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Lt (JG) Matthew Daniels

Is it me or is this community filled with coffee-aholics?
SD 22109.10@06:56
  • Lt(JG) Lois Lim's Photo
    Lt(JG) Lois Lim
    typical Starfleet officers work coffee, work coffee, work coffee etc., etc., etc.

    SD 22109.18@05:20
  • Lt (JG) Matthew Daniels's Photo
    Lt (JG) Matthew Daniels
    Hey it was just an observation guys
    SD 22109.18@08:21
  • Ens Amy Martinez's Photo
    Ens Amy Martinez
    As much as I despise coffee, the Janeway route is a bit better than say the Scotty route.
    SD 22109.19@09:36

Lt (JG) Matthew Daniels

Hi Guys, sorry for the tardiness lately, busy moving house and back to work and a few other mind numbingly boring experiences. Should be back now.
SD 22107.05@21:25