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Cdr Daniel Brooks

I think it is the first time ever.. A everyone willing to come into Sickbay and B they aren't sick or injured yet lol
SD 21809.18@18:30
  • LCdr Shione Kurasa's Photo
    LCdr Shione Kurasa
    Not Yet huh?
    I'm sure you can fix that ;)
    SD 21809.18@20:00
  • RAdm Kinziri Jal's Photo
    RAdm Kinziri Jal
    I'm only there for the cake
    SD 21809.18@23:27
  • Cdr R'Karr Archen's Photo
    Cdr R'Karr Archen
    They'll be back for the latter soon. Away missions tend to do that.
    SD 21809.19@07:06