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Lt Xenara Xardeen

I wonder how many players write a junk post then just wind up going with it because they realize it's good character development?
SD 22106.11@01:49
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    Lt Xenara Xardeen
    Kurasa: good point.
    SD 22106.11@18:09
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    Lt Tess T'Relia
    Not really, posting when bored is more "down time", and can lead to interacting with others and just some good old character development. Every piece of writing will have some sort of "filler" in it where you get to learn more about said character, its just a different part of writing.
    SD 22106.12@22:15
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    LCdr Alexander Talion
    There can be lots of posts that aren't as much fun, but they can be a stepping stone. I sometimes toss a post out there that is different and intended to be a stand alone and it accidentally sticks. It triggers some interaction that was totally unexpected and rewarding. I love it when that happens.
    SD 22106.13@03:00