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Mid Jake Morgenson

Sometimes I scroll through the Red Alert forums and I think: Why didn't I join this place like 10 years ago?
SD 22111.16@11:46
  • Lt (JG) Robin Mayfair's Photo
    Lt (JG) Robin Mayfair
    Yeah, wish I'd found this site twenty years ago.
    SD 22111.17@00:53
  • Alexis Tregelen's Photo
    Alexis Tregelen
    Having been here for 17 years I can say that we had a LOT of fun over the years but at the same time there is still a lot of fun coming up.
    SD 22111.18@03:06
  • Lt (JG) Qu'tha Viral's Photo
    Lt (JG) Qu'tha Viral
    Oh no... are we about to experience.. the return of Tregelen!?

    Not sure if the universe is ready...
    SD 22111.26@14:16