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Ens Xenara Xardeen

Happy Birthday Star Trek! Today marks the 53rd birthday of the most iconic franchise in history.
SD 22009.08@14:47
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    Mid Robin Mayfair
    Some of my fondest memories of my dad are watching the original series with him. It was in syndication by the time I was old enough to get it, but it left a lasting impression.
    SD 22009.08@23:37
  • Ens Xenara Xardeen's Photo
    Ens Xenara Xardeen
    Same here. But I really didn't get into it until TNG. I was out of high school then. I still loved the original series and the movies (even the 5th one), but TNG inspired me enough to join a local fan club. We did everything from working at conventions to helping celebrities when they came to town, to community service, and volunteering in our city.
    SD 22009.09@09:37