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Mid Victoria Vega

First bit of rain in 8 weeks. Maybe instead of being 100° it will be a 'mild' 90° LOL
SD 22208.04@12:00
  • LCdr Maggie Murphy's Photo
    LCdr Maggie Murphy
    Oh my goodness, rain. I miss rain. Send it my way!!
    SD 22208.04@12:42
  • Mid Victoria Vega's Photo
    Mid Victoria Vega
    Maybe it did? Idk. It didn't last very long, and just made everything muggy. Ugggh. Dry Heat > Humid Heat
    SD 22208.04@16:23
  • Lt (JG) Matt Phoenix {Sothrick}'s Photo
    Lt (JG) Matt Phoenix {Sothrick}
    Been raining here for a week now. Hot and muggy. But I love the thunderstorms
    SD 22208.06@05:01