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A02 - Lounge / Cafeteria / Gardens

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Guest_RAdm Abigail Taylor_*
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Posted Star Date 21209.03 @ 21:07 (09:07 PM)

The lounge/cafeteria is a large complex where meals are served and where cadets can come between assignments to relax, and interact with others. The gardens provide a peaceful environment for study and conversations. No alcohol is served in the lounge/cafeteria and it is strictly forbidden for cadets to consume same on campus.

== This area is an open posting area for use by Star Fleet Academy cadets, faculty, and administrators. Cadets may post outside of their training holodecks here and interact with each other and SFA staff in an informal environment.

All standard posting format rules apply here; posting here is a good chance to practice these skills.

In order to post in this thread a cadet must be current in his/her training. There should not be an instructor post in your holodeck waiting for your reply while you are posting here. Same goes for AIs please. No posting done in this location will be taken into consideration when evaluating final exams or opt-out exam status.

Individuals found in violation of these simple rules will be reminded politely once to make training their priority. Subsequent violations may result in loss of posting privileges in this thread.

This can really be a fun environment for you to practice posting skills that will be invaluable once you’ve graduated and entered the ‘real game’ so use this thread wisely and to your advantage. Any questions, please contact me.

This thread is pruned monthly. ==

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Mid Amila Ra'an


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Posted Star Date 22212.31 @ 02:23 (02:23 AM)

Cadet Ra'an was waiting anxiously for the results of her final exam. During the test she had worn her auburn hair back tightly, keeping with Starfleet regulation. Now that the test was over, her shoulder length wavy red hair had a wild quality about it as she meandered her way through the lounge and then the gardens. I thought there would be more people around, she thought to herself as she searched for a familiar face.