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Federation Council Chambers, Tokyo, Japan

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#1 Guest_Dr Thomas Grayson (Adm-Ret)_*

Guest_Dr Thomas Grayson (Adm-Ret)_*
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Posted Star Date 21209.05 @ 22:11 (10:11 PM)


#2 Vice President Gavoath

Vice President Gavoath


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Posted Star Date 21511.01 @ 04:54 (04:54 AM)

The following message was transmitted directly from the main chambers of the Federation Council.  It was made by Federation Vice President Gavoath from behind his designated podium and was transmitted Federation-wide.  It would be received by any Federation or Star Fleet communications system not set to block such a transmission.


[To the citizens of the Federation and the officers of Star Fleet, this is Federation Vice President Gavoath speaking to you on behalf of President Joshua Barnett and the Federation Council. 


As you are by now aware, there is a developing crisis in the region overseen by the 4th Fleet, under the command of Admiral Thomas Grayson. While the President and I had hoped to withhold comment until such time as a special investigation could be completed into this situation, Admiral Grayson's recent broadcast, and media reports that he is seeking diplomatic recognition from other political powers and worlds, changes the calculation and demands a formal response be made now.  


Mr. Grayson has used the destruction of USS Avenger to attempt to excuse his inexcusable decision to plunge the Federation into crisis and, in doing so, put at risk the very fabric of our union. What his account fails to acknowledge is that Avenger was stolen by terrorists and was herself compromised. This occurred on his watch. Furthermore, he selectively leaves out that the ship sent to stop these terrorists, USS Gettysburg, has now been illegally seized by his own forces and that her entire crew remains unaccounted for. Put succinctly, Mr. Grayson's transmission and documentation are riddled with circumstantial evidence, suppositions, and gross inaccuracies. 


We prefer to deal in facts, as Star Fleet and the Federation always have, and always will. As such, President Barnett and I believe you deserve to know the facts as they presently exist. Mr. Grayson has declared the sectors under his command independent from the rest of Star Fleet and, in doing so, the Federation. This is outright rebellion. There is no spin that can change this fact or sugar coat this act of insurrection. To be clear, this places Mr. Grayson, and those following him, in a state of open rebellion.  No authority exists under which a Star Fleet Admiral may declare the sovereignty of his command. His activation of the "Grayson Initiative" and accompanying call for others to follow him amounts to insurrection.  Mr. Grayson has installed himself as the supreme leader of this breakaway. Again, posturing aside, these are facts.


In an unprecedented move, given the outrageous nature of Mr. Grayson's claims and actions, the entire leadership of both Star Fleet and the Federation here in Sol have submitted to blood and genetic testing. This was done to address Mr. Grayson's claims that imposters or changelings have taken the place of leadership. These tests prove these claims to be false. All tested individuals are confirmed to be who they say they are. 


Further acts of defiance against the Federation will not be tolerated. The rebel Thomas Grayson is ordered to surrender himself to loyal Star Fleet forces, who will place him in protective custody pending a full and public trial. Additionally, all forces currently following Grayson's flag are ordered to stand down and to turn themselves and their vessels over to the duly elected civilian government of the Federation, after which a formal inquest will be convened into their role in aiding and abetting Grayson's rebellion.  


If such action is not taken, be assured that President Barnett and I will not rest until these fugitives are brought to justice.  The United Federation of Planets is bigger than the ego of any disgruntled Star Fleet Admiral. Working with the loyal leadership of Star Fleet Command and our partners in the Federation Council, the preservation of the Federation is, and will forever be, our life's most important work.  We pledge this to all of you at this difficult time and stand resolved in the face of Mr. Grayson's betrayal.  Rest assured, the Federation and the Star Fleet will be made whole again.]