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Community Status Updates


Lt Vari Toreen

I've always liked Discovery, but that finale blew my mind.
SD 21904.19@22:13

Mid Nathan Ramius

Come fly with me, we'll fly, we'll fly away
SD 21904.19@14:53

Cdt Sixtus Quinn

Ready and excited to start training!
SD 21904.18@14:53
  • LCdr Kendra McCain's Photo
    LCdr Kendra McCain
    As a former O'Shea meself I look forward to perhaps meetin ye on Pioneer
    SD 21904.18@21:04
  • GM-19's Photo
    Engineering? So many hazards in that field...
    SD 21904.19@02:32
  • Mid Nathan Ramius's Photo
    Mid Nathan Ramius
    Woooooooo! Looks like you are on the right track already :)
    SD 21904.19@14:53

Cdt Sixtus Quinn

Patiently standing in New Recruits line.
SD 21904.18@04:41
  • Cdr Maddie Allen's Photo
    Cdr Maddie Allen
    Howdy Cadet! Glad to see you! Hope to see you on our Discord channel!
    SD 21904.18@12:16

LCdr R'Karr Archen

Centuries of culture, lost in blaze of a few hours. But at least no lives were lost in the fire of Notre-Dame today.
SD 21904.15@22:36


I thought for once I would be nice, but realized it was too taxing
SD 21904.13@06:04
  • Ens Daniel Hawk's Photo
    Ens Daniel Hawk
    Ah poor GM-17 *Hugs*
    SD 21904.17@02:02

LCdr Shi-mi M'Rour

Logic may be the beginning of wisdom, not the end, but logic will never get you that all important answer on Pointless.
SD 21904.12@18:58

LCdr Daniel Brooks

Happy First Contact Day
SD 21904.05@16:26

LCdr Alexander Talion

"...silence that speaks so much louder than words...
SD 21904.04@01:47
  • LCdr R'Karr Archen's Photo
    LCdr R'Karr Archen
    Silence will fall.
    SD 21904.04@07:10
  • LCdr Shi-mi M'Rour's Photo
    LCdr Shi-mi M'Rour
    Sounds like you had a momentary lapse of reason.
    SD 21904.04@18:18
  • LCdr Alexander Talion's Photo
    LCdr Alexander Talion
    Yep...just feeling the sorrow...
    SD 21904.05@02:24

Jaden Hawk

"I haven't faced death. I've cheated death. I've tricked my way out of death and patted myself on the back for my ingenuity; I know nothing."
SD 21904.03@23:04

Cdr Carrs Jasal

Please welcome our newest Academy Graduates: Midshipman Frost in Tactical, and Midshipman Ben'Soon in Science!
SD 21903.27@15:45
  • Mid Luke Erdos's Photo
    Mid Luke Erdos
    Be still my beating heart...! No, wait, that would be catastrophic. Heart, please continue at sinus rhythm.
    SD 21903.28@16:05
  • Lt Michelle Price's Photo
    Lt Michelle Price
    Congrats! Welcome to FedSpace!!
    SD 21903.28@17:18
  • Ens Daniel Hawk's Photo
    Ens Daniel Hawk
    SD 21903.30@18:36

Cdr Judith Tucker

Way too much coffee. But if it weren't for the coffee, I'd have no identifiable personality whatsoever.
SD 21903.25@15:24
  • Lt Xavier Ninestein's Photo
    Lt Xavier Ninestein
    You need to try my cold brew coffee.

    800ml filtered water.
    70ml flavoured syrup of your choice. (Currently using Macadamia).
    24gms medium/fine ground Columbian.
    Put in the refrigerator for 16 hours to brew overnight.

    Smoother than an androids...
    SD 21903.25@17:19
  • Cdr Judith Tucker's Photo
    Cdr Judith Tucker
    Sounds good!!!!

    SD 21903.25@23:42

LCdr Daniel Brooks

Captain Kirk is 88 today!
SD 21903.22@15:54
  • Ens Daniel Hawk's Photo
    Ens Daniel Hawk
    "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."
    SD 21903.23@00:03

LCdr Daniel Brooks

Hey guys and gals, just thought you all might like to know but me and the Wife (Pond) are expecting a baby due in Sept. We had the scan today so now can tell all. So if we been a little bit off our game play that be the reason.
SD 21903.21@21:59
  • Cdr Serran Zan's Photo
    Cdr Serran Zan
    Conga rats to you both/all! :)
    SD 21903.22@10:44
  • LCdr Daniel Brooks's Photo
    LCdr Daniel Brooks
    thanks all

    SD 21903.22@15:53
  • Capt Jane Fields's Photo
    Capt Jane Fields
    Huge congratulations to you both! <3
    SD 21903.27@09:36

Lt Xavier Ninestein

Stop! ...
SD 21903.19@17:52
  • Cdr Edward Gregg's Photo
    Cdr Edward Gregg
    or my Mom will shoot.
    SD 21903.21@11:11
  • Lt Mathew Briggs's Photo
    Lt Mathew Briggs
    SD 21903.25@15:22
  • Lt Xavier Ninestein's Photo
    Lt Xavier Ninestein
    Well if you're going to be like that... **sniff** :(

    SD 21903.25@15:57