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Lt Xenara Xardeen

Anyone been on here as long as I have and still make noob mistakes? lol
SD 22104.15@18:44
  • Ens Art D'Tor'an's Photo
    Ens Art D'Tor'an
    I loved Ohmsford! It's hard keeping track of who was who
    SD 22104.16@11:57
  • Lt Xenara Xardeen's Photo
    Lt Xenara Xardeen
    I did have fun playing him, but that pesky real life thing happened.
    SD 22104.16@13:28
  • Ens Qu'tha Viral's Photo
    Ens Qu'tha Viral
    Real life... the killer - and enabler - of all fun.
    SD 22104.16@14:29