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Lt Xenara Xardeen

I suck at writing crew logs.
SD 22201.14@11:42
  • Lt (JG) Robin Mayfair's Photo
    Lt (JG) Robin Mayfair
    "Personal Log: some stuff happened."
    SD 22201.14@21:00
  • Lt (JG) Qu'tha Viral's Photo
    Lt (JG) Qu'tha Viral
    Log: THIS IS MY LOG!
    SD 22201.15@00:20
  • Mid Jake Morgenson's Photo
    Mid Jake Morgenson
    "Personal log: Stardate 22201.15, Jake recording. I'm going to skip the talking part and go straight to the part where I say End Log. End Log.
    SD 22201.15@05:03