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RAdm Kinziri Jal

Logic would suggest that if time travel were ever to exist, then it already does.
SD 21901.11@09:17
  • Ens Daniel Hawk's Photo
    Ens Daniel Hawk
    "Time line?! This is no time to argue about time! We don't have the time."

    SD 21901.11@22:27
  • Mid Nathan Ramius's Photo
    Mid Nathan Ramius
    The Great Pop Wars of 2024 nearly destroyed Earth. Western Pop faced off against the K-Pop scourge... but Bieber, was their ace in the hole. Coming this Summer...
    SD 21901.12@07:10
  • LCdr Beno Velaul's Photo
    LCdr Beno Velaul
    I once travelled three hours into the past, but time zones don’t count
    SD 21901.15@06:22