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Lt Daniel Hawk

Very excited about the new Pike series, the only thing better is if CBS would do Star Trek: Federation Space :)
SD 22005.16@12:30
  • LCdr Vari Toreen's Photo
    LCdr Vari Toreen
    We could make it animated, voice our own characters, and become a meme like the original animated series.
    SD 22005.19@12:51
  • Ens Xenara Xardeen's Photo
    Ens Xenara Xardeen
    Toreen, I'd actually volunteer for that!
    SD 22005.20@07:31
  • Alexis Tregelen's Photo
    Alexis Tregelen
    We had thought about doing an animated episode years ago (I'm talking close to 12-13 years ago now) but nothing ever came of it as it would cost money. If anyone out there is willing to take on the project for free then they are welcome to do it.
    SD 22005.30@04:12