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Lt Zamha

Without checking: How many ships named Enterprise appeared in Picard season 3?
SD 22305.17@04:14
  • Lt Robin Mayfair's Photo
    Lt Robin Mayfair
    They start doubling up on the letters. The Enterprise AA, AB, and so on. Except the Enterprise JJ. We do not speak of that.
    SD 22305.20@23:23
  • Lt (JG) Victoria Vega's Photo
    Lt (JG) Victoria Vega
    For some God forsaken reason, the Corp of Engineers decided to bring back the Oberth fir the 1701-JJ. Blew up the second it got turned on.
    SD 22305.20@23:31
  • Lt (JG) Victoria Vega's Photo
    Lt (JG) Victoria Vega
    Plus they had the 1701-JK launch right after said destruction. Coincidence? I think not.
    SD 22305.20@23:34