  So often when we look back, and I don't care how old you are, I think this is close to universal, we have a tendency to either apply so much nostalgia to a memory that it ceases to be real, or we second guess our own actions so greatly that our own internal judgment clouds the truth of the moment.  Days like this are important because they allow for something special, positive reflection.  Whether you served aboard the Gettysburg, or this is your first time in any proximity to her, today's event allows for the opportunity to reflect on her legacy without having to pass your own judgments about what that legacy might be."


The Admiral surveyed the crowd.  He was pleased to see Gabe Archer among the friendly faces he found looking up at him.


"As I look out at all of you, I see faces both familiar and new.  Now at my age, that's a good sign.  When I start thinking I know everyone in a room, it's probably an indication that I've been consigned to the Federation Funny Farm."


It was a joke, though only just so.


Senility waits for no man…


"The Gettysburg holds a special place in my heart, as I’m sure she does for many of you.  She has a history all her own now, but when I first took command of her, she was still fresh out of spacedock.  It's worth noting that I wasn’t just her first CO, I actually picked her off the list of available ships, I picked her dedication quote, I researched and documented the lineage of the past ships to bear the name. As a student of Terran history, the name Gettysburg carries with it great significance. I won’t bore all of you with a history lesson about the American Civil War, but know that the place for which this ship was named is hallowed ground for Terran civilization.  It is for that reason that my personal residence on Earth is in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  It is for that reason that when Admiral Beckett asked me to select my command, I knew, without hesitation, I knew it had to be the Gettysburg."


He wasn't sure if the crowd was still with him, but the words were flowing now.


"That said, I recognize that despite the place she may still hold in my heart, she's no longer a new ship, in fact she’s become the oldest active ship in the Fleet.  Time's funny like that and, in a way, if you take nothing else from this event, let it be the acceptance of that.  When I think of the Gettysburg, I don’t just think of all she's accomplished, but I think of my late wife.  I think of the life I once imagined for us and the life that instead came to be.  That's what the passage of time does, it changes things, it focuses things.  So, as you think of the Getty today, think back on your own careers, long or short as they may yet have been, and think of the life you have, or want to have.  Take the time to take stock of what is important and hold it close. Time waits for none of us, but we have a choice, each and every day, to make sure each moment counts."


His focus was firmly on the Gettysburg’s outgoing crew as he brought his speech to a close.


"Our words may be recorded for posterity, but it is the actions of the brave officers of Star Fleet who have served aboard Gettysburg that have truly made the mark on history. So, I think in this moment it is especially fitting to remember the words of President Abraham Lincoln, forever recorded as Gettysburg's dedication quote: 'The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.'"


"Thank you all again. I wish each and every one of you Godspeed in the adventures that lie ahead."


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