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Lt(JG) S'hiarra Sothrick {Kurasa}

Man I hate it when I use the wrong account to post on a ship that the other has never been on ;)
SD 21902.09@21:21
  • VAdm Paul Braggins's Photo
    VAdm Paul Braggins
    *raises hand* I have more accounts than colours...
    SD 21902.11@17:27
  • Alexis Tregelen's Photo
    Alexis Tregelen
    Yeah but you're just special Paul
    SD 21902.11@23:17
  • LCdr Shione Kurasa's Photo
    LCdr Shione Kurasa
    Now let's not pick on Paul
    He IS special but for a good reason ;)
    SD 21902.11@23:50