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Ens Amy Martinez

I didn’t realize how hard writing a paper was going to be, especially when you could easily make most of it up.
SD 22106.15@04:51
  • Ens Amy Martinez's Photo
    Ens Amy Martinez
    More like Advanced Tactics 501. Stuck at 800 words, and staring at Word acting like words will magically appear.
    SD 22106.15@13:06
  • Lt Xenara Xardeen's Photo
    Lt Xenara Xardeen
    Right? It's the "easily make most of it up" part that's got me stumped. lol
    SD 22106.15@21:22
  • Lt (JG) Tamara Kotho's Photo
    Lt (JG) Tamara Kotho
    Thrustors! Everyone minimizes their contribution to Tactical excellence.
    SD 22106.17@18:05