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Cdr Alexander Talion

One of our former writers, Matthew Cleary (played Sturnok Val) tested positive for Covid on 12 Sep and passed away on the 19th. I wrote with him for many years and he will be very missed.
SD 22109.26@01:21
  • Lt Xenara Xardeen's Photo
    Lt Xenara Xardeen
    My condolences. If more people would take Covid seriously we could avoid more senseless death.
    SD 22109.26@17:38
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    Cdr Sothrick
    Holy Cow. I remember his char. You are absolutely right Xardeen. Way to many are acting like it's all over. I think the vaccine has lured them into a false safety as well.
    SD 22109.28@13:25
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    Cdr Sothrick
    Thank you for sharing this Talion. Thoughts and prayers for his family.
    SD 22109.28@13:26