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Capt Jason Simmons

For those I haven't gotten to over the last couple of days, I apologize. I had a really good friend from work die in a car accident Friday and have been dealing with that. This goes for Simmons, Bodash, Wick, amd GM-16.
SD 21812.03@17:00
  • Mid Nathan Ramius's Photo
    Mid Nathan Ramius
    Sending warm energy your way!
    SD 21812.04@03:43
  • LCdr Shione Kurasa's Photo
    LCdr Shione Kurasa
    My Condoloences

    Fed Space always takes a back seat to Real life

    You should take the time you need
    SD 21812.04@17:10
  • LCdr Beno Velaul's Photo
    LCdr Beno Velaul
    I am sorry to hear about that, I find myself in similar circumstances never easy on anyone
    SD 21812.05@06:27