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Ens Amy Martinez

I thought Marvel was owned by Disney. So how did Avengers end up on Paramount+?
SD 22107.15@05:22
  • LCdr Shione Kurasa's Photo
    LCdr Shione Kurasa
    Disney apparently bought out the last of Paramount's Marvel releases
    SD 22107.15@13:32
  • Ens Amy Martinez's Photo
    Ens Amy Martinez
    I never realized Paramount had the distributing rights for the early MCU filmes. I was still in high school/just barely graduated when these came out. I've just been so used to lately that MCU = Disney.
    SD 22107.15@22:01
  • Ens Art D'Tor'an's Photo
    Ens Art D'Tor'an
    I just saw Agents of Shield on my Netflix - I think it just all has to do with whose has what contract. =P
    SD 22107.23@11:46