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Cdr Maddie Allen

Did you know we have a wiki page devoted to Fed Space / Trek Canon? https://wiki.fed-space.com/index.php?title=Site_Canon#What_is_Site_Canon.3F? Be sure to check it out.
SD 22006.30@02:48
  • Ens Xenara Xardeen's Photo
    Ens Xenara Xardeen
    Apparently I'm an idiot. lol Thanks!
    SD 22006.30@13:54
  • Cdr Maddie Allen's Photo
    Cdr Maddie Allen
    No worries!

    SD 22007.01@22:07
  • Mid Richard Lincoln's Photo
    Mid Richard Lincoln
    So The Animated Series is not canon in any way?
    SD 22007.02@19:05