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RAdm Kinziri Jal

The good thing about being an explorer. There's coffee in that nebula!
SD 21911.15@12:05
  • Captain Serran Zan's Photo
    Captain Serran Zan
    The Pretzels and Beer Nebula is known as the Saturday Night Nebula ;)

    SD 21911.17@08:11
  • LCdr Shi-mi M'Rour's Photo
    LCdr Shi-mi M'Rour
    Ah, now I remember. It's in the Field of Wigs. :D
    SD 21911.17@08:25
  • RAdm Kinziri Jal's Photo
    RAdm Kinziri Jal
    I've changed my mind on what the best thing about being an explorer is. There's enough nebulas out there for every contingency ;)
    SD 21911.19@22:22