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LCdr Maggie Murphy

If one more person asks me if I've had any "pregnancy cravings" yet, my answer is going to be, "Yes, human flesh!" XD
SD 22205.22@20:24
  • Cdr Velaul's Photo
    Cdr Velaul
    Remember when you crave Human Flesh, start with Vegans they are grain fed. They announce that they are Vegan every five minutes, so they are easy to spot lol

    SD 22206.08@23:30
  • LCdr Maggie Murphy's Photo
    LCdr Maggie Murphy
    LOL!! Vegans, mmm, tastes just like chicken!
    SD 22206.10@18:54
  • Lt Robin Mayfair's Photo
    Lt Robin Mayfair
    So, have you had any pregnancy cra... AAAAGH OH GOD SHE WASN'T JOKING!!! MY ARM!
    SD 22206.12@13:59