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The Orville

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#1 Guest_RAdm Abigail Taylor_*

Guest_RAdm Abigail Taylor_*
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Posted Star Date 21705.16 @ 01:51 (01:51 AM)

This looks like it's going to be great! Very Galaxy Quest.


#2 Guest_Cdr Ranaan Ducote_*

Guest_Cdr Ranaan Ducote_*
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Posted Star Date 21705.16 @ 05:45 (05:45 AM)

*quietly adds to To Watch pile*

#3 Ens Charlie Roberts

Ens Charlie Roberts


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Posted Star Date 21705.16 @ 23:44 (11:44 PM)

I hope that finds its way over to us! :D

#4 Cdr Daniel Brooks

Cdr Daniel Brooks


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Posted Star Date 21705.17 @ 09:05 (09:05 AM)

Yeah it looks good. Hopefully we get to see it over here in the UK but shall see. 


I know they are saying it a spoof of Star Trek.. but I can't help thinking that is kind of what it would be like in real life hahaha :)

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#5 LCdr Mara Rexan

LCdr Mara Rexan


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Posted Star Date 21705.17 @ 12:13 (12:13 PM)

I'm looking forward to seeing it and hopefully we won't have to wait too long in the UK  :)

#6 Alexis Tregelen

Alexis Tregelen


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Posted Star Date 21705.17 @ 22:57 (10:57 PM)

I echo what others have said, looks great and just hope it comes down here preferably on Netflix so I don't have to get another service.

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#7 Guest_Mid Aileen Masarn_*

Guest_Mid Aileen Masarn_*
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Posted Star Date 21705.19 @ 19:24 (07:24 PM)

I have little faith in Fox (Firefly still stings a bit!) but my god does this look good! To me it was less Galaxy Quest (though I did get that vibe from it) and more the live-action adaptation of a really good Star Trek fan canon (star-traks.com. Look it up, it's amazing). 

#8 Cdr Alexander Talion

Cdr Alexander Talion


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Posted Star Date 21705.20 @ 12:57 (12:57 PM)

Yes, this does have a Galaxy Quest/Star Trek feel to it. I'm looking forward to it.

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#9 RAdm Kinziri Jal

RAdm Kinziri Jal


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Posted Star Date 21901.16 @ 18:32 (06:32 PM)

Gonna bump this thread as The Orville season two has started to air.


As I raved about it in the appropriate Discord channel today, I watched episode 3 of season 2 today and can't praise it enough. Great story, really great graphics of the planet, city, technology, ships, shuttles, skimmer, weird alien crewmembers, alien wildlife beastie... Although not dark and 'edgy' which many seem to think is the big thing these days, this episode is almost the perfect Star Trek episode to me. It even has 4 Trek actors, one a regular in this show, from DS9 is joined by two more Niners, plus there's a great performance from John Billingsley - Dr Phlox from Enterprise. (Okay okay 5 Trek actors as Seth MacFarlane was in Enterprise too!) The story is spot on, character development spot on, and although it sees the departure from the show of my fave character, it's done in the best way possible (with the door open for the actress/character to return apparently). 


If you've dabbled with The Orville season 1 and it wasn't to your taste, maybe didn't like the style of humour (like me) I'd say give it another try and scoot on to the later episodes of the first season where they tone the humour down some. Season 2, episode 3 has the good humour just right for me. Like Trek has always done, The Orville does reflect some modern issues and reflects them back on us to ponder. Well I think so anyway.  B)



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#10 LCdr Sebok

LCdr Sebok


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Posted Star Date 21901.16 @ 22:23 (10:23 PM)

At your suggestion on discord, I have started to watch it again from the beginning of season one.  I am enjoying it more this time, though the humour is a little meh to me, I intend to push through though LLAP.