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Lt Xenara Xardeen

I can't tell if the GM likes me or is just toying with me...I wonder which is worse...lol
SD 22110.09@14:09
  • LCdr S'hiarra Sothrick {Kurasa}'s Photo
    LCdr S'hiarra Sothrick {Kurasa}
    Maybe BOTH?
    SD 22110.10@17:17
  • Lt (JG) Tamara Kotho's Photo
    Lt (JG) Tamara Kotho
    As for language: likes to toy with you? Toying with liking you? lol
    SD 22110.10@18:04
  • Lt Xenara Xardeen's Photo
    Lt Xenara Xardeen
    Kotho, reading way too much into that. lol
    SD 22110.10@22:53