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Space - Sol System

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Guest_Dr Thomas Grayson (Adm-Ret)_*
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Posted Star Date 21209.05 @ 22:09 (10:09 PM)


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Posted Star Date 21311.02 @ 18:40 (06:40 PM)

A Krynar dreadnaught jumped into Sector 001, 414,400 kilometers from Earth. The vessel was in position 30,000 kilometers outside Lunar orbit and, as it stopped, the massive mothership deployed more than 400,000 shards, which formed a defensive screen around the dreadnaught.

Star Fleet forces quickly went into action and Battle Group Alpha-1 was deployed along a defensive position between Earth and the Krynar. The Battle Group, commanded by Commodore Jeremy Phillips, consisted of 9 ships (1 Battleship, USS Pulsar; 3 Heavy Cruisers, USS Iwo Jima, USS Shiloh, and USS Antietam; 2 Destroyers, USS Sun-Tzu, and USS Chief Joseph; and 3 Frigates, USS Springfield, USS Baton Rouge, and USS Harrisburg. Fleet activities were under Admiral Wueste's operational command from Starbase Alpha.

USS Copernicus was being prepped for launch and USS Intrepid was undergoing emergency repairs in Starbase Alpha's space dock.
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Guest_Cdr David Sheppard {Chesit}_*
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Posted Star Date 21311.03 @ 19:57 (07:57 PM)

== USS Mattis, MAC-100 ==

Red alert klaxons, while in the Sol system, were disconcerting for David Sheppard. The shakedown cruise of the Mattis had been a success, but it had been turned bittersweet by the death of the Marine Commandant. A majority of his crew were marines so David could only assume how they felt. The red alert they were experiencing now did nothing but dash salt into the wound. Stepping out of the turbolift, David took his seat.

“Status report.”

The bridge crew around him were rummaging, trying to figure out how the dilemma outside had occurred. It almost seemed like they didn't have any warning, but David knew that the Krynar most likely didn't need to be underestimated.

“Sensors are showing a Krynar dreadnaught vessel just beyond Luna, Commander. How did they.....”

David wanted to know how the Krynar had been able to penetrate deep within Federation territory as well, but the Andorian that originally reported the ship was interrupted by a marine at the science station. Originally, it had been uncomfortable for David to have marines under his command, let alone on his bridge, but given the expeditionary training they had to supplement a naval crew David allowed them to do their jobs.

“They're launching fighters.”

This had been enough to grab David's attention even more. Reports he'd read on the Krynar had stated that the shards usually operated in numbers around the thousands. Swiveling around in his chair, Kyle eyed the science officer.

“Estimates on their numbers, Captain.”

There may be a starbase in orbit of Earth, but that didn't matter when it came to Charlie. Nor, the citizens of Bajor. Now they're knocking on our front door from the looks of things. How many times has our enemy even actually attacked the heart of the Federation. The Xindi,the Borg, and the Breen. That's all I can remember. Let's just hope we're able to survive this next attack as well.

“Computer is projecting the numbers of fighters upwards of four hundred thousand. However, they don't seem to be attacking. Instead their forming a defensive barrier around their mothership, curious. I'm also showing a battle group originating from Star Base Alpha. They have not engaged as well.”

David quietly thought to himself. His ship was the 4th Fleet Marine Flagship, so he normally would not be in the Sol system. However, with his report to the marine leaders on Mars it just so happened to let the fate fall on him. A part of him honestly just wanted to sit back and retreat all the way back to Delta, but Earth was his home. David wasn't just about to let it fall into enemy hands, without a fight.

“Open a channel to Star Base Alpha. I have to assume that's where the battle group is being coordinated from.”

Communications wasted no time in opening the channel. All that David had to hope for now was that Alpha's command center wasn't in too big of a buzz.

“Star Base Alpha, this is USS Mattis, David Sheppard commanding. We seem to have noticed our guests out on the lawn. Requesting permission to link up with the battle group.”

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Posted Star Date 21311.04 @ 01:11 (01:11 AM)

[Mattis, this is SBA, request acknowledged and approved. Assume position along USS Copernicus with Battle Group Alpha-1. Defensive posture only. No offensive action is to be taken without direct orders from Admiral Wueste.]
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Guest_Cdr David Sheppard {Chesit}_*
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Posted Star Date 21311.04 @ 15:48 (03:48 PM)

== USS Mattis, MAC-100 ==

[Mattis, this is SBA, request acknowledged and approved. Assume position along USS Copernicus with Battle Group Alpha-1. Defensive posture only. No offensive action is to be taken without direct orders from Admiral Wueste.]

Here we go.

“Helm, plot a course for our position in the battle group and engage at one-quarter impulse. We don't need the Krynar thinking we're jumping the gun here.”

The sole console in front of David was where the helmsman resided and the Commander kept his eyes on the viewscreen directly in front of it. The image of the Krynar in the heart of their territory was enough to make David's blood run cold.

I hope our first engagement together isn't the time I get my crew killed. Damn you General Morris for assigning me this command, because it's times like this that make me think I'm not ready to lead.

Switching the viewscreen to a tactical layout, David could see that the Mattis was nearing her assigned cooridnates. Copernicus was close by, with the entire Alpha-1 battle group.

“Ensign Kovan, bring us to a full stop.” David swiveled around in his chair and face one of the other marines on his bridge, a Vulcan female. “Corporal Nemekra, keep our weapons on-line but keep our targeting system clear. Star Fleet is, hopefully, just going to flex our muscles at the Krynar. However, I do plan on giving them a fight if they push the envelope.”

== The waiting game begins. ==

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Guest_Capt Jaden Hawk {Balfour}_*
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Posted Star Date 21409.13 @ 19:55 (07:55 PM)

== Bridge, USS Mercy, MC-1000 ==


Jaden was eager to get going and he sat nervously anxious in the center seat waiting for clearance to launch from the shipyard. He was proud to have been selected as the Mercy's first captain, a ship unlike any other in the fleet. He knew that if she handled well and proved herself, others in her class would follow. According to Commodore Wallace, three other ships were ready to be built if the Mercy was as successful as everyone hoped she'd be.


To meet Star Fleet's need for a medical vessel to operate in war zones and to respond quickly to large scale disasters, the Mercy Class Medical Cruiser was developed. It was basically a hybrid of the Zeus Class and Darwin Class vessels. Though lightly armed but extremely agile and fast, she could hold her own if necessary, but her main purpose was to respond and treat mass casualties. The twenty-three deck cruiser had the most advanced medical equipment and facilities in Star Fleet. Most of her decks were dedicated to medical and surgical bays as well as medical and science labs. Her crew was made up of mainly medical personnel, but a limited crew of tactical, engineering and security were also aboard. Finally, the prototype USS Mercy was ready for trial runs.


"Captain, we have clearance from Star Base Alpha Control," came the female voice from the seat left of Jaden which belonged to the First Officer.


"Excellent Commander Arik. Engage maneuvering thrusters and take us out," Jaden responded to the Bajorian First Officer who then relayed the order to the helmsman.


The doors to the turbo lift opened and an older, portly human male with the rank of a medical commander and a wearing a department head jacket stepped onto the Bridge. The Chief Medical Officer then made his way over to the empty seat to the right of the captain and sat down.


"Doctor Blake, I was afraid you were going to miss the launch. You don't look so well, are you feeling all right?" Jaden said and then asked.


"I'm fine, I was just out late with Alec last night. How was your dinner with the Admirals and the CinC?" Blake informed him and then inquired.


"I'd rather been with you and Commodore Wallace," Jaden admitted.


"I bet," Blake said with a laugh.


"Sir, we've cleared the shipyard," the First Officer informed the Captain.


"Alright, time for a little spin around the block. Helm set a course for the outer realm of the sector, one quarter impulse," Jaden ordered.


The USS Mercy gained in speed once leaving the shipyard as her engines came to life. She majestically glided past Star Base Alpha with Earth in the backdrop as she moved toward the outer edge of the solar system. Just as they reached Pluto, the Chief Tactical Officer called out to Jaden.


"Captain! I am getting something over the subspace emergency channel. It's a Fleet Wide message, putting it on screen now!"














The images of the devastation showed the horrible scene of destruction on the main view screen.


My God


For a few seconds Jaden sat stunned at the images on the screen and then his training kicked in, "Red Alert, All hands to Battle Stations," he then shouted.


The Bridge lights turned to red and the alert klaxons sounded. "Tactical I want continuous long and short range scans. Look for anything usual. Helm, turn us about, take us to back to Earth, full impulse. Communications, inform Star Base Alpha and Star Fleet Command that we are returning to Earth to receive causalities," Jaden ordered to the Bridge crew.


Bernie Blake who appeared equally horrified was already out of his seat and behind Jaden, "I'm on my way to main Sickbay to get ready for the casualties you'll be beaming aboard," he called out just before entering the turbo lift.


Jaden then hit the button that opened a ship wide channel. "Attention all hands, this is the Captain. There has been an incident on Earth, in Paris, some type of explosion in the city. There appear to be many casualties, we are returning to Earth to assist. I know none of you were expecting this so soon, but this is what you're trained to do. I want medical teams to all transporter rooms, all medical stations prepare to receive mass casualties. Hawk out."


A wide range of emotions and feelings rushed through Jaden's mind. Disbelief, anger, fear, uncertainty, excitement, confusion. He focused on clearing these from his head. His experience as a doctor and command officer helped in this considerably. He had faced many critical and awful situations before and this would just be another one of those. His job now was to make sure he kept his crew steady and calm and to make sure they had everything necessary to carry out their new mission which was now to save lives.


"Sir, all departments have responded, their ready and both Alpha and Star Fleet Command have acknowledged our transmission," noted the First Officer.


The helmsman then called back, "Captain, we've reached Earth."


"Bring us around to the European continent and then all stop. Begin scanning for faint signs and injured people in Paris. Commence beaming them to the transporter rooms when ready," Jaden then ordered.


Fate had made sure that the maiden voyage of the USS Mercy would be a memorable one.  

Edited by Capt Jaden Hawk {Balfour}, Star Date 21409.13 @ 19:56 (07:56 PM).

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Posted Star Date 21409.30 @ 05:22 (05:22 AM)

== Captain's Quarters, USS Mercy, MC-1000 ==


Jaden in his blood stained scrubs entered his quarters exhausted. He wearily stripped them off and fell onto his bed. With the large number of causalities coming in from Paris, his skills as a surgeon were needed more than those of a captain. They had taken on so many casualties that the cargo bays had been coveted into medical triage areas. He had just spent the last several hours in surgeries. He had lost count on the number of people he had operated on, some made it, some did not.


He then tapped the com terminal on his nightstand.


"Hawk to Arik, Report Commander."


The voice of the female Bajorian quickly replied.


[We are continuing to take on causalities, but the rate has slowed considerably. Those who are stable or who we are unable to treat immediately are being transported to hospitals around Earth. Star Base Alpha is still refusing to take on patients as they are still on lock down. Sensors are picking up nothing unusual on long and short range scans. Commodore Phillips task force remains deployed and the system is still locked down from vessel traffic. The crew is managing as best they can under the circumstances, everyone is tired. Commander Blake has taken one entire medical shift out of rotation, insisting they need rest. However, three other medical shifts are still active.]


"Understood Commander. I've just spent the last several hours in surgery. Our Chief Medical Officer ordered me to get rest, so I am going to get a few hours of sleep and then I'll be back on the Bridge unless they still need me in Sickbay. Continue current operations. Hawk out."


If the First Officer responded, Jaden didn't hear it. He had already closed his eyes and was fast asleep.

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VAdm Paul Braggins


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Posted Star Date 21501.27 @ 23:14 (11:14 PM)

==Academy Flight Range - Saturn Orbit

Captain Mackenzie Braggins, Director of Flight Operations==


It felt extremely good, Mac decided, to be behind the controls of a fighter again - however temporarily. For the woman who had received her pilot's license at the tender age of ten, accepting a ground-side staff position had been somewhat torturous. Yes, she was content with the pay rise and the ability to spend her free time with her children, but there was always that one itch that she could scratch all-too-infrequently - the itch to get some air between herself and the ground. Today had presented a unique opportunity in that respect - the first test of Starfleet Tactical's brand-new (and ultra secret) drone ship. The Romulans had been automating their Pveer-class Attack Ships for almost a decade, the automated factories aboard the massive Vrax-class Carriers meaning that the Romulans could produce ships faster than Starfleet could destroy them - this project was meant to put the Federation back in the running, by maximising on productivity while minimising risk to the lives of Starfleet officers. Most of Starfleet Tactical's senior planning and research staff were on a small outpost on Mimas, one of the smaller of Saturn's moons; along with Vice Admiral Newcomer and his deputy - no doubt ready to pat themselves on the back for the awesomeness of their creation.


[Test commencing in one minute. Chase ship, are you in position?]


Mac acknowledged the request. Her job was simply to follow the drone and make sure the cameras built into the weapons bays of her borrowed F-1 recorded the data clearly. That would be easier said than done, however - the drone was faster and more manoeuvrable than her ageing Raptor, and it would take someone of prodigious skill to keep up with it. That was why Mac was in the chase vessel and not with the others at the outpost. Her husband, widely regarded as the best pilot in Starfleet, had declined to attend the test - claiming he didn't trust any fully automated system to be armed, especially if the Corps of Engineers hadn't signed off on it. Mac knew a little better though, she knew that Paul was simply offended by the suggestion that pilots such as he were outdated and in need of replacement. The lack of Commodore Nielson's stamp of approval was a concern however, though her superiors boasted that they had every faith in their new toy.


[Test commencing in three, two, one...now!]


The drone, once a Cicero-class Escort, rocketed away from its parking orbit and into the Academy Flight Range. Mac sped after it, losing ground but keeping the larger ship in sight as it flawlessly sped throughout the same course Academy Cadets piloted, following a circuit of marker "gates" that were more reminiscent of a ski-run than a test of pilot skill. The veteran pilot was impressed, even many pilots of twenty years service couldn't run the range as masterfully as the drone was - and it looked as though the drone were about to set a new record for the first leg! 


It's just a shame that any new records will be classified for years yet!


The second leg of the test was a weapons test in Saturn's E-ring, with several probes darting about in random patterns for the drone to attack and defeat with Phaser or Torpedo fire. Again, the drone behaved perfectly; blasting apart each probe with contemptuous ease. It was coming out of the ring that the drone wobbled slightly and clipped a large piece of rock - buckling several hull plates but otherwise leaving the ship seemingly undamaged. Though the damage appeared minor, the third leg of the test was cancelled and orders sent to the drone to return to Mimas for inspection and repairs. The drone began a slow lazy turn towards the control room and accelerated as swiftly and gracefully as it had at the start of the test. Mac followed behind, cameras still rolling and oblivious to the disaster that was due to unfold. In fact she was so caught up in enjoying the fact she was flying again, she missed the first message to suggest something was amiss and it was only when she herself noticed the drone failing to slow for orbit and landing that she realised something had gone very wrong.


"Chase ship to control, what's going on?"


[Stand by chase ship.]


The drone was now pulling away from Mac's F-1 at an even higher velocity, its altitude relative to Mimas dropping with every passing second. Had the moon possessed an atmosphere, the drone would already be breaking up from friction and heat stress, but Mimas did not possess even a thin atmosphere and the drone remained angled almost straight down.


[The drone isn't responding to commands. We are trying to re-establish contact. We...stand by...]


Mac desperately wished her borrowed F-1 had better acceleration rates so that the drone wouldn't have left her behind as easily as it had. Still, she had measured the drone's velocity at close to .35c as it raced away from her - the drone was supposedly immune from the time dilation effects of near-lightspeed travel, but if the receiver on board the drone wasn't... That was it! The drone was travelling too quickly, and the time dilation effects had somehow prevented the orders to slow down and assume a more gentle return had gone unanswered. The drone was simply returning to base like ordered, at the best speed it could manage...


[Drone accelerating to .45c... .5c... .6c...]


By then it was too late for anyone to do anything. The drone slammed into the small outpost at close to .75c, three quarters the speed of light. Not even the outpost's shields could withstand such an impact, and the crumpled and ruined remains of the drone flattened the facility and burrowed itself deep into the rock below. Mac could only watch, appalled and horrified, as the drone's warp core breached and Mimas' Herschel Crater was deepened by another two kilometres - leaving no trace of the facility that had once stood there...


Hubris had claimed the lives of Vice Admiral Newcomer, Rear Admiral Reed, Rear Admiral Hoosier, Commodore T'Onn and Commodore Branson; not to mention the countless operators and technicians they had brought with them. Though Mac didn't realise it at that point in time, and could not acknowledge even after rescue craft had picked her up and treated her for shock, she was now the most senior officer at Starfleet Tactical...

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Posted Star Date 21509.11 @ 17:03 (05:03 PM)

They used very little power, and had an extremely small mass signature in their native form.  This is how they had remained undetected for so long, flowing between the crags and cracks in the asteroids near the yellow star.  Independently they were just tiny machines, no more intelligent than the average ant, perhaps even less.  Just little machines that could move about and reconfigure themselves to their environment.


And they had been here for twenty-five thousand millennia.  Just existing.  For brief periods they would form together into something, into a collective intelligence.  Into a device, or a small ‘brain’.  A few times into something that could actually ‘think’, that could actually accomplish tasks, and once into something truly powerful and intelligent.


But that was a very very long time ago.


Nobody knew what their purpose was.  Mostly because nobody now alive even knew that they existed.  But even if they had, they wouldn’t know what these little machines were for.  Or why they existed.


But they did exist.


And they existed in other places, too.  Distant places.  They came from a distant place.  How distant, the little machines didn’t even know anymore—not even when they joined into a single conscious intelligence.  It had been far too long, and their machine memory had lost track of where it was.


Until very recently they had been mostly dormant, flowing through the rocks, floating through space, flitting here and there singular or in small groups, occasionally connecting into a small collective and listening, but there had been no signal.  No signal in so very long.


And then there was a signal.  A single ping.  Followed by a second, louder ping.  Was it the brotherhood?  Was it time to activate?


The small machines flowed together, formed into the shape.  Formed into what their programming told them they should when they received the signal.  They formed and they responded to the signal.


And now they detected a metallic structure moving toward them, rapidly.  A ship.  A massive vessel of some type.  It contained biotics.  Hundreds of biotics.  The tiny machines did not detect any of the ‘others’ aboard.  But they did detect more of their brothers.


The time was coming.  It would come soon.  Very soon.  Very soon they would be in contact with the vessel, maybe their brothers.  And the biotics.


Would the biotics be dangerous?  Would they present a threat to the collective, as some had so long ago?  Or would they be allies?


Time would tell.

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Posted Star Date 21602.17 @ 23:50 (11:50 PM)

>> Star Base Alpha - Crew Quarters >>


== SHADe Stealth Shuttle, Sol System en route to Luna ==


== Temp NPC, SHADe Operative 'Al' ==


Deklos had taken a ordinary transport to San Francisco from SBA. The rendezvous was a few clicks away from the spaceport, where the stealth shuttle was waiting for her. A normal, plain old commercial surface transport conveyed her to the location. She found that Al was the only occupant of the shuttle, his manner genial but perhaps a little tense.


Al activated stealth systems on the SHADe-developed shuttle craft, setting a course for Luna. It was completely undetectable now and they could approach their target, the HQ of Pfifer-Sayer Pharmaceuticals, quite unmolested. The craft would also allow them to extract in a similar covert manner.


The lights in the cockpit were low.


"Open the case." Al didn't look away from the controls of the shuttle but inclined his head towards a metal case laid out on a spare seat. Inside was a two-way communicator allowing them to stay in constant contact, a jammer that would temporarily render security cameras non functional and disrupt the power relays to the fans in the venting; a key card that could unlock low level security doors, and a contact lens able to bypass retinal scanners using holographic projection technology. There were also two weapons: a small but deadly knife with a slightly curved blade in a sheaf that could be easily concealed, and a small disrupter type weapon clearly non standard rather than Federation or Star Fleet.


"You may have your own tools, of course." Al added, realising Deklos was likely to have come equipped with her weapon(s) of choice. "But some of those will help."


== Tag and more to follow ==

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Posted Star Date 21602.21 @ 20:21 (08:21 PM)

As she somewhat suspected, Al was the only individual present when Deklos entered the stealth shuttle. With a quick nod for an introduction Deklos to the seat nearest the man and then went about stripping down out of her bland suit, tossing the discarded garments behind. Once she was down to sports bra and panties, she extracted the black spandex body suit and slipped her pale legs into the leggings.


Ideally, the former Intelligence Officer would forgo the support top, but she was endowed with sufficient mammary tissue, where it was advantageous to have her bosom bound with the extra fabric...while breasts did have an amazing power over heterosexual men...the current mission did not require the use of sexuality.


Soon, Kamiro was encased in black up to her neck. The thin black belt that she had worn with her suit was also set around her waist, to be use as a garrote if necessary or used in some other improvised manner.


Next, out of her shoulder bag, Kamiro pulled out the small silver clutch, opened it up and revealed two hypo-sprays. The Ullian took one and placed it in a thigh pocket, the shadowy fabric masking the silver injector; with the other, Kamiro brought it up to her neck and with a concussive hiss, the medicine was injected directly to her blood stream...


…Kamiro closed her eyes and her body relaxed visibly as the drug combo began their contraceptive work. Hopefully, the drug cocktail would limit severe migraines and nausea for the next two or three hours…enough time to locate Ekman and then she’d take the second dose…


 Kamiro’s eyes opened just before Al said:


"Open the case."


He then made a nod to a metal case on one of the other seats; and then Kamiro lithely got up from seat and crouched in front of the case; and then opened it, and even with the subdued lighting, inventoried the contents:


…two-way communicator, a jammer (to disrupt cameras and fans) a low level security key card, a small container that contained a retinal scanner fooling contact lens (via holographic projection tech),

a small curved knife (very effective and lethal in proficient hands) and a sheath (she’d place that in her other thigh pocket)…and a small disrupter side-arm (obviously not a Federation/Satr Fleet weapon…


“You may have your own tools, of course." Al said…


"But some of those will help."


“Indeed.” Kamiro agreed.


The Ullian had suspected that Al would provide various tools to make the job a realizable success…she let it go that the SHADe organization had such tech and weapons in the first place…they were a formidable adversary…not only from Deklos’ own experience, SHADe seemed more than capable to take on or at least match Star Fleet itself…


…perhaps there were Star Fleet elements, secret, that supported the rogue, human exceptionalism group…


…however…Al for whatever his reasons, made it possible for Kamiro to have a plausible, if not good chance, to rescue Ekman…albeit at the cost of taking Gabriel’s life…


…those are the terms…


Kamiro gathered the items and weapons and placed them in various side and leg pockets, grabbed her strewn about suit and shoved it into her bag, and then she went back and sat next to Al…after a moment of silence Kamiro spoke…her voice was even and the potential question merely came out as a statement…


“You hide it well, but you seem a little tense.”





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Posted Star Date 21602.23 @ 02:37 (02:37 AM)

== Wow! Senior moment! The preceding post should have been done with the Deklos account :P ==

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Posted Star Date 21602.25 @ 02:59 (02:59 AM)

== I hadn't even noticed the account! ==


== SHADe Stealth Shuttle, Sol System en route to Luna ==


== Temp NPC, SHADe Operative 'Al' ==


Al could not help at least one sideways perusal of Deklos as she stripped down to her underwear and then into a spandex bodysuit. When she had gathered the necessary equipment for the operation, the Ullian woman sat back next to him.

“You hide it well, but you seem a little tense.” She said this more as a statement than a question.


His lips twisted into a tight wry smile.

“It’s not every day one prepares to sabotage one's own employer… especially given the employer. Severance terms are very final I believe.”

This was only one of a myriad of concerns. He knew the risks and he was prepared to face the consequences should everything unravel and be traced back to him. He was not so sure that he was prepared to face the consequences of putting Kamiro in danger - what would happen if she were to fail badly and end up dead or worse (and there was worse). His normally compartmentalised mind struggled with it. Doubts and second thoughts were not usual, but this time there were third and fourth ones.


It had all seemed like a fine plan when he had mapped it out over the last several months. The goal was to kill three birds with one stone, or something like that. But he had not quite reckoned on the effect of seeing Deklos again. The flesh and blood woman was no longer just images and reminiscences - a touch, the sound of a voice, a scent, these were now tangible living and breathing reality sat so close to him he could almost feel her. He wanted her more than ever.

Doctor Ekman was needed not just to put Kamiro’s mind right in a psychological sense but to physically reverse the damage caused by the removal of the telepathic inhibitor. And Ekman wasn't safe under Gabriel's watch. Ekman did not deserve to die. Her scientific prowess was useful to humanity and therefore to SHADe indirectly if not (under duress) directly.


And Gabriel really did need getting rid of. She was a danger to his position (only a matter of time before she stabbed him in the back or even front) and probably also to the entire organization. This would be cosmic karma. Cosmic karma was the kind of idea Soter would approve of – if only he could see Gabriel for the danger she was. Ruthlessness was one thing. but she was borderline psychopathic. He wondered that Soter had not dropped the ball on this one. His judgement was normally impeccable, but Gabriel was an aberration.


He supposed another reason for this scheme was his own feelings of guilt given the role he had played in Kamiro's demise in the first place. He had done a lot of things in the course of his SHADe career that should have induced guilt in most conscionable beings, but there had always been justification to assuage this. The end justified the means. Perhaps he was going soft. If so, complete failure was deserved and he would accept his fate humbly.

But Kamiro, lovely, exotic, dangerous Kamiro…



== Tycho City, Luna ==


Tycho City lay underneath a huge pressure dome, simulating the earth biosphere. Beneath outer radiation and micrometeoroid shielding, the huge hexagonal glass structure arched over the sprawling ash-grey lunarcrete buildings of this capital city of the Luna Colonies. In an isolated corner of the city, situated apart from the habitation zones, stood an industrial area within artificially green fields. The zone was home to several important and prestigious companies, the largest of which was the pharmaceutical giant Pfifer-Sayer, standing itself in its own secure complex.

The stealth shuttle piloted by Al had tailgated into the citydome behind one of the large civilian transports, then headed straight for the industrial zone, landing right inside the perimeter of Pfifer-Sayer.


“There is a dampening field in place in and around the building which blocks transporters, so you’ll have to make your way in and out on foot.”


He assumed she had memorized the plans so knew where to enter the venting.


“Stick to the path highlighted in the files and you’ll avoid any external security.”

He spun his seat around towards her.

“I’ll be in constant contact. Stay safe, Kamiro. Gabriel is very dangerous. Use the element of surprise while you have it and don’t hesitate...”


Gabriel would quickly adjust even caught off guard.


“I will be waiting to extract you and the doctor.”

He reached out and grabbed her gently by the wrist, leaning in towards her earnestly.


"I mean it. Come back safe. When you return, Ekman can put right what was done by the implant."

He was not sure what to expect at the end of this. He did not expect her to be grateful after what she had been put through. He considered that she might even try to take him in - turn him over to Star Fleet. Obviously he couldn't allow that to happen. He actually couldn't picture at all what was going to happen afterwards. There was no walking off into the sunset. He was SHADe's top Lieutenant and she was Star Fleet Security, and she might well hate him...

No... I don't think she hates me...


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#14 Lt Kamiro Tosamien Deklos {Kotho}

Lt Kamiro Tosamien Deklos {Kotho}


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Posted Star Date 21602.28 @ 08:19 (08:19 AM)

"...Severance terms are very final I believe.” Al finished.


Kamiro nodded silently in agreement while simultaneously suppressing her own inner voice...and she listened...


...there were just the two of them, Al, upper echelon SHADe operative and Kamiro Tosamien Deklos, Star Fleet Security Officer...alone in a cloaked shuttle, heading stealthily to the Moon. There was no longer the semi-chaotic cacophony of back ground mental chatter, emotions, images (whole or fragments) from the tens, hundreds, even thousands of sentient beings that the Ullian was in telepathic receiving range...just she and Al…


…the telepath was picking up everything…he had concerns of getting caught and facing the consequences if it happened…concerns for her safety, with death being the far better option than if she was taken alive…he was fighting against his own doubts, which appeared to be a new situation for him.


Al had been planning this operation for several months, and he had set three objectives…but his thoughts turned to Kamiro directly…their meeting at the Tribble had rekindled something in him…something unexpected…Al was, and had been attracted her…he wanted her…


…it took great effort for Kamiro not to react outwardly to the revelation…


Ekman…according to Al, could repair Kamiro’s telepathic centers damaged from the inhibiter and right her psychological issues…but Ekman was in danger under Gabriel’s command…and she didn’t deserve to die…


Kamiro had to shelve away her inner voice and keep her emotions bottled up…if she analyzed what she was picking up from her travelling companion, she’d lose details, so she merely remained passive…an empty vessel being filled with Al’s thoughts…


Ekman’s exceptional science knowledge was valuable to humanity and SHADe indirectly…or more directly when coerced.


Gabriel had to be removed. She was a danger to all involved and specifically Al himself. Cosmic karma…Soter…approval…Soter blind to the danger Gabriel presented…more than ruthless, a psychopath…(Soter) a failed catch…flawless judgment…(Gabriel) an aberration…


…(Al) guilt of participation in Kamiro’s demise…the lack thereof having conducted unconscionable actions…justifiable ends through any means…maybe losing his edge…and if so…utter failure was deserved and to be accepted with humility…


…But Kamiro, lovely, exotic, dangerous Kamiro…


The voice wasn’t hers…


Deklos closed her eyes and took even breaths as her head had begun to lightly throb…the effort to remain open to Al’s thoughts had begun taking its toll…but it had been enlightening and most of all worth it…


…have to process this later…focus on Isabella’s rescue…



== Tycho City, Luna ==


As they approached Tycho City (a massive dome covered the structures and parks of the simulated biosphere of Luna’s much larger, life bearing companion) flew in behind a large civilian transport and Al directed their stealth shuttle to the large isolated Pfifer-Sayer pharmaceutical complex.


 “There is a dampening field in place in and around the building which blocks transporters, so you’ll have to make your way in and out on foot.” Al said.


“Understood.” Kamiro replied; her eyes overlaid an imaginary grid over the complex, and noted where the dampening field perimeters lie.


“Stick to the path highlighted in the files and you’ll avoid any external security.” Al continued.


“Noted.” Deklos responded, seeing the highlighted path in her mind’s eye…


…and then she was indeed surprised Al spun his seat around to face her…


“I’ll be in constant contact. Stay safe, Kamiro. Gabriel is very dangerous. Use the element of surprise while you have it and don’t hesitate...”


Al’s words were punctuated by his thoughts of the woman…Gabriel was expertly capable of adapting to sudden surprises…which led Deklos to wonder just what was Gabriel, that Al feared Kamiro might not best the ‘Good’ Doctor…


“I will be waiting to extract you and the doctor.” He said…


And then he reached over and gently clasped her wrist with his hands, and he leaned in towards her, with an intensity that surprised her…


"I mean it. Come back safe. When you return, Ekman can put right what was done by the implant." Al finished.


…why do you care?


Kamiro’s mouth almost muttered the ‘why’, but her mouth parted open only slightly…and her eyes searched his, letting the fact that his face was not the one she was familiar with…and again she listened…but this time…there was a rise in ambient mental chatter (though still weak) due to the distance from other sentient minds in the complex…but not noisy enough to cover what Al was thinking…


After a half moment of silence…


“No, I don’t hate you…” Kamiro began softly; an explicit acknowledgement that she had responded directly to Al’s thought…and then she slowly rose to her feet, but seemed in no rush to separate Al’s hand from hers…


…and if I was going to turn you in…you’d be unconscious or dead…and then I’d go get Ekman by myself…


“…but what I want is…is your name…your real name.”



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#15 Lt Isabella Ekman {Fields}

Lt Isabella Ekman {Fields}


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Posted Star Date 21603.03 @ 03:22 (03:22 AM)

== Tycho City, Luna ==


== NPC SHADe Operative 'Al' ==


“No, I don’t hate you…” The Ullian woman responded.


He was slightly shaken at this. He had not expected that Kamiro's telepathic powers were recovered sufficiently to read his thoughts or he wouldn't have broadcast them. But perhaps he had dropped his guard for a reason and wanted her to know. For a moment it seemed he could hear her voice in his head too, but perhaps he was just imagining it.


She continued to speak aloud. “…but what I want is…is your name…your real name.”


He stood to follow her, his arm slide around her waist and pulled her close to him so that their lips almost touched and she could feel his breath on her face.


"My name is Aleksey Sergeyevich Semyonov. So, you see, you already knew it... part of it."


His hazel eyes showed a familiar glint and he pressed his lips gently against hers.


Kamiro... you must know why.


== Feel free to move this on creatively, gaining entry to the Pfifer-Sayer complex ==

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#16 Lt Kamiro Tosamien Deklos {Kotho}

Lt Kamiro Tosamien Deklos {Kotho}


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Posted Star Date 21603.06 @ 06:14 (06:14 AM)

== Tycho City, Luna, Pfifer-Sayer Complex  ==


== Cloaked SHADe Shuttle ==


Kamiro let Aleksey Sergeyevich Semyonov's lips remain on hers for as much time as she could possibly allow...a full five seconds...


...any longer and she'd lose some vital information that might prevent her from accomplishing her mission...


The Ullian, gently, broke off the kiss and looked Al into his hazel eyes...


"We have much to discuss."


It was a statement, and for the moment, her final words as she turned away from the SHADe Lieutenant and she exited the craft...




Kamiro extracted her bodysuit's hood from its collar and pulled it over her head and stuffed her shortened white shards of hair underneath. The nice thing about the bio-domes on Luna, was the fact that shade and shadows could be almost imperceptibly black…she was at least visually speaking, invisible…and the suit had limited thermal reduction/chameleon properties…and as bio-domes were a piece of Earth on the Moon, fauna as well as flora had been incorporated into the dome’s environment (along with gravity plates set to 1 G)…she could appear as a rabbit, a dog or some similar mammal…


Next, Kamiro placed the comm device below her left ear…it would use transduction to transmit sound, be out of the way and free up her hands to be independent of the device…


“Eagle to Columbia…” Kamiro stated, testing the link between she and Al…


She was nominally pleased that she chose the names of the first Terran landing on the Moon, the LM, Lunar Module, Eagle and the Command Module, Columbia


“…I’m out for a swim, copy?”


Kamiro looked ahead to the structure, there were hedges and trees, and of course, Al’s mission timing was perfect, Luna was undergoing the long lunar night…




Why did Al desire her? The emotions and the thoughts that she had picked up from him…all indicated he had a strong attachment for her…she had never felt such a singular focus in that regard…


…she herself had had crushes on her former Challenger crew mates…Kiron Hunter, the CO and ‘The Agent’ Michael Winchester…but it seemed that while they liked her, it was more familial; they viewed her more as a sister than anything romantic or even sexual…


…she had never been with anyone who had fallen in love with her…


…is Al in love with me Is that what it feels like…? By all that’s Light I have to focus or this mish will end before it starts…


The black as jet adorned figure, moved quickly keeping to the shadows and installation’s sensor dead spots…the ‘night’ air was cool, maybe 12 degrees Celsius, but figure didn’t feel it. At 20 meters distance from the cloaked shuttle, the figure paused at a tree and hedge combo, she was still some 80 meters away from the fencing and side gate to this rarely used side of the complex. She spotted two guards at the gate…


…they would begin a cursory perimeter patrol assuming that they stayed on schedule. The shadows she was in would cover most of the way there…she was on the left side of the walkway (she would need to end up on the right side)…the area being a park-like area presumably for the employees, staff and visitors to enjoy morning and lunch-time breaks…there were benches and group picnicking areas…and as this was night, there did not appear to be any ‘midnight’ wanderers…


…Kamiro metered along, spider-like…xenomporph like…she pictured her forehead growing two new, black-obsidian orbs…she felt a certain confidence and power…


…could be useful…


The figure ended up just 10 meters away from the guards; secured and fairly well hidden behind a bench…now she just needed to get to the other side without being seen…




Kamiro would be the shadow…she would slowly and silently extend her ebon draped frame across the path next to shadow cast be the bench. If she was subtle enough, the guards would not likely register her movements. The brick (or brick-like material) path was quite cool and Kamiro laid low on the surface, letting the coolness envelope her suit and then as the guards made small talk and their attention was elsewhere, Kamiro stretched out her left arm and waited…


…the guards babbled a bit longer and then both checked their chronometers…




Kamiro, most fluidly, brought her knee up to her chest and pushed her torso further…


…she froze!


“What was that?” Right Guard asked.


“What was what?” Left Guard further inquired.


Kamiro had her face buried between her arm and the hard surface such that that part of her body wouldn’t be exposed, but it also meant that she couldn’t see where the guards were looking…


“I don’t know…I just thought I…forget it.”


“No…you can’t just forget…we were told to listen to our gut feelings…”


“I know I know…”


…with a practiced quickness that would defy most human reaction times, Kamiro pushed forward with her legs, rolled into a summersault sprung up (again) hidden behind a nearby abstract statuary and on the right side of the path…


“…investigate everything, even if it’s just a small thing…”


“Wait a sec, you’re right…I thought I saw something…there…”


From Kamiro’s new position, she noted Left Guard pointing in the direction where she had just seconds ago had been…


…damn it…


The guards would now spend time investigating the nearby area instead of going on their appointed rounds. Yet, at least they hadn’t called in about their suspicions…and there now seemed to be a silver lining…Left Guard illuminated his light and it’s powerful beam lit up the path and foliage in a ghostly chalky-white…of course Kamiro was no longer there...


…Right Guard then turned on his lamp and tracked his partner as Left Guard swept his beam left and right down the path…




The fence was two and half meters tall and 10 meters away…with a good…a very good sprint…Kamiro thought that she could jump and catch the top with one of her hands…if she misjudged her placement and fell back…she’d be caught…she also had t take into account the rotating CCTV camera…she’d need to make her move fairly quickly before the camera moved to look in the spot where she wished to be…


Nothing here…” Left Guard said in a raised voice for Right Guard to hear…


...and in a shot, like an ebon streak, a flash of shadow…Kamiro bolted for the wall! Her brain had already calculated the 8 strides she would use to her launch point and she was aloft…


…with a muted slap, the palm of Kamiro’s right hand hit the vertical surface, and fortunately, her fingers made contact with the horizontal top, and then not waiting to see if she had been spotted, she arced her left arm over so that it made top contact and then she willed the muscles in her arms to pull her up and then over…


…she landed on her feet, on the other side…and ignoring the fire in her biceps, she waited just long enough to determine that she had indeed not been spotted, and then using the fence’s shadow, she counted the 20 steps it would take to reach the point where she could look across the inside grounds and view the exhaust duct module, a large box-shaped structure, that even from this distance had a low pitched thrum…


“Eagle to Columbia…the cow has jumped over the moon, getting ready to fix the sausage maker, copy?”


There was a panel where Kamiro would enter the codes to shut down the fan blades on the module…but first she needed to time the cameras and the sensor sweep…she pulled the small knife and placed it length wise between her teeth…




Kamiro bolted towards the module, but via a slightly indirect route, a serpentine pattern to move as the sensors made their sweep and while it seemed like in inordinate amount of time had passed, she was at the panel in less than a handful of seconds…


…of course the panel’s cover was stuck (from whatever passed for artificial weather in the bio-dome) and taking the knife in her hand, Kamiro pried at a corner…and with little effort, it popped off with her hand just grabbing enough of the panel to slow its fall such that only an indistinguishable thud rode with the incessant thrum…


…Kamiro then typed in Al’s code sequence on the illuminated membrane…at first there didn’t seem to be any change and then the thrum began to elongate as the exhaust blades slowed down…and then using the knife to pry open the grill, Kamiro stepped inside the duct, uncomfortably close to the still spinning, yet slowing blades…


…the code was set so that the complex’s main computer systems would note this exhaust node as undergoing routine maintenance. Being careful, Kamiro reached down, grabbed the panel cover and set it back in place, next, she secured the grill back into place…and even as the blades really slowed and came to a stop, the heat radiating from the composite material was minimal (had they been metal, they’d be searing flesh hot)…


…once the blades stopped (and there were two opposing direction props) Kamiro maneuvered her way between them as quickly and accurately as she could…as this was an exhaust duct, the ambient air was quite warm…


…outfit is holding…


Her body suit was absorbing some of the heat and thus wasn’t as uncomfortable as she could have been…she only had to bend down a little as she made forward progress towards the first ‘T’ section…


“Eagle to Columbia…the water’s fine, taking the scenic route…hope to reach the visitor’s center soon while avoiding traffic jams, copy?”


== Will stop here. Pseudo GM input as or if desired ==

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#17 Lt Isabella Ekman {Fields}

Lt Isabella Ekman {Fields}


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Posted Star Date 21603.09 @ 03:45 (03:45 AM)

== Stealth Shuttle, Tycho City, Luna ==


== Temp NPC Aleksey Semyonov, SHADe Operative ==


Al smiled at Kamiro's choice of call signs. He puzzled over how these would be known to an Ullian, to who the moon landings should be of little significance. As for the rest, he wasn't sure if her choice of coded language was mocking or simply meant to amuse him, but it amused him anyhow.


"Eagle, this is Columbia, loud and clear! Over."


He sat back in the leather seat of the shuttle and wished he hadn't initiated the scene before she left. She needed to focus and not think about his feelings for her.


She's disciplined... she'll be fine.

From his position in the shuttle, over comms he could remind her of the security layout and advise as she went, but it was really up to her now. Listening to her progress he already felt helpless, and she had not even entered the building.


[Eagle to Columbia…the cow has jumped over the moon, getting ready to fix the sausage maker, copy?]


Al shook his head lightly in amusement. "Copy." He simply said.


[Eagle to Columbia…the water’s fine, taking the scenic route…hope to reach the visitor’s center soon while avoiding traffic jams, copy?]


"Copy. And sausage maker?!"


Leaning forward, he wiped his palm on a trouser leg and called up the map of the complex on the screen, zooming in on her current location.


Getting in the building was the easy part. A lot could go wrong inside, and he wouldn't be able to help her.


== Inside Pfifer-Sayer Pharmaceuticals Building ==


== Pseudo GM ==


Through the venting Kamiro could see into the reception area/foyer. It was helpfully decorated with pot plants, artworks, bench seating and other obstacles that would provide good cover in the low-lit open plan room.


She was able to slide open the vent and drop from the duct, timing the action to avoid the cameras.


Inside the reception area it was deserted currently. Deklos needed to get through here, avoiding the sensor grid and cameras, and through the smart-entry turnstiles. She had an access pass that worked by proximity and which would allow her to pass through all low-level areas such as these. The gate was monitored by cameras which she could either chose to ignore and move through quickly (these were not likely to be monitored at this time of day) or use the jammer on.


Beyond this, Kamiro would pass through into the administration area, a lot of offices, some smaller and others larger and open plan. She could largely bypass this whole section of the building.


She could hear Al's voice in her ear:


[You should be able to stick the shadows here and avoid being picked up on cameras. Don't step anywhere on the tiled centre of the room. Make your way around the edges and stick to the shadows to avoid the heat sensors...]


The route to the labs lay up a set of sweeping stairs to the right of this area, onto a mezzanine floor and through two more security doors, the first accessible with a low level pass and the second requiring a retinal scan.


All was going well so far, and not a sight of the human security. This was evidently a good time to infiltrate the complex and Al had clearly planned this with foresight. Kamiro had to avoid both the sensor grid and the cameras, of course. If she needed to refresh her memory then Al was able to remind her of where the security systems were and how to bypass them.


On the second floor, the Ullian traversed a long corridor towards another security door, past a small recess with a some easy chairs and a replicator set up as a break area. She neared the junction end of the corridor and was about to use the door ahead of her when another door, down the corridor to her left, swung open. The hallway, which had been in night time setting of low light, was now illuminated. She was forced to jump back from the t-junction quickly. Two voices were heard.


"So, you been allowed back in the brain labs?" A male voice asked a companion.


"The central labs? Nope." A second, deeper male voice, probably younger. "Female personnel only - we're not even allowed to monitor the security remotely. As if you can be affected by pheromones by watching a damn screen!"


"Yeah. They aren't taking any chances since the last security breach. Personally, I prefer to stay right away from anything connected with the good Doctor Gabriel. Just leave them to it, whatever they are doing there. I couldn't care less!"




The voices were getting louder and were obviously headed for her position, in just seconds they would round the corner...

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#18 Lt Kamiro Tosamien Deklos {Kotho}

Lt Kamiro Tosamien Deklos {Kotho}


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Posted Star Date 21603.14 @ 01:09 (01:09 AM)

== Tycho City, Luna, PfiferSayer Pharmaceuticals​ Industrial Complex, Main Research Building ==


Kamiro had made very good progress into the facility unseen, with credit due to Al's detailed mission briefs, Kamiro's memory and Al's real-time assistance...


…by and large, PfiferSayer’s security systems were good, had Kamiro gone in blind, successful infiltration would have been virtually zero. What Kamiro was effectively accomplishing was an ‘inside job’…


…whatever Al’s true or motivations were…and it was hard to believe that his feelings for Kamiro were his overriding objective…something had happened in SHADe and a power play was going on…and Kamiro could only be grateful that Al had chosen to hit his competition hard (Gabriel), was realistic to note Ekman’s value, and Kamiro assumed that Al’s life if it wasn’t targeted already for termination by the organization, soon would be…


…and assuming all goes to plan…Isabella can fix me up…?


…and there were Kamiro’s own semi-realized feelings for the face-changed human…she’d felt something close for him when he had carried her to safety those several years ago now…of course intense situations often brought even enemies together…the Terrans called it Stockholm syndrome also known as capture bonding…where hostages may form bonds and empathy with their captors…Kamiro assumed that she was unconsciously bound to Al in a fashion…the surprising part was his feelings for her…


…however…every action and thought from Al from the moment he appeared to her in ‘The Tribble’…could be a perfectly coordinated, calculated attempt by the SHADe operative to use Kamiro for his own ends (fell Soter, assume the SHADe top spot)…


…if it is a ruse…he’s done a damn good job at it…


Kamiro only required Al’s direct help in defeating one of the security system’s camera’s and then she well into the building and heading to the secured areas after a flight of stairs…and to the 1st security keyed door…the pass key worked and she moved along…fortunately, the lighting was dim due to very few working individuals…it was mostly a day (or night) off for most folks…next she reached a portal that required a retina scan…Kamiro extracted the eye lens from its case and placed it in her left eye…and flawlessly, the holographic retina projection fooled the receiver and with the green light and not unpleasant beep, she was now inside…


…with a handful of silent steps, Kamiro noted the small alcove break area to her right…a couple of padded chairs and a replicator…she continued forward to the ‘T’ junction…she was getting tantalizingly close to the central lab area…she was about to use the door right in front her, when simultaneously, the low level lighting sprung to life and a door down the corridor to left opened up…


…suppressing the human urge to voice a particularly versatile vulgar four letter word…at the moment, there was absolutely nowhere to hide and thus Kamiro sprung back the way she came…to the break nook…she listened fairly intensely to the voices; there were two, male, one average pitched, the other deeper…


…to the replicator she said softly…


“Protein drink, banana flavored, cold.”


Next, Kamiro grabbed the synthesized drink and sat down on one chair, her back to the direction where the two men would approach her if they came down her section of the corridor…there was a modicum of a chance after all that they might take the other path off of the ‘T’, but she doubted it. She placed her feet on the other chair and assumed a relaxed position...


“I’ve got company…” Kamiro said softly, her voice amazingly matter-of-fact, for Al to hear…




Kamiro caught most of the conversation, noting that Gabriel (likely?) had setup a female only admittance area…the pheromones could reference Ekman, or possibly Ekman any other intense pheromone producing species…Orion females obviously, but could also be Deltan women present...


…in any event, the men’s verbal information confirmed that Kamiro was headed in the right direction, and it gave her an idea on how to play the situation when the men came her way…they would be surprised to see her (a lone woman wearing a black body suit) of course, but logically, they’d be curious…but if she radiated confidence that she was exactly where she was supposed to be…they might merely note her presence and go on their way…


…they might also stop and inquire about her status…easy enough…she was security and had just finished a work out and was now relaxing with a protein drink…and all of it was 100% true…


It was just at the last second that Kamiro pulled the cowl down extricating her shortened, white locks of hair…and then she took another sip of the replicated drink…


…not bad actually…!


And for the moment, she could very well indeed relax…any further reaction on her part would be predicated on the actions of the two men…



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#19 Lt Isabella Ekman {Fields}

Lt Isabella Ekman {Fields}


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Posted Star Date 21603.22 @ 01:30 (01:30 AM)

== Tycho City, Luna, PfiferSayer Pharmaceuticals​ Industrial Complex, Main Research Building ==


== Pseudo GM==


Of course the men headed straight for the break area. Finding someone already there they were obviously surprised. Each stared warily at the white-haired woman who was sitting casually enjoying a drink. With one or two furtive glances, they slowed their pace but continued on to the replicator.


The appearance of the Ullian had killed their conversation. Both men were now quiet except for ordering drinks. The younger, taller black haired human replicated a black coffee and the older, blonde-greying man ordered a kava juice. They stood for a moment in awkward silence sipping their drinks. Eventually, after exchanging several glances, the older, slightly more rotund one spoke:


"Not seen you around here before. New?"


They both continued to sip at their beverages and exchange suspicious looks.




== Elsewhere in the building: Molecular Cloning Lab ==


A figure dressed in a lab coat with a surgical mask, gloves, and cap was using a dropper to transfer a colourless liquid into a cell culture tube. She capped the tube, gave it a small tap with a finger and placed it into the well tray. Taking another tube from it, she repeated the procedure until the tray was full. Task done, the scientist sighed deeply and pulled away the mask to reveal more of her beautiful pale green face.


Isabella was usually up into the night. Day and night really held no meaning when you spent each day confined indoors and without the imposed structure of a formal working day. She found her sleep-waking rhythms moved round the clock, shunting forward later and later through 24 hours and coming full circle.


Removing the disposable gloves from her slender green hands, and pulling away the cap from her dark brown hair, she turned and dropped the protective items into the nearby recycler. A bench stood in the centre of the lab with a lamp and a computer terminal. Tapping the terminal, she added several more figures to the columns of numbers on the screen, and, with a frown, walked to the observation window on the adjacent wall. She stared pensively into the darkness of the lab next door and spoke quietly to herself.


"I would gladly exchange the chimeras of boundless grandeur for realities of little worth."


The door in the opposite wall swished open very suddenly. Her body tensed and her hands retreated reflexively into the lab coat pockets, the fingers of the right hand closing around a hypospray.


Gabriel's hateful reflection became visible in the glass. Exposed, Ekman turned immediately to face the door.


The SHADe operative Doctor Nane Gabriel was slim and athletic, with short cropped spiky white-blonde hair that framed a thin angular face and high cheekbones. Like Ekman, she was currently wearing a white lab coat, but open at the front over a black trouser suit.


"Doctor Ekman, hard at work I see." She said with sarcastic overtone. "Are we making progress?"


The Orion-Human's reply was indifferent. "I am making progress. I can't speak for you."


Gabriel returned a nasty half smile and wandered over to the computer terminal. She examined the columns of numbers as if she understood them.


Isabella watched with narrowed eyes. She found it increasingly hard to hide her contempt for Gabriel in recent times.


"How long do you estimate synthesis will be complete?" The SHADe operative asked.


Isabella gave an insouciant shrug, "Hard to say."


Gabriel straightened and glared at the Orion hybrid.


"We've discussed this before, Isabella. I don't think you're really trying." There was subtle menace in her tone.


Ekman refused to meet her gaze, "I'm not a skilled biochemist... So, if you insist I work on these aspects, don't expect instant results. You can always do it yourself, of course."


Gabriel was a cyberneticist so this was a derisive remark.


The SHADe woman smiled thinly. Almost casually she sauntered over to Ekman's position. Invading her personal space directly, she got right up close, putting her face in front of the other woman's so that she could not avoid her. A low, playful voice taunted, "Is it getting to the point where I have to call time on this project... Isa...bella? Once you cease to be of use to us, you cease to be."


With startlingly suddenly violence, Gabriel smashed Ekman backwards against the partition and struck her across the face. She then pinned her against the observation window with her body weight.


"You may not care about yourself, but remember your sweet little family in San Francisco, because I certainly will..." She hissed. The piercing dark eyes swept over the sculptured face and neck of the Orion-Human woman, who was now breathing hard. Gabriel inclined her face into Ekman's exposed neck taking in a deep inhaling breath. "I hope you've not been skipping your pheromone inhibitor again..." She whispered next to her ear. "...you know how I don't react well to headaches."


Isabella struggled to get an arm free. She had withdrawn the hypospray from her pocket. Catching Gabriel by surprise, she pressed it to the SHADe woman's throat...

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#20 Lt Kamiro Tosamien Deklos {Kotho}

Lt Kamiro Tosamien Deklos {Kotho}


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Posted Star Date 21603.24 @ 05:36 (05:36 AM)

== Tycho City, Luna, PfiferSayer Pharmaceuticals​ Industrial Complex, Main Research Building ==


"Not seen you around here before. New?" the larger of the two men asked.


​With a leisurely stretch, the white-haired woman removed her feet from the chair opposite her and then she got to her feet...


​"Yea..." the woman stated as she reached the replicator and placed her near empty glass of banana flavored drink on the materialization pad...


​"...there's been a spate of hiring recently...” the woman allowed herself a smile…


“…more women in one place then I've seen in a long ti..."


...there it was at the edge of her perception...a spasm of violence, menace...and something far calmer...resolute...


​...they're close...


...there was an immediacy to action...the white-haired woman put her left hand to her ear​...she went ahead and turned such, that would let the two men see the small communication device...with her right hand, she raised it with two fingers pointing up...obviously indicating to the two employees that she was now busy responding to a call...


​"Tosa…go ahead…”


…the woman hoped that the individual on the other end of the comm would add a little verbiage to help sell the situation…


A quick couple of nods and then…


“…I was on break…”


Short pause…


“…Doctor Gabriel? No I don’t mind...I’m nearby…I’ll go check it out and report back in. Tosa out.”


On the plus side…again, everything Tosa stated was truthful.


With a shrug at the two gents, Tosa said…


“Sorry guys, gotta go.”


And then Tosa pranced off in a light jog and made her way directly to the door that she had intended on passing through in the first place, and opened it…


~I’m here Isabella!~


Kamiro broadcasted her thought as a bellowing telepathic call in the direction of where she felt her friend was…


…it also hurt…a sharp wince inducing spike of pain crossed her right temple…


…the meds are wearing off…


…and Kamiro was through the door…there were several labs she’d be coming to, and those doors would be secured by pass codes and/or retina scans…in the Ullian’s mind’s eyes, she placed Isabella and her target on or around the Molecular Cloning Lab…


“Going for broke Al.” Kamiro stated…


…the immediacy of the danger that Deklos perceived emanating from Isabella and Gabriel, had the Ullian sprinting down the corridor at her top speed…and for the moment, forgetting about the second hypospray…


There was also an individual in the passage way (a female lab technician by the looks of her), but as expediency was the critical factor, the Adept of Light passed the tech, not bothering to see that her strike had crumpled the tech to the floor, unconscious…


…and then Kamiro reached out again telepathically, and sensed to a much greater degree, where Isabella was…again a near searing pain seemed to slice across the right side of her skull…and then she stopped at the secured Molecular Cloning Lab door. It was doubly secured with retina scan and key coded input…


“$#^t…my eyes are tearing up…” Kamiro said (to Al)…


…one incorrect input and she’d be locked out…


“…the key pad Al…give me the sequence…” she demanded…


…and Kamiro followed exactly the sequence as Al described and then wiping the tears from her watery eyes, she subjected herself to the retina scan …and…


== Pseudo-GM Input ==







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#21 Lt Isabella Ekman {Fields}

Lt Isabella Ekman {Fields}


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Posted Star Date 21603.30 @ 23:12 (11:12 PM)

== Tycho City, Luna, PfiferSayer Pharmaceuticals​ Industrial Complex, Main Research Building ==


The two men just looked at one another knowingly as Deklos took off.


“Going for broke Al.” Deklos stated for the benefit of the comm link to the shuttle.


[Roger.] Was the response.


The Ullian made quick speed to the Molecular Cloning Lab, dispatching a lab technician on the way.


“$#^t…my eyes are tearing up…” Kamiro said to Al. “…the key pad Al…give me the sequence…” she demanded.


The response to her demand was not what she wanted to hear:


[I don't have it. You'll have to hack it.]


== Inside the Molecular Cloning Lab ==

Doctor Nane Gabriel grabbed the Orion hybrid woman by the throat. Isabella at first tried in vain to prise away the fingers clamped around her neck. The grip was tight but the SHADe operative was beginning to weaken, her legs buckling underneath her. Still the grip on Ekman's neck remained and she was dragged down to the floor with Gabriel. Eventually she pulled the hands away from her neck as the human woman slumped completely onto the floor and lay stricken and immobile.


Sitting next to the body, Isabella caught her breath. Clearly the neuromuscular blocker she had injected was working, but it wouldn't incapacitate Gabriel for long.

She had already planned her next moves, but something had disturbed her chain of thought momentarily. She must have been imagining things when she heard Kamiro's voice in her head during the struggle.

Getting up off the floor of the lab, Ekman looked down at Gabriel one more time. The SHADe scientist and lieutenant was paralysed but conscious. An expression of shock was still etched into her hard features as she struggled in vain to move her limbs. The bench lamp had been knocked to the floor and was flickering beside her.


Ekman wasted no more time. She went to the door into the next lab and passed through it. Once inside, she instructed computer to switch on the lights. At once the darkened lab became flooded with brightness. She rushed to the computer terminal at the side of the room, tapping in code.


"Computer: open pods."


[Warning: opening pods may result in the release of physical and biological hazards.]

"Computer: proceed with instruction to open pods."

Behind her a shrill alarm beeped, accompanied by the sound of air being expelled from several capsules. She wheeled around to face it. Ekman took a deep breath and gritted her teeth, steeling herself for what was next.


She had already told herself this course of action was either very smart or very stupid, and she was imminently to find out which.

Edited by Lt Isabella Ekman {Fields}, Star Date 21603.30 @ 23:15 (11:15 PM).

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#22 Lt Kamiro Tosamien Deklos {Kotho}

Lt Kamiro Tosamien Deklos {Kotho}


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Posted Star Date 21604.07 @ 05:40 (05:40 AM)

...hack it...right...




Kamiro extracted the small, non-Star Fleet issue hand energy weapon from its leg pouch and took two steps back. Next, she aimed the pistol at the key lock mechanism...and then she fired the weapon...


...the panel exploded before she heard the high-pitched zip…the weapon was a disrupter based weapon...


…nasty…real nasty…


…and a flash of images and sensations scorched through the Ullian’s mind…Kamiro felt as if Nane Gabriel was choking the life out of her…


~”I’m coming Isabella hold on!”~


Kamiro voiced and projected the thought toward the Ekman, and was immediately struck with a myriad pin-needle stabs above her right eye…her medication was quickly wearing off…


…Kamiro switch hands with the firearm, and with her right hand she reached for the remaining hypo…she could almost imagine the relief that it was about to bring…she’d be able to focus…


…she removed the hypo and just as she brought it up to her neck…the medical device was suddenly clipped from her hand and it skittled across the floor…as a heretofore unseen assailant had appeared from one of the labs…Deklos rolled her head away just in time to receive only a glancing blow from one of your typical, burly security types…but the strike was enough to bloody her nose…


…the Adept of Light allowed instinct to take over…and the beefy human was struck quickly and repeatedly…near lighting fast knuckled jabs to the man’s throat, and then elbow shots (ineffective) to his sides as she maneuvered around his torso to deliver a knee to the kidney (quite effective) and then an unexpected arm grab around his throat and using her own weight and the man being off balance, brought him down on his back, and then with a closed fist she aimed for the man’s side of the face where (ideally) she’d knock the man unconscious…thunk…apparent success…


…wiping more tears from her eyes, Kamiro looked around and spotted the hypo…she reached for it and…




The vial portion had shattered, the floor slick with the medicine that would help her function…moving back to the destroyed panel, Kamiro wiped away the fragments and soon she found the power coupling…and 4 cm across from it was the door movement coil…and the broken hypo unit had just about the right length…


…with a deliberate, heavy shove, Deklos wedged in the length of the hypo and the door hissed open…as Kamiro pulled her right hand away, now severely burned and numbed by the excess plasma…


Kamiro rushed into the room…




But all she noticed was Doctor Nane Gabriel, looking specter-like, with the flickering of a fractured bench light…lithe and muscled with short cropped spiky white-blonde hair and sharp facial features…laying immobile on the floor, but still conscious…the Ullian rushed over to the prone form of the other SHADe Lieutenant…Kamiro could have killed her right then and there, but the Ullian’s first priority was rescuing Isabella Ekman…


“Where is she!” Kamiro shouted at the prone woman, but also to herself…and then piercing alarms began going off…


Kamiro did her best to focus…she reached out with her mind, and received a sensation from the next lab…a feeling of dread threatened to consume her…and there…




Kamiro could just make out Ekman’s form through the large window…with but a sprint of several long strides Kamiro beat on window…




Kamiro yelled and pounded with the butt of the disrupter on the window…its pitiful dull ‘tink’ indicated that the transparent material was well beyond Kamiro’s ability to break through…


Kamiro then fired the disrupter at the window until the weapon’s power supply was depleted…five shots…and all it did was blacken the material slightly…




…next Kamiro reached the door, it also had a window to look inside and out; there was no key lock…the door was sealed from Ekman’s side…


“Open the door!”


Kamiro pounded the useless weapon on the door…


“It’s me…Kamiro!”


The Ullian dropped the disrupter and pounded on the door with her good hand…






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#23 Lt Isabella Ekman {Fields}

Lt Isabella Ekman {Fields}


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Posted Star Date 21604.19 @ 03:06 (03:06 AM)

== Tycho City, Luna, PfiferSayer Pharmaceuticals​ Industrial Complex, Outside Main Research Building, Shuttle ==


== Temp NPC Aleksey Semyonov, SHADe Operative ==




Al listened to the explosions on the comm. Kamiro's interpretation of hack it was evidently to blast her way in.


"Dammit, you're going to have every guard in the place on you!"


Al held his head in his hands. This was certainly not going to end well.


What the hell was she thinking?!


She had not located Gabriel, Ekman had also not been secured, and now every security system in the place was alerted to her presence.  There was nothing he could do about this. It was the worst case scenario.


He began to prep the shuttle for take off.


== Inside, Molecular Cloning Lab ==

== Ekman ==


There it was again, the voice in her head...

~”I’m coming Isabella hold on!”~


And then she heard her actual voice from the lab next door.

Ekman turned towards the observation window to see her friend beat on the glass before firing a weapon at it.


Isabella shielded herself reflexively but the glass was only scorched.

Months and months had gone by and Isabella had waited, hoping that Kamiro would find her. She trusted that he friend and former colleague on the Challenger would look for her after her kidnap, and she knew that only she and Liz had the willingness and tenacity to find her and rescue her. And here Kamiro was now, but of all times to turn up, it seemed incredible.


The Orion hybrid moved immediately towards the door and opened it. She embraced the Ullian.


"I knew you'd come!" Kamiro seemed in something of a state, her hand was obviously injured and she wore a pained expression. "Are you okay?" Isabella asked, looking over her shoulder anxiously. "We need to get out of here quickly, do you have an escape route?"


Gabriel meanwhile was recovering. She was no longer immobilised and had managed with great effort to reach stiffly inside her coat...

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#24 Lt Kamiro Tosamien Deklos {Kotho}

Lt Kamiro Tosamien Deklos {Kotho}


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Posted Star Date 21604.20 @ 09:00 (09:00 AM)

The relief when Isabella opened the door was like unconsciously holding one’s breath and then once realizing it, suddenly taking in a huge life giving breath…


…but Kamiro, even in her telepathically maligned state, picked up most of what Isabella had had in her mind…the belief and relief that Kamiro would come after her…




…and then suddenly Kamiro was crushed in the embrace of her dear friend…


“I knew you’d come!” Isabella exclaimed.


…it wasn’t me…


Kamiro became washed in guilt…her face grimaced at her own weakness…Isabella’s rescue was 90% the work of Al…the Ullian had spent months in despair and Isabella had reached her pinnacle of desperation…


Kamiro’s eyes watered…she had never been one to overtly show raw emotion…


“Are you okay?” Isabella asked.




“Okay enough.” Kamiro lied.


"We need to get out of here quickly…” Ekman said…


Kamiro nodded in agreement and Isabella added…


“…do you have an escape route?"


Kamiro fixed her watery eyes on the Orion-hybrid…the woman was so exotically beautiful…


“You’re going to leave out that door and scream that Doctor Gabriel has been attacked and head North…”


…and then like a cobra…Kamiro’s left (and un-injured) hand’s fingers placed themselves on the side of Isabella’s face, on her right temple, cheek and jaw…


…Kamiro passed an inrush of map-like images, corridor names and pass codes into Isabella’s mind…the Vulcan technique took a bit off of the edge of the dagger-like pain in her own skull…down the hallway and two doors up from where Kamiro had entered the lab, once through the second door, led to a service set of stairs, then down two flights, take the severe angled pathway (not the immediately available door) for 60 meters…


“…my colleague will pick you up at service exit fourteen alpha…”


Next, Kamiro broke from the embrace and looked over at Gabriel…

…the Good Doctor was showing signs of movement…


“…go! Now! I’ll be right behind you…”


Kamiro took two measured steps towards the mostly prone Nane Gabriel…Kamiro’s disrupter would have made short, efficient work of the woman…but it lay on the floor empty of charge…other methods would have to be used and quickly before Security forces arrived en mass…


…and just under her breath Kamiro said…


“…payment has to be paid…”


…the prone woman…the chiseled cheekbones…the short, spiked, white hair…so vulnerable…and the former ‘licensed to kill’ Intelligence agent…if the positions were reversed, Deklos was absolutely certain Gabriel wouldn’t bat an eyelash and she’d kill Kamiro with no more thought than swatting a bug…


…Kamiro approached further and stopped a meter shy of the woman…and looked down…a swift, powerful kick to Gabriel’s head would kill her, a foot to her throat…or even the possibility of a telepathic kill (or some effect that was close enough)…it would likely cripple or kill the Ullian too…


…Kamiro knelt down into an athletically centered squatting position as she looked at Gabriel…


“I suppose I now have the evidence that you abducted Ekman.”



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#25 GM-Creative Director

GM-Creative Director


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Posted Star Date 21604.23 @ 16:45 (04:45 PM)

==Sol Transwarp Gate==


As the Copernicus slid through the gate on her very important mission, one of the operators swore loudly as the organised icons on his console suddenly devolved into a mass of scrawling text. The Gate's power fluctuated and the lights dimmed as the computer forcibly stopped the malicious script infesting its system and the Gate automatically shut itself down. The Transwarp Gate would be offline for hours, if not days, until the problem was found, and the Gate operator suddenly became aware that the malware may well have altered the Copernicus' travel route as she departed.


Where the Copernicus was now, was anyone's guess...


A quick apology was sent to the Shuttle currently waiting for passage, with the suggestion that the journey be carried out at normal warp speed.

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#26 Ens Sring {Kotho}

Ens Sring {Kotho}


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Posted Star Date 21604.24 @ 07:28 (07:28 AM)

== USS Sagan, GSC-9035/R at Sol Transwarp Gate ==


Sring maneuvered the Sagan directly behind the Cop and waited her turn to go through the Transwarp Gate...to pass the time; the Vulcan Science Officer trained the Sagan’s sensors on the Gate, looking to get a glimpse of the energy output, makeup, and residual electromagnetic, subspace, tachyonic and other exotic radiation and particles…


…to a quite significant degree…Federation science and engineering had successfully emulated (and multiple times) their own Bajoran-like worm-hole through Space-Time…practically speaking, only space…


The Cop then entered the Gate and promptly vanished from view…


…good…now my tur…


…the sensors detected sudden power fluctuations with the Gate itself…and then the massive structure powered down in quick, regular intervals…and was effectively inert…


…sensor readings indicated that the Gate had suffered some-kind of malfunction…which meant that the Copernicus’ transwarp route had likely been altered…


…the Vulcan virtually dismissed coincidence…


[Gate to Sagan…] the transmission began…


[…sorry, the Gate is offline, for some hours at least…maybe days. We suggest continuing your journey under your own warp power. We apologize for the inconvenience. Gate out.]


…this had to be planned…


Sring fired off a quick text acknowledgement to the Gate and then Sring plotted a temporary course selection to Vulcan at warp 5…the Sagan’s warp engines hummed dutifully and Saga performed its own vanishing act…


…this somewhat alters my next communiqué to Captain Crawford…


Sring also subjugated that part of her mind…anxiety as to where and in what condition; the Cop was presently in...


...and as there was nothing she could do for Jane and crew, Sring setup a new encryption algorithm in preparation for her next message to the Gettysburg CO…


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#27 Ens Sring {Kotho}

Ens Sring {Kotho}


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Posted Star Date 21604.27 @ 08:43 (08:43 AM)

== USS Sagan, GSC-9035/R, out of Sol's region, heading to Vulcan ==


The message sent to Captain Crawford had taxed the Vulcan significantly...she had given Crawford (probably) information that 4th Fleet new nothing about, or due to spies, information that was closely guarded and not necessarily common knowledge.


​Sring, once the Fields and/or the 1st Fleet found out...she'd be brought up on serious charges and court-martialed. The Science Officer had made a calculated risk to inform Crawford about the Cop's mission, though not mentioning the fact that an Admiral was onboard...


...but hopefully enough information for Crawford to want to meet with me...


​The small Vulcan was driven by the desire to limit, if not prevent all out hostilities between the 4th Fleet and the rest of the Federation and Star Fleet.


Even if Grayson was right…his moves were dangerous and could still end up with a war....


…and the deaths of hundreds…thousands…and possibly even millions…


It was worth her career to make an attempt to get to the truth…Sring was well aware that the Core Worlds cannot possibly let Grayson’s actions stand…historically speaking…breakaway entities from the parent almost always led to conflict…


…and agonizingly long bitterness for generations, especially for the losing side…


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#28 Lt Isabella Ekman {Fields}

Lt Isabella Ekman {Fields}


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Posted Star Date 21604.28 @ 21:58 (09:58 PM)

== Tycho City, Luna, PfiferSayer Pharmaceuticals​ Industrial Complex, Main Research Building ==


== Molecular Cloning Lab ==


Isabella did not resist the mind meld, but she was anxious about how they were going to escape the building. Perhaps Kamiro had looked for and focused on only the information she wanted and had missed other thoughts in Ekman's mind, because she had missed some crucial information.

The doctor seemed at first reluctant to do what Kamiro had instructed, but she ran out into the corridor after a momentary pause.


The white-haired Ullian approached the stricken human on the lab floor “…payment has to be paid…”


[Kamiro!] Al's voice shouted in her ear.


Deklos knelt over Gabriel's supine body. “I suppose I now have the evidence that you abducted Ekman.” Deklos taunted.

A tight smile stretched across Gabriel's contorted face. The hand was still inside the lab jacket.


Deklos felt that bolt of searing pain at her temples, the same disabling wave of nausea that she had felt on the last encounter with the SHADe lieutenant.




Her vision swam.




It seemed to Deklos that the room was spinning and Gabriel was moving or was it Kamiro herself? When her vision cleared and the world came back into focus, she was still staring down at Gabriel... or so it seemed at first. Then came the realisation of the hardness of the floor at her back and that it was actually Gabriel looking down on her and she looking up.


The SHADe operative had gotten to her feet, unsteady at first, her rapidly recovering nervous system was kicking in. The effects of the neuromuscular blocker that Ekman had forced into her blood stream earlier were short-lived.




== Outside Pfifer-Sayer Pharmaceuticals. SHADe stealth shuttle ==


== Temp NPC Aleksey Semyonov, SHADe Operative ==


Al had been listening on the comm while preparing the shuttle for take-off. Kamiro had located Ekman. This just left the not small matter of Nane Gabriel. His co-lieutenant's assassination was not only a part of his bargain with Deklos but a necessity for both him and the long term safety of Ekman. But now that Pfifer-Sayer security had been alerted to the infiltration, escape was slim. Making it to gate 14A was highly improbable in itself, never mind the time needed to locate and eliminate Gabriel.


But over the course of several seconds listening it became obvious there was someone else in the labs, almost certainly Gabriel. Whether she had been injured by Kamiro's frenzied disruptor fire or something else he could not tell. It sounded as if she was incapacitated but not dead.


No no...


He had previously warned Kamiro for good reason not to hesitate when she encountered Gabriel.




He repeated louder over the comm...


"Kamiro! Kamiro!"




There was nothing else to do. He began to pilot the shuttle off the ground. It lifted from the pristine lawns outside the Pfifer-Sayer Headquarters and immediately banked left and into the Luna night.


== Back inside the Molecular Cloning Lab ==

Gabriel leaned down and snatched away the communicator from behind the Ullian's ear.

"Well..." She recovered her breath, a nasty sneer on her face. "I wonder just who it is helping you..." She dropped the communicator on to the floor and scrunched it underfoot.


Alarms were going off everywhere in the background. The lab lights were painfully bright it seemed.

The SHADe operative had a device in her hand, a small black box, presumably the source of Kamiro's pain.

"Who has been helping you?!"


Gabriel held up the device and activated it once more. It felt to Kamiro as if she was dying. She could hear screaming. Whether it was it her own, someone else's, or it was in her head, she could not tell for sure. Her senses were a nauseating mess.


There was a definite roar now, almost like a full-throated Klingon battle cry, and then the sensation of movement all around the lab. Kamiro still had troubled focussing on anything in her blurred vision, but something was happening around her.


The black box that Gabriel had been holding clattered to the floor; there was a smashing and crashing of glass and plastics - test tubes and other equipment, that had been lying on the benches, was violently thrown from its resting place and against the walls, though no one had touched it. It would appear to anyone watching as if a Terran mythical 'poltergeist' was at work.


Stood now at the entrance to the lab was Ekman. She had returned with a PADD in both hands, holding it like a controller. At the doorway directly opposite her, the one to the inner lab next door, two hulking individuals were standing. Human-like and apparently male, around 7 feet tall, heads shaved, they were clothed in hospital gowns. Their eyes had no irises or pupils and were instead a uniform greyish-brown colour. Each projected an air of rage and pain and enormous menace.


Doctor Nane Gabriel had been cut badly all over by the flying glass and smashing equipment. Her clothes were torn in places and blood soaked the lab coat she was wearing and trickled in rivulets down her face.


In almost perfect unison, both hulking figures marched into the lab, past Kamiro, ignoring the shattered glass strewn across the the floor of the lab given their bare feet, they closed in on the SHADe lieutenant. Gabriel backed away, almost tripping over the debris now strewn around the floor, looking around her despearately for the black box device that was now hidden underneath shattered equipment.


"NO! STOP! I ORDER YOU TO STOP!" She shouted at the figures.


Looking about her frantically for an escape she then pleaded with Ekman.


"Isabella! Don't do this! ISABELLA NO!"

The pain and nausea in Kamiro was subsiding a little and her vision somewhat clearer.


The nearest figure grabbed Gabriel by the throat with one hand and lifted her into the air. Without further pause it snapped her neck in one twist. The suddenly limp body dropped to the floor among the other broken debris of the lab. The two figures then turned and appeared to focus attention on Kamiro. They took a step forward but all the while Isabella was tapping on the PADD...

"Stop!" She shouted.


The pair came to a juddering halt, almost like clockwork toys with their springs wound down.

Ekman, though appearing pale and shaken, had a purposive demeanour. The Orion-Human woman walked carefully up to the two huge figures, each dwarfing her petite frame. She reached up and put a hand on each of their bull-like necks in turn. This seemed to pacify the creatures and their fierce expressions relaxed and became placid.


"We are going to leave the building and you will help us against anyone that stands in our way, won't you?" She stated, calmly in that familiar velvety sing-song voice.


The two figures nodded together as if under a spell. One made a faltering utterance in response, its voice husky and cracked as if it had not been used for some time, "Is...a...bell...a." The other one followed similarly in rasping voice, the creatures repeating her name docilely produced an eerie effect.

The two humanoids, whatever they were, were not identical, both had different facial features and slightly different though equally well developed build. There were patches of missing skin on the arms of one of them revealing circuitry underneath, and a pale patch on the back of the head suggested more circuity lay underneath. Otherwise the figures looked very much like flesh and blood. Kamiro had not recovered enough to be able to reach out telepathically but there was a organic mental presence in both beings.


Ekman bent down to now to help Kamiro.


"Let's get out of here. Can you walk?" She asked softly. "Do you need to be carried?"


== Tag Deklos ==

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#29 Lt Kamiro Tosamien Deklos {Kotho}

Lt Kamiro Tosamien Deklos {Kotho}


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Posted Star Date 21605.02 @ 05:39 (05:39 AM)

== Tycho City, Luna, PfiferSayer Pharmaceuticals​ Industrial Complex, Main Research Building ==


== Molecular Cloning Lab ==


She should have listened to Al...kill Gabriel immediately as she is exceptionally dangerous...


...the little black box that Gabriel had was a device that had the ability to neutralized Deklos cold...and indeed (again paraphrasing Al) do worse than death...


"Who has been helping you?!"


And then Gabriel, that incredibly sadistic woman…ignited her little black book once more…


Kamiro cried out…at least she thought it was herself…one just had to cry out! Her mouth was open in areictus of pain…but in all actuality, there was no voice to the scream…




…another silent, yet virulent scream…


If there was anything positive about dying via this beyond cathartic painful death…it was that Kamiro couldn’t answer the cruel *****…


…Deklos’ vision was blurred and she was very nauseous…something was going on…there was something like a roar…but it hadn’t come from Kamiro…and then the Ullian thought that maybe Gabriel had dropped the object of her torment and then there was a cyclonic effect, as items and equipment on the tables were launched violently around the room…


…Isabella seemed to have returned to the lab with two giants…very large men that almost had the appearance of mythical ogres…and even in Kamiro’s sorry state…she could feel pain and menace emanating from the bulky giants…


Gabriel, bloodied from the whirlwind effect, shouted at the big men to stop…as if she had some power over them...


And then frantically, Gabriel pleaded with Ekman…


"Isabella! Don't do this! ISABELLA NO!"


But it was too late for ‘The Good Doctor’…one of the golems had grabbed Gabriel by the throat, lifted her up, and then easily snapped her neck with a concussive snap…


…that should please Al…


Kamiro’s vision was starting to clear…and she now observed that she had become the perilous focus of the two automatons…


…no…not quite…


…not that it would matter…the creatures would now kill Kamiro just as easily…but…


Isabella had entered  further into the room and yelled out…




…and then Isabella placated the massive men, with a touch and the Orion-hybrid’s sweet voice…


Kamiro slowly rolled to her side and managed to sit up…just as Ekman bent low offering her a helping hand, and Isabella said gently…


"Let's get out of here. Can you walk? Do you need to be carried?"


Kamiro took Isabella’s hand pulled herself up, fighting the waves of nausea, that were fortunately, beginning to subside to something just barely tolerable…


“I can walk…” Kamiro said, testing her legs…they did need to get out of there…


…but before Kamiro took one step forward, the Ullian spotted the torture box laying not far from Gabriel’s slumped body…Kamiro raised up her right leg and with a satisfying slam, crushed the ******* box into splintered pieces…


“…let’s go.”


Kamiro was relieved that her next steps, while not altogether steady, were steady enough…as she passed the two augmented men…she held her thoughts about what experiments Gabriel had done to them…and for the time being, Kamiro was grateful for Isabella’s control over them…


…Kamiro walked out of the lab and made a left…two doors down on the right…would start their exit…as she made a bee line for the portal…the after effects of the trauma began to slowly manifest…the Ullian’s blood pressure had skyrocketed to dangerous levels, with micro-vascular tears erupting throughout her right temporal (telepathic organ) lobe…there was little visible exterior signs, save for a slight swelling of on and around the area. While the pressure had subsided…the damage was done…


…reaching the door, Kamiro used her left hand to enter the key code…and she found her hand vibrating…she entered the six digit code correctly, 155682…but she voiced the numbers as she entered them as…


“No, eve, eve, exis, hay, boo.”


The door opened leading to a landing area and an infrequently used stair well…


Kamiro pointed down to Isabella and she said…




It was then that Kamiro knew something wasn’t right…


…oh no…


There wasn’t much time…Kamiro had to get Isabella to the exit point…just two flights down and a hard almost hidden left and then 60 meters…


“Mok.” Kamiro said as she hobbled down the stairs, her hands, one injured and burned, the other shaking…tried to grasp the rail so that she wouldn’t fall…


“Mok!” Kamiro said as she gathered speed taking two, sometimes three perilous steps at a time…


…and as she reached the bottom of the flight of stairs, her left leg failed to support her weight and Kamiro tumbled down to the cold hard floor…


From Kamiro’s point of view…there were bright lights all about…but they didn’t hurt the eyes…they felt warm and peaceful…


To Ekman and the golems (if they can perceive it)…Kamiro lay sprawled, face up on the ground, her eyes were open, but unfocused…she was breathing but appeared unresponsive to external stimuli…


== Tag Ekman ==

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Posted Star Date 21607.08 @ 17:53 (05:53 PM)

== Low Orbit of Earth, Star Date 21407.08 ==


~Your hypothesis is highly improbable.~  It was a disembodied voice.  ~Our calculations indicate only a very small chance that this is where it will occur or has occurred.~


A dismissive voice replied.  ~Just because your calculations deem is improbable does not mean it is impossible.  Our computations indicate a much higher likeliness than do yours.~


A curt, somewhat offended reply.  ~You used a Thragnal algorithm.  It is well established that Thragnol’s formulas are unreliable in comparison to--~


Cutting the other short, much more dismissive now.  ~We hold the chair for the next thirty-four cycles.  When our term is done, the gestalt can consider other options.  Perhaps, we will even see fit to place you in the chair.~


A long pause, several hours, and then continuation as if the conversation had not stopped.


~Did you account for the Solar cycle’s increased radiation output during this stage of the cycle, and the relative location of the planet’s natural satellite?~


An immediate reply.  ~Yes to the former.  We felt the latter was not relevant, based on the results of the first interphase calculation.~


Now indignant, almost angry.  ~How can you dismiss such a large satellite?  It’s very presence alters the entire equation!~


~Not according to Thragnal’s fifty-seventh thesis, which states that--~


~You are still relying on the ravings of that mad man, even that deeply into your calculations?  I find this unacceptable.  I’m bringing it to the gestalt now.  There can be no further delay.  If we err here, the entire--~


The voice stopped suddenly, and silence followed for several planetary revolutions.  Soon, changes started to occur, and a satisfied voice filled the voice.


~As we expected.  Things will be just as we predi--~


The voice stopped suddenly, and was never heard from again.  The non-corporeal phase-shifted entities frozen in suspended animation.  And the only thing that would free them, and save the universe from one of the greatest paradoxes to ever occur could only be stopped by a most extraordinary set of events occurring across space-time.  Events which had never before occurred.


== Watch this space in early August for more from Vegas 2016… ==

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Posted Star Date 21704.24 @ 14:44 (02:44 PM)

==Stardate 21704.24==


What emerged from Warp looked like it might have once been a Zeus-class Light Cruiser, if someone had made one out of clay and then squeezed it between their fingers until it was twisted and barely-recognisable. The hulk immediately began to broadcast an extremely garbled distress call, but the signal was weak and barely picked up by a listening outpost on Pluto. The explosion of the twisted wreck's warp core, however, was picked up by anyone with a passive sensor set and someone monitoring it.

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Posted Star Date 21711.01 @ 19:14 (07:14 PM)

>> Star Fleet Intelligence, East Paris, Texas, North America>>


==Common Grounds Coffee Shop/Floral Shop - San Francisco, Earth - Right off the Academy Campus==


It was sunny in San Francisco but thankfully not hot like Texas had been. The afternoon temperature was in the upper sixties and the occasional breeze made it feel near perfect outside. Buck Steele was sitting alone at a small table designed for two. There was a cup of coffee and a glass of ice water sitting in front of him, but it was clear that both drinks were reserved for himself as they were both directly in front of him. Not far away, two men in civilian clothing stole occasional, discrete glances at Buck. 


Buck's table was outside in the sunlight and was facing the nearby campus of Star Fleet Academy. The small coffee shop had originally been a florist shop. In fact, it technically was a floral shop but the coffee shop - which had been added about six years ago - had quickly become the big draw for the location. Combining the coffee shop and floral shop into one had been a brilliant idea especially given its close proximity to a campus full of cadets who craved caffeine and were often trying to woo the attention of another cadet. 


The florist shop had been owned and operated by a black woman named Elizabeth. Buck had met her, and her husband, when he himself was a student at the Academy. They had a teenage son named Zachariah, though they themselves were older than most with a child that age. Elizabeth had explained that Zachariah had been a surprise blessing later in their lives. Buck grew semi-close to Elizabeth and her husband Joshua. In his mind, they were what he hoped his parents would have been like had they been alive. And although Buck never admitted he saw them as surrogate parents, they treated him like he was much more than an Academy cadet who bought too many flowers for girls. 


Buck remembered calling Elizabeth and Joshua in the middle of the night once. It was after a holiday weekend and extended leave from the Academy campus. Buck had found himself across the planet and in a heap of trouble. The local law had agreed not to alert Star Fleet of Buck's stupidity if his parents picked him up and he returned to the Academy before going AWOL. Not having parents to call, Buck had called Elizabeth and Joshua. With no questions asked, Joshua said he would come and get Buck and return him to San Francisco. 


But Joshua never came. Buck soon found out that Joshua had been involved in an accident while traveling to get him and had died at the scene. The news stung Buck. He had just widowed Elizabeth and left their fifteen-year-old son half an orphan. Buck distanced himself from Elizabeth (who never blamed him) and her son (who did not know the real reason his father had been traveling that night) during his final year at the Academy and felt relief after being assigned away from San Francisco and Earth. 


But the guilt never dissipated. Throughout the years Buck kept tabs on Elizabeth and her son and once Buck was fully involved in the Intelligence world he took a more active, though still discrete, role in their lives. Like most intelligence officers, Buck immediately started building a retirement portfolio. He had been taught this by more senior operators and operatives in the Intelligence world and as the years passed, his portfolio and wealth skyrocketed. Buck utilized an asset on Earth to keep tabs on the family and whenever he got word that the shop was struggling or the family was going through a rough patch he sent payments of money to the floral shop, all anonymously. 


When Buck heard, via his asset, that Elizabeth's son was entering the civilian medical field he contacted Stanford University and paid for his undergrad schooling. He eventually did the same for the boy's medical schooling at the University of California San Francisco. Knowing that Elizabeth would ask questions about this, Buck made it look like it was a part of her late husband's death benefits from the company he had worked for as an architect. The company was happy to play the role of "good guy" especially when Buck threw in a percentage of money for them as well. 


Eventually, word reached Buck about five years ago that Elizabeth had died, her son was joining Star Fleet, and the future of the flower shop seemed doomed. Elizabeth's son had turned it over to a friend of the family who had worked alongside his mother for years, but the business was not thriving like it once had. Once again using his asset, Buck approached the new operator and offered to invest in the shop if it expanded its role and became a coffee shop. Common Grounds Coffee Shop was one of Buck's financial investments that turned a great profit. He had dozens of locations across Federation Space and the one near the Academy campus had become one of the most popular. 


"Can I get you anything else? More coffee?" Asked the current operator, who despite being the boss always helped serve the customer. She had no clue that she was speaking to the actual owner and financial backer of the location. 


"No, no, I am okay," Buck said with a wave of the hand. "I will just finish this cup off and then I need to be on my way." 


"Okay, if you need anything else, just grab one of us." She replied with a friendly smile. 


Buck nodded in appreciation as she stepped away. 


It had been twenty-four hours since Buck had left Texas. He had allowed Intelligence's tail to follow him during this time. He wanted them to report that ole Buck Steele was seemingly up to nothing of any importance. Thus far he had traveled to his parent's graves and left flowers, enjoyed dinner at a pub called the Bull and Finch in Boston, and was now checked into a hotel in San Francisco with a transport to Risa scheduled for the next day. Satisfied that the Intel officers had followed him long enough, Buck decided it was time to finally lose them.


==To be continued==

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Posted Star Date 21711.03 @ 15:23 (03:23 PM)

== During Copernicus shore leave ==


After a few long and boring days of wandering the ship and starbase, Mathew finally decided to return to the Academy on shoreleave.  There were a few lectures that sounded interesting, plus he thought just being back at the beginning of his career (sort of speak) may help him to hit reset.  He didn't know where he stood with his captain or the crew he served, mainly because something had invaded his body and caused some pretty serious actions.  These actions had severe consequences for his relationships or at least, he perceived these consequences.  He finally decided a trip to Earth would be a good way to get away. As he planned his trip, he thought about his time at the academy and looked up possible trainings he could attend.  


So, here he was...back in 'school.'  He felt a little excited about being on Earth and in the Academy.  He had a few visions of playing some jokes on a few cadets, just to rekindle some memories.  On one particular day, he was out for a stroll and feeling better about himself, he was nearing a local plant nursery and coffee shop. As he walked closer, he noticed a couple of men nearby getting an odd vibe.  Mathew shook it off as he hadn't been in an intelligence line of work for sometime now and continued to get a cup of coffee...that is, until he heard a low whistle.  The sound triggered something in him. Something that inwardly caused his mind to shift although outwardly no one could tell. His eyes located the creator of the sound and after a moment, Mathew's memory of the man returned.  While Buck didn't look exactly the same, when he wanted someone to recognize him, they would. 


A grin appeared on Mathew's face as he walked up to Buck's table.  "How are you friend?" Mathew asked.  He tried hard to keep his excitement of finding his long-time trainer and friend, but wasn't successful.  He started to pull out a chair and then remembered the men he'd seen just a moment ago.  Again, he didn't outwardly change his actions, but knew Buck may be involved in something.


== tag Buck! ==

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Posted Star Date 21711.06 @ 16:22 (04:22 PM)

==Common Grounds Coffee Shop/Floral Shop - San Francisco, Earth - Right off the Academy Campus==


It was the next day and Buck's transport to Risa was scheduled to leave in a few hours. The time was finally nearing to lose his tail once and for all and Buck decided to use Mathew Briggs, his former protege, to accomplish the task. 


Mathew was the younger brother of a woman named Allie. Buck had worked with Allie in the Romulan Neutral Zone nearly fifteen years before. They two had grown close during that time, but Jack's recruitment into Star Fleet Special Intelligence Service with Derrick Grant had put an end to any relationship. Buck's, therefore, went several years without seeing or talking to Allie, though the two did briefly reconnect after Buck's time in SFSIS ended. 


Buck had promised Allie to look up her brother for her and when he had, Buck found that the young man had incredible potential to serve in the Intelligence field. Buck, therefore, recruited Mathew and spent several months training the man to one day be his replacement in the Intelligence field. Buck had found Mat to be extremely capable. He had been a far better student than Buck had been himself and knew that one day if he stayed on the path, he would make an excellent and lethal intelligence operative. 


Mathew, however, did not stay on that path. Ultimately Buck could not blame him. The life of a spy was lonely and not at all romantic. Buck always found the spy holonovels and programs ludicrous and hilarious. The spy life was glorified. It was shown as an action-packed adventure that ended with the hero saving the world and getting the girl. This was never the case. Sure, Buck felt pride at what he had accomplished during his life and career. In his opinion, he had stopped some bad things from happening. He had done good work. But he had never once been a hero. And he certainly never got the girl. No, his life was tragic loss after tragic loss - whether that be because of physical death or simply having to lie and disassociate yourself from people you were beginning to grow close to. Buck Steele was not Buck's real name. It had been changed and altered so many times throughout the years that it was sometimes difficult to keep track of them all. Difficult to track what was real and what was just an act. It was not a glorious life to live and while Buck knew that Mathew would have excelled at carrying out the duties of an intelligence operative, he was secretly glad that his friend was able to live a real life. 


Buck had been watching Mathew for a few days now. Briggs had been sitting in one some lectures and classes at the Academy and Buck stayed close. Buck now decided to make his presence known to Mathew and so as Mathew moved past him, Buck let out a low whistle, ensuring that the distant tail could not hear it. 


It took Mathew a moment to trace down the sound and another moment for a dawn of recognition to come into his eyes. Mathew smiled as he approached Buck's table. 


"How are you friend?" Mathew said, with a slightly contained excitement. 


Buck kept his face neutral and spoke without moving his lips much at all. 


"Pull out your PADD and ask me for directions." Buck said. He knew Mathew would likely recognize that Buck was hinting that this was not a safe place to talk. 


As Mathew did so, Buck leaned forward and made it look like he was showing Mathew where to go.


"I am going to give you directions and as I do that, I am going to slip something into your bag without you knowing it. After I do, walk away and go about your day. Someone from Star Fleet will stop you within an hour and search your bag. Don't resist, let them. It's a decoy. After they've left you, make sure you are not being followed - I assume you still know the protocols to lose a tail if needed - and meet me at this address in three hours."Buck flashed an address that had been written in sugar on the table. 


Speaking a little more loudly now Buck said, "I hope you find your way. It really isn't hard and there will be signs along the way."


Buck sat back down and ran his arm across the address written out in sugar, causing it to vanish. 


==Three hours later, random apartment in San Francisco==


Buck's plan to lose his intelligence tail had worked, on his end anyway, perfectly. As expected, his tail of two had split when Mathew walked away. Buck had planted a small device in Mathew's bag as they had spoken. The device, which was a hard drive, contained a list of corrupt Star Fleet Security Officers on a small space station. It was a side job Buck had been working on, and Buck trusted Intel to clean up the mess. The hard drive also thanked the two intelligence officers for the company over the last few days and to tell their bosses that Buck was not interested in helping them at this time and that if they needed him they could find him on Risa.


Losing a tail of two was not at all difficult, especially since they were not using sophisticated technology to track Buck. They were really just there to remind Buck that Intelligence had wanted an answer. Still, losing one was even easier than losing two, and Buck allowed the single tail to follow him to the transport hub where it looked like Buck boarded a transport for Risa. Of course Buck had not and he was now safe and secure in his safehouse. 


It was unlikely that the Intel officer who followed Mathew for the device would contnue to follow Mathew once he had retreived the hard drive. However, if he did, Buck trusted Mathew to shake the tail before coming to the safehouse. Now that the three hours were coming to a close, Buck looked out the window to see if he could locate Mathew. 


==Tag Mat==

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Posted Star Date 21711.07 @ 17:00 (05:00 PM)

Mathew took Buck's directions seriously, understanding something was up.  He pulled off asking for directions, or at least figured he had.  Buck was good to his word as well.  Mathew didn't feel anything as Buck explained he would be putting something in his bag.  He almost asked if Buck was ready to do so when Buck ended the conversation, "I hope you find your way. It really isn't hard and there will be signs along the way."   He quickly glanced on the table and then smiled towards Buck.


"Thank you for your time sir," Mathew said with a two finger salute and head nod.  


Mathew then turned to make his way to completing a few errands he had.  He made sure to wander a bit, as if he was trying to remember a set of directions someone gave.  


== After a 3 hour tour...  ==


Buck was right. Mathew had found himself being delayed and searched not too long after seeing Buck.  They did find an item in his bag that didn't belong to him and he believed he pulled off being ignorant about it being in his possession.  They continued to ask and pressure him about 'the man' who gave him directions, but Mathew stayed calm and 'ignorant' as to what the big deal was.  They finally released him though, as one looked into the item further. Just to make sure though, Mathew went through his own security measures before and during his travels to meet with Buck.


If Fields finds out I had something on me... planted or not... there could be hell to pay.  


Mathew arrived at his destination with little trouble and the measures he took into account, he seemed confident he was not followed.  As he neared, he thought he may have seen a figure at the window.  This put him a little on guard, but after stalling at the door to listen, he knocked with the knuckles of two fingers. 


== Tag Buck ==



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Posted Star Date 21711.07 @ 17:25 (05:25 PM)

==Random Apartment Hideout - San Francisco==


Nearly perfectly on time, Buck saw Mathew's frame appear in the street near the apartment. Buck could see Mathew going through a final survey of his surroundings. It was discreet and nonchalant and Buck knew that no one would recognize that he was checking for a tail. 


Within a few moments, Mathew had approached the door, and Buck opened it and ushered Mathew in. Mathew looked roughly the same as he had years ago. His face showed a few lines that only maturity could provide, but it was clear that the man had kept himself in good shape. That was not always an easy thing to do when living and serving on a starship. Sure, the vessels, especially the larger ones, had holodecks and gyms that provided good places to exercise and move around, but it was still life lived in a small area and that usually led to a more sedimentary life. Star Fleet still had physical fitness standards, of course, but it was not uncommon to see those who served on ships long term to grow a little ... solid. This, however, was not the case for Mathew. 


It was hard to tell if Buck looked vastly different. One of Buck's strengths was his ability to alter his appearance as needed. At the moment, there was a peppering of gray in his hair - mostly around his temples. Whether that was natural, or added in by Buck to age himself was unknown. Buck was cleanly shaven and was wearing a dark blue t-shirt and a pair of khaki pants with a pair of comfortable shoes. 


The apartment looked warm and inviting. It was in a fairly nice part of town and, although it lacked any pictures to identify the occupants,  it looked like someone lived there full time. The living room and kitchen were extremely clean and the only evidence of Buck's presence in the place was a single glass in the sink, and a phaser and knife sitting on a nearby table. Had Mat seen the bedroom, he would have seen a small black bag that housed the rest of Buck's traveling items. 


"Mat, come in. Have a seat. How have you been? Thanks for helping me out before." Buck said. 


==Tag Mat==

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Posted Star Date 21711.09 @ 17:43 (05:43 PM)

Buck welcomed Mathew inside and Mathew did so, clear in his mind that no one had followed him here.  As the door clicked shut, Mathew noticed his shoulders relaxed.  He hadn't felt that tense in some time.  As Mathew made himself comfortable in a seat, he looked around.  The place was immaculate.  


How long has he been here?  You can't even tell if it's one day or a week...or more?  


He smiled and nodded as Buck spoke.


"I'd ask what that was about... but... you'd tell me if I needed to know. Glad to see you're still alive, though I wouldn't expect you to not be..."   Mathew's smile vanished slowly as he continued.  "Guess I'm alright... trying to figure out what I'm doing on the Copernicus.  I thought things were going decently enough...til I..." 


Mathew paused as he searched for the words.  His eyes focused on something above him as he tried remembering all the details. 


"I don't remember everything precisely," he began.  "I just know I thought I was protecting our crew...  ended up in the brig...then talking with the captain.  Thought she was going to have me kicked out.  They found out I'd been infected...then had to see counselors..."  


Mathew's voice trailed off as he paused a moment.  He looked comfortable and didn't appear worried, at that moment.  He sat with his feet on the ground, shoulders relaxed and hands on his thighs.  


"You probably know all of it though," he shrugged and waved his hand as if to wave it all away.  "I'm getting over it....  just need to figure out how to build up some trust again.  I feel like many of them on the Cop trust me." 


He grinned with his chin raising.  "How have you been?  Still same ole, same ole?"


== tag ==

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Posted Star Date 21711.12 @ 21:46 (09:46 PM)

==Random Apartment Hideout - San Francisco==

Buck watched as Mathew took a seat and settled into his surroundings. Buck was glad to see that his friend still had a keen guard that he raised when in unfamiliar settings.  
"I'd ask what that was about... but... you'd tell me if I needed to know." Mat said after a moment or two. 
Buck shrug slightly, "Something stupid really. From time to time Star Fleet Intel asks me to come in. Half of the time there is a serious matter that they need help with. The other half of the time I think they are just trying to keep tabs on me. So they bring me out and offer me a job that is either way below my skill level or ask me for advice on a file. This was one of those times. Asked me to dig up dirt on some Commodore ... something any entry level intel officer could do. I swear they just wanted to know where I was, and they know I usually answer their summons. It's beneficial for me to do so. It lets me continue to work separate from them but still have access to some of their resources." Buck answered.
Being independent of Star Fleet was nice. Having access to some of their databases and taking advantage of their ability to keep your identity a secret, however, was worth popping back onto Earth every so often.
"Glad to see you're still alive, though I wouldn't expect you to not be..." Mat said.
Buck laughed at this, "Can't say there haven't been a few close class the last few years. Found myself in a hell of a pickle about ten months ago. Needed O'Malley to help me out of that one." Buck shivered slightly at the memory. 
Mathew then started explaining how he was and Buck could quickly sense that he was not great. At first, Buck thought Mat was just questioning his decision to rejoin the fleet, but the more Mat spoke the more it became clear that a specific event, or sequence of events, had triggered something bad in Mathew's life. 
"You probably know all of it though," Mathew said with a shrug and a wave.  "I'm getting over it...."
Buck did not know any of that. He did not have direct access to any ship logs or reports. He likely could access the information easily enough using an asset, but he had not. He kept tabs on several people in Star Fleet. Some because he cared for them, like Mathew and some because he had told them he would kill them if they toed out of line again. However, he usually kept tabs via public information and not by using insider knowledge. So he had known that Mat was still on the Copernicus and even that the Copernicus would be on shoreleave and that Mat had taken some time to go to the Academy, but he had not known what had happened, what Mat had endured. 
"Just need to figure out how to build up some trust again.  I feel like many of them on the Cop trust me." Mathew finished. 
"Good," Buck said before he could stop himself. "Who gives a  **** if they trust you. You shouldn't trust them either."
Buck stopped himself. 
"Sorry. I know it is different ... that is has to be different ... on a ship. I know you all have to trust each other. But don't forget that your job is to run that tactical department to its peak performance. If the ******** cannot trust you while you do that, that's on them."
Buck was about to keep talking but a knock at the door stopped him midsentence. 
"You sure you were not followed?" Buck asked. 

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Posted Star Date 21711.17 @ 20:53 (08:53 PM)

>> LCP >>


== San Franciso, Outside the Last Call Pub, near Star Fleet Academy ==


It vorked.


It was a known fact that due to some sort of quantum temporal reality mechanics, you could not enter the Last Call Pub in one place, or time, and exit in another.  It was something coded in the rules of the portals which allowed entry and exit.


Until now.


Boris looked up and down the street.  Nobody seemed to take notice.  Which made sense, for he looked like most Terrans—perhaps slightly stockier, shorter.  But other than that, he looked like everyone else here.


It was a bright sunny day, so he donned a pair of sunglasses.  Which had the added benefit of being scanners, and linked to his implants allowed him to basically have a HUD with a tricorder, navigation, and a lot of other useful information.


A few blinks later, and he had his bearings, and knew where he needed to go.


He started for the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was a few kilometers to walk.  Not too far.  He could be there in a half hour or so.  On the way was Golden Gate Park.


Boris took off at a brisk walk, keeping an eye on the telemetry being displayed in his HUD while he walked.


How is it da Terrans say? Piece of pie?


Today was going to be a very good day for Boris.  And a very bad day for some other people.


== TBC ==

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Posted Star Date 21711.18 @ 23:17 (11:17 PM)

Mathew smirked as Buck mentioned about trust.  He gave a slight nod to Buck as continued, but he didn't get too far before a knock on the door was heard.  Buck shifted from what they were talking about to asking Mathew if he was sure he wasn't followed.  Mathew was a little unnerved with the combination of the knock and the question.


Hell, I did what I was...what you trained me.  But I haven't been followed in so long.  Maybe I was?  I didn't think I was...  NO.  I know I wasn't. I did everything he taught me.  I know I did.


Mathew was quiet a moment, looking into space.  He mentally went through all the steps he did, from the time he saw Buck earlier to now.  He finally looked to Buck as he quietly stood.  He answered in a low voice.


"I followed...protoccol. I wasn't."


He looked to the door, wondering if maybe whomever had left.  


Maybe they have the wrong address.


== tag... sorry for the delay Buck. ==

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Posted Star Date 21711.30 @ 18:45 (06:45 PM)

== Federation Subspace Cargo Transport SS Rockland 381, En Route from Titan to Mars ==


Isaac Malik had been appointed Captain of the SS Rockland 381 by the MegaMine Consortium three months ago.  The Rockland wasn’t a fast ship, or a pretty ship.  It wasn’t big.  Or well equipped.  It didn’t need to be.  It needed to haul raw materials from the various asteroids, moons, and other smaller objects in the Solar system back to the processing facilities on Mars, where they’d be smelted, melted, and reshaped into materials which could then be used for everything from making metal bolts, to starship hulls.


To Isaac’s mind, this made him one of the most important people in the system.  Without the raw materials to build society upon, there would be no modern society.  And the Rock, as the crew of seven called it, was a good, reliable, and solid hauler.  They weren’t any prettier than the ship itself.  They certainly weren’t cleaner.  But they worked hard, enjoyed their brief bouts of downtime between hauls, and overall enjoyed what they did.


Isaac’s mentor, Jack Dalton, had retired a few weeks before Isaac got the call to take the ship. Jack had run this ship for twenty-six years, and had served on it for twelve before that.  Isaac was only twenty-three.  Most of the crew were double his age.  All good folk though.  And good at their jobs.


The Rock had an average performance record, and Isaac planned to change that.  He wanted the Rock to be the model of the future of this business.  To do that, he needed to whip these old farts into shape.


“Captain—” said Jerry at the comm and sensor station, he insisted that they call him Captain “—I just got pinged by a patrol ship for inspection.  We’re being ordered to all-stop for a full scan.”


Isaac nodded.  This happened occasionally.  And security was very high in system right now for some unknown reason.  “Come to a full stop, and hail them.”


It would be audio-only.  The viewer didn’t work.  They’d had to rob it of a few components to keep the navigation system working a few days ago.  The ship needed some work—but nothing major.  Just some upgrades.


[Megamine Consortium Sierra-Sierra Rocklaand 381, this is Star Fleet USS Bacco, Echo-Charlie-dash-One-Seven-One-One-Six.  Please transmit your current crew and cargo manifest, and recent repair records, and activate visual communications.]


Isaac motioned to Jerry.  “Transmit the files, Jerry.”


He then opened the channel on his end.  “USS Bacco, this is Captain Isaac Malik of the Rock.”  I love the way that sounds.  Someday I’ll have a big-assed interstellar cargo ship.  “We’re sending the files over now.  Our viewer is offline at the moment—we plan to get it fixed when we reach Mars.  Can I have your name?”


There was a pause of about five seconds.


“I am Lieutenant Commander Strobek, Commanding Officer, USS Bacco.  Please hold position while we examine your records.”


“Sure thing, Strobek.”  Use their name casually, build a friendly relationship.  Less apt to stick you for a minor infraction that way.


He muted his side.  “Jerry, we got anything to worry about here?  Our cargo’s clean, right?”


Of course, it was clean.  Isaac knew that.  But it was best to make sure that if they got—


“We’re being scanned,” reported Jerry.  “And yes, as far as I know we’re clean.”


The ship vibrated slightly.


What the hell?


“They’ve attached a tractor to us,” reported Jerry.


Trish, at helm, said “It’s a pretty strong one.  We’re not going anywhere.”


Isaac unmuted the channel.  “Say, Strobek,” he said.  “What’s up with the tractor?  We ain’t goin’ nowhere…”


[Prepare to receive a boarding party.  I am beaming over an inspection team.  We have found anomalies in your record keeping versus your manifest.]


“What kind of anom—” but the channel closed.  What the ****, man?


“I detect four personnel beaming into crew quarters,” said Jerry.  The old fart didn’t even seem surprised.  “Two beaming into—”


”Yeah I see them,” said Isaac as two forms materialized on his bridge, brandishing phaser rifles.  One was aimed at Trish, and the other at Jerry.


“What the hell?” asked Isaac, rising to his feet.


The security officers, who were in full armor including helmets to hide their faces, opened fire.  Jerry and Trish were immediately cut down, crumpling to the deck.  Isaac didn’t know if they were dead or alive.  And he’d never find out.


The next thing he felt was the sharp burn of a phaser hitting him in the chest, and then his world went black…


== USS Bacco, ES-17116 ==


[Crew has been neutralized,] came the report.


Strobek, who was very much not a Star Fleet Lieutenant Commander, grinned in a way that a Vulcan never should.  Because he wasn’t a Vulcan.  And his name wasn’t even Strobek.  It was S'Hauen D'Amarok.


“I am uploading the new course to their computer now.  Place the sensor scramblers so it appears that the ship is still manned by living Terrans.”


[It will be done.]


The channel was then closed.


D’Amarok checked the calculations again.  And then uploaded the program.


Fifteen minutes later the captured USS Bacco was en route to enter Earth orbit, having relieved the Rockland of its one truly valuable asset.


It’s been a long time since anyone has tried anything this bold… let’s hope it works.

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Posted Star Date 21712.06 @ 18:13 (06:13 PM)

"I followed...protoccol. I wasn't." Matthew said. 


Buck nodded in understanding and then pointed towards a phaser pistol on a nearby table. He motioned for Mathew to pick up the weapon and then to step out of sight of the front door. 


Buck silently took a few steps towards the door, never stepping directly in front of the door itself. As he moved towards the door and slid his right hand towards his right hand and slowly unholstered another, smaller, phaser. 


"Who's there?" Buck called out. 


"Open the door Buck," said a familiar voice. 


What the **** Buck thought to himself as he swung the door open, though he kept his phaser in his hand. 


A man walked in and quickly scanned the room with his eyes. He was an older man, probably in his sixties, and had a head of gray hair and two days worth of gray stubble. He was thin and although he did not exactly look 'fit', he looked fairly well toned for a man of his age. 


"Put that phaser away, I'm not here to cause you any trouble." The man said in a gravelly and gruff voice. 


Buck guffaw slightly, though he did reholster the phaser, "You'll forgive me for being overly cautious."


"I'd be pissed if you were any other way," The man said, "And why don't you have your friend come out of that back room." The man said. 


"I don't know what you are talking about," Buck bluffed. 


The new arrival coughed as he laughed, "Oh come on Buck, don't yank me around. I've been watching this safe house for two days now. Plus, he uses a different soap than you do."


Buck shook his head, "It's okay Mat, you can come back out." Buck called. 


Buck then looked at the man, "Honestly, I am surprised you can smell anything over the number of Ferengi cigarettes you smoke a day."


Once Mat reappeared Buck began some introductions. He simply introduced Mat as a friend from his past. He, however, went into a little more detail about the mysterious arrival. His name, according to Buck, was Marcus Maston and he had been Buck's first intelligence handler back before he had been recruited by Derrick Grant and SFSIS. Maston had been the one to sanction most of Buck's activities in the Romulan Neutral Zone years ago. Buck explained that Maston had been a master spy in his younger years before aging into a handler. 


"I thought you were retired, Maston. So the question is ... are you here in a personal manner or on official business?" Buck asked. 

He already knew the answer. Although Maston was an incredible spy, he did not have the resources to track Buck without help from Star Fleet's Intelligence assets. And Maston admitted as much. He explained that he was there with a message from Thomas Smith. That they had asked Maston to deliver the message because they knew Buck would listen to Maston. Buck had to admit, it was a good strategy. 


The message from Smith was a request for help. Help in bringing in Derrick Grant. Buck tossed the message aside and swore at Maston. 


"I know you were my first mentor Mark and your impact on my life means a lot. Grant was my second mentor. What would you want me to say if Smith came to me asking me to track you down?" Buck asked with his guard up. 


Maston shook his head, "If I was the most wanted man in the quadrant I would expect you to bring me in."


"Bull****" Buck retorted. 


"Now come on Buck, think for a damned minute. Innocent or guilty, Derrick Grant is a hot target right now. They want him, dead or alive. Hell, they'd probably just rather him dead instead of alive."


Buck shook his head in agreement. "And they want me to be a part of that. I won't, Mark. I won't let them use my knowledge of Grant to kill him."


"Then use your knowledge of Grant to bring him in alive!" The man roared. "Without you, they will do this messy. With you, you can bring him in. Let him explain himself."


Buck shook his head again, "Come on, if they capture him he will likely be thrown into a black site cell whether he is innocent or guilty."


Maston sighed, "Buck's I've seen the evidence. He is guilty. But, I know you're not convinced. If I were in Grant's shoes, I would want someone I knew, I trusted, to be the one to bring me in. Because I know that someone I trust will keep me alive long enough to present my case. And someone I trust would get me out if I were innocent and no one was listening."


Buck was silent for a moment. "So you're saying that I should ...."


Maston cut him off, "I'm not saying a thing. In fact, I am done saying anything. This PADD has encrypted information on it. If you will help us, read this and report in to Smith in Berlin."


"Berlin?" Buck asked. 


"Read the file kid," Maston said as he turned and exited the apartment, lighting a cigarette as he did. 


==Tag Mat==

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Posted Star Date 21712.10 @ 21:01 (09:01 PM)

I wasn't followed... I wasn't followed... but...


Mathew stayed quiet as he retraced his day in mind.  He followed Buck's nonverbal instructions, quietly taking the phaser and hiding.  He could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand tall as he listened to the conversation between Buck and a voice Mathew hadn't heard. 


Who is that? 


As Buck and Maston spoke, Mathew stayed ready to act, should something unexpected go down. The two spoke as if they were more than acquaintances. Always be ready...  Buck called Mathew back, to which Mathew did so. Before though, he hid the phaser in his boot.  Buck's introduction explained their relationship and Mathew nodded and gave a short "Hey," to Maston.  Mathew chose to stay quiet while Maston and Buck spoke.  It was easy to feel Buck's dilemma in what was asked.  Neither of them asked Mathew to leave, which surprised him. This type of talk wasn't the type that just anyone could hear. It made Mathew wonder what this Maston knew about him. 


Mathew didn't envy Buck in the decision that was in front of him. As Maston left, Mathew acknowledged him with a nod.  Mathew didn't say anything for a moment, but then finally broke the silence with a bit of a joke. 


"That guy, Maston...  Did he train you?  'Cause if he did... I can just blame him for the tough training you put me through," Mathew grinned as he reached into his boot.  He took the phaser he'd hid and placed it back on the table.  


Wonder if I could keep that... no one would have a record of it, though if they found it on me... nope, can't keep it.


== tag Buck ==

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Posted Star Date 21712.18 @ 14:20 (02:20 PM)

Buck glanced down at the PADD in his hand as the door closed. There was silence for a moment before Mat spoke.

"That guy, Maston... Did he train you? 'Cause if he did... I can just blame him for the tough training you put me through," Mat said as he placed the phaser pistol back onto the table. '

Buck grinned slightly, "He was my first handler. Didn't train me in the exact same way that I trained you, but there's no doubt that he was influential in my life."

Buck sighed slightly, "Which is why intel used him to get to me. They knew I would listen to him. To seriously consider anything he asked of me. Because I know ... at least I think I know ... that he would not ask me to do something he did not personally believe was the right thing. Maston is a lot of things. Most especially an old son of a *****. But one thing he is not, is someone's puppet. If he decdided to do intel's bidding, then it is because he believes that they are right."

For a moment it looked like Buck was going to toss the PADD onto the table next to the phaser. However, instead, he placed it into his back pocket.

"What do you think Mat. If someone showed up at your door and told you to track me down, what would you do? What if they told you I had gone dirty? And not just dusty dirty, but mud dirty. Blood dirty. Unacceptably dirty."

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Posted Star Date 21802.07 @ 18:50 (06:50 PM)

==Charon Surface==

>>RE/D02/S12 Aft Storage>>
Two figures materialised on the wrinkled grey ice, dressed in Klingon-pattern EVA suits. One held a rifle, and the other looked unsteady. Charon's gravity was something like three percent of standard, and Alers hated it. However, as far as he could tell, there was no one nearby apart from them. The transport had thrown them clear to the other side of the moon - and Pluto was clearly visible in the sky. At any other time, he might have appreciated the view. 
He pulled a fist-sized device out of a pouch and activated it. A quiet, tight-beam subspace signal pinged out into the aether; an old payment for one of his earliest jobs working for the Orion Syndicate operation on Star Base Bravo. Though the thought of what this particular extraction - from the heart of Federation territory and government - was going to cost him was nearly enough to prompt him to try hailing the nearest Star Fleet ship to surrender. 
Welp. That's future-me's problem. 
[I hope you don't mind the Syndicate, Steele... I called in a favour to pick me up. I'm sure you can fend for yourself, but-] 
He tried to shrug, and nearly fell over. He couldn't find his balance at all. 

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Posted Star Date 21802.07 @ 21:52 (09:52 PM)

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