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Posted Star Date 21901.17 @ 00:33 (12:33 AM)


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Posted Star Date 22004.04 @ 19:17 (07:17 PM)

It had felt like forever since he’d been in a scull, and while that was probably true, Nathan felt right at home in almost a literal sense. Passing beneath University Bridge, he could hear the familiar sounds of traffic, birds, and the voices of a couple of early-risers from the nearby Magazine Beach outdoor gym. Each stroke propelled the single scull further and further through the waters of the Charles River, and Nathan could already feel a burn in some of his muscles; particularly the ones he hadn’t been focusing on lately. Most of his workouts had been more of the martial type as of late. It was one of the best ways, or so the young man thought, to relieve his stress. Or, at least, it had immediate gratification. The truth of the matter was, fighting was just as taxing as the stress he was trying to relieve. So, he had chosen this option instead.


The early mornings biking down to the Pierce Boathouse, before many people were even awake, provided a serene sort of meditative quality to the whole experience. Though, being the first to the Boathouse meant doing some work before the fun could begin. Pulling oars, taking down goose lines, and sweeping the docks. That was, if one could sweep the docks. As Nathan recalled, every time he had set out to be first to the boathouse, the dock was covered in goose poop; and cleaning was an unenviable, if needed, task. Still, it was all part of the experience.


Being as early as it was, there was mist still coming up off the river, which caused Ramius to take a deep breath in of the air.


This could have been my life… he contemplated in between each stroke of the oars.


Massachusetts, and specifically MIT, was where his parents had hoped he would stay. If Nathan had stayed, he’d be right there with them, probably working as a graduate student in their labs… if he didn’t already have a doctorate of his own. Every morning could have been filled with the sights and sounds of a busy city. It would have been an easier, much less complicated life than the one he had now.


That is being generous. It would have been far easier of a life to have stayed on Earth. Biking to work? Or maybe reading a journal article while taking transit? Get to the lab, do some work, maybe teach a course, then back to the lab again. Mom would have been ecstatic to see me every day. Dad probably would have liked it too, though I doubt he’d say anything. Though I suppose our relationship would have been a lot different had I stayed. That is, we’d actually have a relationship, as antagonistic as it probably would have been. I don’t think I could envision me staying on the same track as him. I’d have to strike out on my own theories. It would have been interesting


A deep sigh escaped Nathan, despite the incredible exertion he was putting his body through. There were so many choices that had led to where he was now, that going back and rethinking even one of those choices would be an exercise in futility. There would have been no guarantee he would have even stayed in Massachusetts had he decided not to join Star Fleet. It would have been just as probable that he went to the Daystrom Institute instead, in Okinawa.


That would have been a radical change for me. I wonder if they do a lot of rowing in Okinawa?


Nathan had never been, so he wouldn’t know, though he supposed it would be nice to find out; perhaps during a future shore leave.


It may be fun to look back and think ‘what-if’… but if you hadn’t made the choices that you did, you wouldn’t get what you have now… a positive sort of voice spoke in his mind, before another much more sarcastic one chimed in,


Yes, because you have so much here. A blossoming, untarnished career…


That caused the young man to snort. Though, as tarnished as his career was, he had managed to make a difference; even if that difference had caused him to have nightmares ever since. Though that was on the nights that he managed to get to sleep. More often than not lately, Nathan just laid in his bed, staring at the ceiling. Any hint of heat or humidity would bring out ghosts and shadows from the corner of his eyes. Then, his skin would feel itchy. If he wasn’t asleep by that point, Ramius would roll over and check the chronometer, which would often show the time to be very early in the morning still. But, if he had fallen asleep… that is when the nightmares would come to life…


There was a sound, unfamiliar to Nathan, as he snapped back into the moment and found himself off course and heading for a collision with the river-wall that held the bike path aloft.


“Oh ****!” he said aloud, and dipped one oar in, pushing the opposite direction, while furiously pulling hard with the other to provide control. There was no rudder on this scull, and so steering was only obtained by using the dynamics of oars and strokes. Thankfully, he had caught it in time, and avoided smashing into the wall.


“Damn,” the word came out slightly labored, his breathing out of rhythm due to the sudden excitement of nearly plowing himself into an immovable object.


“Computer, save progress. Reset and clear,” the images of the Charles River disappeared, and aside from the physical seat, the rest of the single scull disappeared too. Opening the door to the smallish box that was the ‘holo-rower’, the reality of who he was, and where he was, set in.


Still aboard the Artemis


Cracking his neck, Nathan cleaned the equipment, and then headed for the showers in the Recreation Deck. Due to his exercise being cut short, he could take a longer shower than normal, and Ramius decided it would be a luxurious water-shower while he was at it too.


Might as well enjoy my extra time this morning. Maybe I can shake some of these ghosts. Or maybe even drown them…



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Posted Star Date 22005.04 @ 16:45 (04:45 PM)

== Gym, 19 days after launch ==
As she trained, Beka was eerily quiet, the only sound she made the hiss of breath as she drew it in and the squeak of her training shoes on the mat. The punching bag was the focus of her attention and it rattled constantly from impacts.
She was moving all the time, jabbing with her right hand before bringing in heavy blows from her left, running through hard left-right combinations of hooks and cross-shots before dropping back to the jab. Her skin glowed with the exertion, and the muscles on her arms shone in the harsh light. The pigtails of her Dutch braids lashed against her shoulders, her fiery red hair the same colour as the ornate phoenix tattoo that wrapped itself around her left arm. Its wings peeked out front and back from under the cropped vest top, just below her neck.
Dimly she became aware that she wasn’t alone, and with one last savage punch she caught the bag and turned around. Sydesh was breathing hard but she still stood straight. 
There were 4 of them stood there in workout gear, the man at the front a dark-skinned giant with the head spikes of Ktarian hybrid. 
“Our turn,” he said simply. 
“I’m not done,” Beka replied calmly. “There’s plenty of other bags.” 
“This is our bag.” He crossed his arms. “Who are you anyway? I don’t recognise you.”
“I’m the girl who hasn’t finished her workout.”
That drew a snort from the big man. 
“I like you. But you still gotta learn your place,” he said.
“No, I’m OK with this being it.” Beka wasn’t backing down. “I won’t be long.”
The man stepped right up to the much smaller woman, looking down his nose at her. She didn’t so much as flinch, brilliant green eyes locked on his. 
“Now for you to be built like that, you’ve gotta be Security, or Tactical or Engineering maybe.” His voice was low. “And I’ve never seen you before. So you have to be a new recruit. You’re punching way above your weight here.” 
A wry smile crept across Beka’s lips. 
“I’m a medic,” she corrected.
The snort of derision was much louder this time. 
“You don’t look like a medic to me. But you’re gonna need one in a minute.”
“Funny you should mention punching way above my weight.” The smile on her face was predatory as she spoke. “You know the real reason medics don’t fight very often? It’s because we know where to hit you. We know how your joints are constructed, and which bits crumble first. Where your pressure points are. I love that one on your neck that disrupts your balance. That’s my favourite. It staggers you, lowers your defences so I can clean you up. And I’m really good at finding it.”
Beka clashed her fists together, the thumping of the padded material on her gloves echoing around the room as she stared the man down. 
The awkward silence lasted nearly a minute before his face cracked into a massive grin. 
“You know, I like you!” he thundered, clapping Beka on the shoulder with a massive hand. “I’m Chief Nux.” 
“Beka Sydesh.”
The Chief nodded. 
“You got more balls than most, Beka Sydesh,” Nux replied. “Can you back that up?”
“You wanna find out?” There was a grin on Beka’s face.
“Oh, it’s on.” Nux gestured to the others. “Clear a space. Let’s see what she got. Computer, sparring safety field please.”
That grin was still front and centre as the two bumped fists and took guard. Nux sprung forward and Beka sidestepped, countering with a sharp combo that forced him back onto the defensive. She threw a straight jab and a big hook shot that he blocked, and then leapt into a high hook kick that Nux only just managed to duck under. Quick as a flash she spun into a roundhouse that knocked him backwards and then flew into a two-footed flying kick that floored him. 
Nux climbed to his feet and grinned right back. 
“OK, that was impressive,” he said. 
Beka bowed. 
“I always get the first one,” she replied. “It’s when you guys take me seriously that it gets fun.”
Nux’s grin wavered a second. 
“I was taking you seriously… You got more gears?” 
One ginger eyebrow was raised. 
“Always,” she said calmly.
There was a pause before they both jumped forward. Beka swayed as a heavy right flew past her head, Nux absorbing a jab and landing a body shot. He tried to follow it up but she was already darting back nimbly. A scissor kick was inches away from his jaw as he tried to close and a leg sweep thundered into his shin and sent him stumbling. He just about managed to set himself before the big roundhouse came over, blocking it with both hands. She spun again and the reverse hook kick came from the other side, knocking him down face-first. 
Nux shook his head and sprang to his feet. 
“Damn you’re fast,” he said. “You’re not the heaviest hitter but you’re so damn quick from move to move…” 
“That’s kinda the plan,” Beka replied. “Yeah, maybe my best shot could take you down, but you’ll never let me land it. So if I can keep you from settling, keep you off balance, I can pick you off eventually.”
This time when Nux came forward he brushed off her punches and started to work her over at point blank range, backing her up to the edge of the mats and keeping her in front of him. With Beka at close quarters he kept her ferocious kicks out of the equation, forcing her to put her guard up and take the shots she couldn’t dodge. 
She tried to spin away but he caught her by the arm. Quickly Beka squirmed out of the armlock but Nux managed to glance her with a hook shot to the head, and followed it up with an uppercut to the body that actually lifted her feet off the mat as she went down hard. Even through the safeties, the blow was hard enough to knock Beka’s breath out of her. She rose to her knees, her hands on her hips. 
“Ow,” she managed, still trying to grin even through the exertion. “That one… really hurt.”
“First proper shot I’ve hit you with this whole deal,” he replied. He held out a hand and helped her up. “You wanna train with us? You are more than good enough to have earned a place. You help us get better, we’ll help you.”
“Didn’t all this start because I was on your bag?” Beka looked up, still bent almost double as she tried to drag air back into her lungs.
“Nah.” Nux shook his head. “I saw you working and wanted to size you up. See how you reacted.” 
Beka finally managed to straighten up. 
“So this was a test?” she asked. 
“Yep, pretty much.” It was Nux’s turn to grin. “You think we’d last ten minutes on this ship if we bullied people over their choice of bag?”
The answer drew a laugh from Beka.
“Then yeah, I’ll take you up on that,” she said. “You might even manage to even the score eventually.” 
Nux burst out laughing.
“You always this damn spunky?” he asked. 
“Yeah, pretty much. Ask my boss. She’s already sick of the sight of me.” Beka was still grinning as she picked up her towel from the floor and slipped her gloves off. 
“Well, it’s been a pleasure for me. I’ll see you again tomorrow?” Nux asked.
“Count on it.” 
The two bumped fists again before Beka headed away. She may have lost the fight, and she’d have a couple of choice bruises in the morning, but it was a price she’d have gladly paid for capable sparring partners. 

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== Gym, 26 days after launch == 
Beka sat on the edge of the mat and watched as her workout group sparred with assorted weapons. There were holoknives, shock staves and others in evidence but the doctor had refused point-blank to join in.
“You sure we can’t tempt you?” Nux called. 
“Yep. I’m sure.” Beka’s voice was calm as she smiled. “Not my thing at all.” 
“Come on!” It was the raven-hair Shae’s turn, a wiry woman who was all edges and spikes, to join in. “I bet you just don’t have the chops!” 
That one drew a laugh from Beka. 
“Yeah. Trauma surgeon!” she threw back. “I could knock you down and carve my life history into your kidneys before you got back up! Doesn’t mean I’ll ever take a knife to someone outside of a Sickbay though.”
That was pretty much that. It was a subject that had come up before and Sydesh had held her ground then too. She’d had to fix far too many stab wounds, and been on the wrong end of a couple herself, to ever want to get into blade play. She was happy with phasers because of the stun settings, and whilst she had trained her body into a weapon, she felt in complete control of it. 
There were footsteps behind her, and suddenly Beka felt herself grabbed by the back of her vest and hauled unceremoniously to her feet. She spun around to see an angry face right in front of hers. 
“You.” The voice was little more than a whisper, but it was full of menace. His face was lean, greasy black hair in spikes over pointed ears, grey eyes accusatory. “You’ll fight me.” 
Beka shoved him back two-handed. 
“Who the hell are you?” she demanded. 
“Lokosh.” He was wearing baggy black clothes and elegant boots, set for a fight. She was in her workout clothes; vest, tiny shorts and training shoes.
There were more footsteps and this time they were friendly. Nux’s huge hand settled on Beka’s shoulder. 
“She’s with us,” he said simply. 
“I don’t care,” Lokosh replied. “I don’t want any of you. I just want her. She crossed me in the one way I can’t forgive.” 
Beka looked up at Nux and then back at her accuser. 
“How?” she said. “I have literally no idea who you are. And trust me, I’d remember you.”
“Vander.” His eyes narrowed as he spat the name. The redheaded doctor had to double-take. 
“What? This is about Rachel Vander?” she asked. 
“Yes. You made a move on her.” Lokosh’s voice was little more than threatening hiss.
Beka shook her head before bursting out laughing. Nux looked at her. 
“You want to catch me up on this?” the Ktarian hybrid said. “Lokosh here has been trying to snare Vander for months. And anyone else who tries gets… This.” 
“We got talking last night in the crew lounge,” Beka replied, a grin on her lips. “She mentioned there was this really creepy guy who wouldn’t let anyone talk to her. And for the record, she was the one who made the first move on me. Which should be evidence enough that he never really stood much chance anyway.” 
Lokosh was almost shaking with anger. 
“Nux, get lost” he spat. “This is between me and your pirate here.”
Beka’s eyes narrowed. 
“Oh, it’s on,” she replied. She made to step forward but Nux held her back. 
“You’re not gonna win this,” he warned. 
“In a straight fight? Never. But he’s never going to get me in a straight fight.” Beka turned her head. “Hypothetical scenario. Some psychopath corners me and I call Security on him. How long before you get there? Worst case?”
"2 minutes? No more than that," the grey-haired Bajoran Torna answered. 
“OK.” Beka’s eyes were hard. “Computer, lower sparring field for 2 minutes on my mark.”
Lokosh clenched and unclenched his fists as the group looked at each other, before Nux spoke for them.
“Your funeral, kid,” he said as they cleared the mat.
Beka smiled horribly.
“Mark,” she said, and there was a hum as the field was lowered.
Lokosh rushed her and she threw herself to the side at the last second. Rolling to her feet, Beka ducked under a big swing and dodged back from a shot aimed at her gut. He went for a leg sweep only for her to dive straight over his head to a burst of laughter from the watching group. Cursing, he spun to find her already up and set. She snapped a roundhouse kick into his chest that drove him back, before hopping to the other foot and landing a hook kick like a piledriver right in his gut. The flip to change legs again was effortless and the powerful kick to his head put him down on the mat. Her movements were so fast that he hadn’t even seen the last one coming.
“I’m done playing with you!” he roared in frustration as he leapt up.
“I’m not playing.” Beka’s trademark grin was nowhere to be seen, her face a mask of concentration as she blocked a kick with her knee and deflected a stinging jab with her arm. She swayed back as a hook shot missed her jaw by millimetres but she was caught by a hammer blow to the midriff that knocked her off balance. Lokosh followed up, shoving her to keep her stumbling and then landing a heavy jump kick in her back that sent her sprawling to the mat. He went in to grab her but she saw it coming and rolled out of the way, before pulling her knees up and launching herself to her feet. A sharp flurry of jabs to his head made him step back and their legs clashed as they both went for the kick at the same time.
Beka found herself knocked away and she moved with it, spinning into a leg sweep that he had to jump over. It gave her a moment to spring back and buy herself some breathing space. He lunged again and she had to deflect a lethal 1-2 aimed for her head with her arms, the sheer force of the blows making her grimace. There was a gap in his guard as he went for the big shot and she got in with an uppercut to rock his head back and put more space between them. 
By now Lokosh had completely lost his temper. Beka bobbed and weaved around another series of punches, bringing her knee up sharply to take a cross shot on the shin. He reached out and grabbed hold of her left arm as she tried to spin away again, yanking her towards him. It backfired as she twisted and seized hold of his belt, using her strength to drive him over her hip and head-first into the mat. 
As Beka stepped away again there was a shimmer as the sparring field snapped back into place. Breathing heavily, she grinned at the furious Lokosh as he stood. 
“I’m not scared of you,” she said. “You come for me, you can’t put me down before the cavalry arrives. I’ll trade a few bruises for you getting a long stretch in the brig.”
“You think you’ve won this?” he hissed. 
“Yep. Pretty much.” Beka stared Lokosh down as he strode towards her. Suddenly he lashed out, the field flaring as the blow landed right in the side of her head and sent her flying. 
“Alright, that’s enough!” The bellow came from Nux, as the huge man placed himself between the two of them. 
“Are you going to leave Vander alone?” Lokosh shouted. “Answer me!”
Shae and Torna were at the doctor’s side. She grabbed hold of the offered hands and was lifted to her feet.
“No,” the redhead said calmly. “If Rachel wants to see me, she can see as much of me as she likes. And there is absolutely nothing you can do about that. So take a hint. Leave us alone.”
The two stared each other down, before Lokosh turned on his heel and stormed out of the gym.
“Well that was fun,” Beka murmured, drawing in a deep breath and letting it out in a slow sigh. 
“You’ve got a screw loose in there somewhere,” Nux said, turning to face her. “Taking the field down and giving him a free swing like that? You’re out of your mind.” 
“It’s the only way to stop a bully,” Beka said. “Well. The only way I know. Show them you’re not afraid and why you’re not afraid. I couldn’t have beaten him in a straight fight but I don’t need to. First sign of trouble, you better believe I’m on that comm badge and I’m screaming for help until you get there.”
“If he didn’t like you before, he’s going to hate you now,” Shae said. “That guy is dangerous and you just made him look stupid.” 
“No, he made himself look stupid. I just helped,” Beka replied. Her face was flushed red and there were some truly spectacular bruises forming on her arms and legs. “But I bet you he thinks twice about it next time he tries to scare someone off.”
There was a moment’s silence before Shae broke it. 
“So more to the point. You and Rachel Vander?” she said with a wicked grin. “I’m not into girls but damn…”
Beka bowed, a smile on her lips. 
“I’m glad she’s slumming it, bless her heart,” the redhead said. 
“You taking her anywhere nice?” Torna asked with a grin. 
“Yeah, I’ve got a lovely restaurant picked out and everything,” Beka replied with a chuckle. “I wanted to cook for her, but I can’t get any produce out here and there’s nowhere to prepare it even if I could. So it’s crew lounge and rely on my winning personality.”
“So she’ll be heading back to her place on her own about ten minutes later then,” Shae teased, to laughter from the others. 
“Almost certainly. But hey. That won’t be the first time I’ve tried punching above my weight today…” Beka threw back with a smile. 
Nux clapped her on the shoulder. 
“I like you. I don’t think you’re going to live very long, but it’ll be a fun ride whilst you do,” he said with a grin.

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Posted Star Date 22005.23 @ 01:45 (01:45 AM)

==Gym - Day 26==


As Lokosh stormed away and Sydesh's companions rushed to her side, the small and unassuming brunette who had been watching the fight from the sidelines shook her head, replaced her headphones, and went back to working on the punching bag. Jenny had heard rumours that Sydesh had been making noise in the ring, either provoking fights or being provoked into them by others, but she hadn't believed a Midshipwoman fresh from the Academy would be quite so stupid. Apparently, Sydesh was the new incarnation of Jake Schwartz - egotistical and trained in martial arts just enough to believe that they might survive an actual fight.


The music blared in her ears as she continued to punish the bag, the tractor projectors above and below holding it upright but not preventing it from wobbling dangerously within their fields. So many of the new officers, officers who should have been taught self-restraint and respect at the vaunted Star Fleet Academy, were graduating with reckless temperaments and matching ego. In truth, they reminded Jenny of herself, and that was something that scared her deeply - a starship had not been big enough for one of her when she was younger and more impetuous, and now there were several impersonators running around among the different departments.


It was a problem.


One that had to be dealt with.


The music came to an abrupt halt, signalling that her recreation time was done. She had an hour to shower, change, feed Raiju and Carly before reporting for her shift; which would give her time to consider just what sort of lesson the more impudent junior officers needed subjecting to. Some, fortunately, would be easier than others...

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Posted Star Date 22011.08 @ 23:51 (11:51 PM)

== Set in the days after the mission. Ship Gym. ==
21. 22. 23. 24… 25!
Beka dropped off the chin-up bar and went down to her haunches. She was well into her workout and her skin glowed with exertion as she reached for her drinks bottle. The headset blared a thunderous hard rock soundtrack that kept her focused as she took a few moments for recovery.
[Medical Complex to Sydesh. Come in please.]
The music cut out suddenly as the message came through. The doctor tapped the earpiece on her headset to answer. 
“Sydesh here.”
[We’ve had a call of a sports injury on the pitches. Serious knee injury apparently. Seeing as you’re already there and it’s your area, can you respond please? Burton has called in sick.]
“Yeah, sure. I’m mid-workout so give me a few to warm down and I’ll be there.”
[Thanks, doc. Medical Complex out.]
Drawing in a deep breath, Beka ran through a few warm-down stretches. She was wearing an orange vest, long white shorts and white high-top sneakers, her ginger hair tied back in a messy bun and skewered in place with a kanzashi-style pin decorated in orange blossom. 
Stopping at the replicator to replace her headset with a medkit and commbadge, she headed out of the gym and over to the multiuse pitches with her bag over her shoulder. There were 6, surrounded by mesh fencing, that could be configured for a number of different sports depending on need. At the moment they were set up for 5-a-side soccer. There were games going on on all but the far left pitch, which made it much easier for the medical officer to figure out where she was needed. As she got close she could see everyone crowded around a human male on the deck who was clutching his knee, his face red. 
That’s my guy then Sydesh though. She let herself onto the pitch through the gate. 
“OK guys, step back please,” the redhead called. Suddenly all eyes were on her, then her medkit, and they gave her the space she needed to kneel down next to the injured man. “I’m Dr Sydesh. What’s his name and what happened?” she asked, opening the kit and snatching up the tricorder. 
“Darryl James. Petty Officer James,” someone said.
“He went in for a 50/50 ball,” one of the other men said from behind her. “I went in for it as well and we hit each other, and he took both of our weight on his knee when he went down… I didn’t mean anything by it, it was an accident I swear!”
“Don’t worry, **** happens when you’re playing,” Beka replied. She flipped open her tricorder. “OK, I just need to see what’s damaged. Give me a sec,” she said to her patient. The scanner chirped away to itself before displaying a 3D image that she could rotate and examine. 
Ouch. Right in the PCL… That’s going to hurt. No wonder he’s in agony. I’ll dose him up then break the news. Bright side is I can fix this fairly easily in surgery later.
Sydesh squeezed her patient’s shoulder. 
“This is very important. Are you allergic to anything? I need to know because I’m about to give you a painkiller,” she said.
“No, no, I’m OK. Just give me whatever…”
A hypospray of metorapan was picked out, checked and applied. As it took effect, James uncurled, and with a little help from the redhead he sat up.
“Right, you’ve ruptured your PCL,” Beka said. “That’s the ligament at the back of your knee. It’s a simple operation to fix it. Let’s get you to Sickbay and I can sort you out.”
The man grimaced.
“I can’t. I’ve got to finish the match…” he started. 
“OK, I’m gonna stop you right there,” the doctor cut in. “You can’t put any weight on that leg without it collapsing under you, never mind run around. You’re done. Your next stop is a surgical bed several decks up, and then you’ll be on light duties for the next week.”
“But I can’t!” The man’s eyes were wide. “If I can’t finish, we’ll have to forfeit the match and then we’re out of the league! Please, this is the only time I get to see my friends! We can’t get kicked out… I can’t be the reason why. Is there nothing you can do?”
“No, I can’t. You need surgery,” Beka replied.
“Then just bandage me up. I’ll take the risk!” He went to stand up, and just as the doctor had predicted, his leg couldn’t take his weight and he was straight back down on the artificial turf.
“You…” The redhead caught herself right before she let loose with a verbal barrage. Suddenly an idea occurred to her, and she looked up at the scoreboard. “Right. So if the match gets finished, you’ll let me take you to Sickbay? And am I reading that right, that there’s only 4 minutes left to play?”
“Yeah… Do you know someone that can play?” One of the others piped up from behind her. 
“I do. Help me get him off the field then tag me in. I’ll finish the match for you,” Beka said. “But only because I can’t be bothered to have the fight with you, or deal with the paperwork of transporting you without your consent for the sake of 4 minutes.”
“Can you play?” James asked. “I mean, we’re 3-0 down already, but…”
Sydesh gave him a sideways glance as she threw his arm over her shoulders, and gestured to the nearest man to do the same. 
“Yes thanks,” she replied. “OK, and lift on 3. 1… 2… 3. Up!” Between her and the other player, they easily carried the stricken Petty Officer off the pitch and settled him down on a bench on the other side of the fence. She started to strap the knee up with a support from her kit that she laid down next to him. “You sit here. You do not get up, you do not put any weight on that leg, you do not help yourself to any more painkillers. I don’t even know why I’m doing this.” 
“Thanks doc,” James said. “We may lose but at least we’re still in the league!”
Beka shook her head as the rest of his teammates joined the pair by the bench. They were all wearing yellow shirts, the other team in dark blue, so it was still clear which side she was on.
“OK. Tell me what I need to know,” she said. “Who’s who, which way am I going?”
“We’re attacking the scoreboard end,” one of the other men said, a captain’s armband on. “Only ‘keepers allowed in the D and they’re not allowed to kick out, rolling subs.” He looked at Sydesh, trying to work her out. “Where do you play? Darryl here was our forward.”
“I’ll take his spot then,” Beka replied. “Usually I do freestyle but I’m fine with 5-a-side. Can I shoot from anywhere? None of that stuff about the ball not going above shoulder height?”
“No, you’re fine,” James said. “What do you mean, shoot from anywhere?” 
The redhead finished pinning the support in place and stood up. 
“You’ll see in a minute,” she said. 
This is such a stupid idea Sydesh thought as she followed her new team-mates out onto the pitch to finish the game. But the patient is happy to sit there and it’s not going to do him any harm. Maybe having his friends around him after the surgery will help. And I gotta be honest, I love football... 
The ball was sat on the edge of the centre circle ready for a free kick after the tackle that had sidelined James, and when the referee blew the whistle to restart the match it was Sydesh who claimed it. She took a short run-up and then smashed an absolute peach of a shot into the top corner, the ball curling the whole way and the keeper not able to get anywhere near it. As she jogged back into her half for the kickoff, she grinned to herself as both sets of players looked at her in shock.
Straight from the restart, Beka chased down the blue-shirted player with the ball. He tried to pass and run past her but she intercepted the kick, knocked the ball over his head into the fencing and brought it under control as it bounced back onto the turf, running straight at the goal. A defender tried to block her path and she let the ball go just behind her before lifting it in a rainbow flick that carried easily over the man’s head as she ran past him. The ball bounced once before she rifled in a half-volley from the edge of the D.
“OK, this isn’t fair! Where the hell did you find her?” one of the blue shirts demanded. “That’s ridiculous!” 
“I don’t know!” the yellow captain said, a grin plastered across his face. “But it’s 3-2! Not so cocky now, huh?” 
The reply to that was unintelligible as the blue team huddled quickly, several of them giving Beka a murderous glare. She bowed ostentatiously, knowing that that was going to make it worse but not caring as she took her mark on the left hand side of the centre-circle. 
This time the kick-off went the other way, and the blues’ forward ran headlong into the yellow half. He was fast but not quite fast enough and just as he lined the shot up, Sydesh slid in and took the ball off his foot. It bounced around without anyone able to get a clear kick on it before rolling gently into the D. The yellow keeper picked it up and pointed at the redhead as he threw it over her head. 
Beka spun and took off after it. A blue player made a beeline for her and shoulder-charged her, the two clashing just before she crossed the halfway line. They both bounced off and when he went in again she pulled up sharply. He stumbled as the contact he was braced for didn’t happen and she ran round him, but the delay let two of his team mates get between her and the goal. Her captain was running up behind her and she curled a pass around the two-man block, right into his path. There was no stopping the shot and he punched the air in celebration, scores level.
Again, the blue team went away from Sydesh from the kick-off, 3 of them stringing passes together as a 4th blocked her off. Last-ditch defending saw the resultant shot deflected and then the ball hoofed clear. It spun out towards the left wing as the yellow shirts broke out and ran. 
The redhead brought the ball down with a deft touch and ran at the big man in front of her. He made no attempt to play the ball and launched himself at her, sending her crashing into the wire fence. She bounced off and fell over awkwardly, but was straight back up on her feet and brought the ball under her spell again. With a grin she ran at him. Her feet were a blur as she stepped over again and again, and then punched the ball to the right with a left-footed rabona. The pass was seized on by her team-mates and they worked the shot on goal that the blue ‘keeper only just managed to claw away. The referee blew his whistle for full-time and that was that. 
Beka found herself being high-fived by her team, and she couldn’t stop grinning. The captain wrapped his arm around her shoulders and squeezed as they headed off the pitch. 
“OK, I need to know where a Star Fleet doctor learned how to play football like that,” he said, as they sat down on the bench next to an open-mouthed James. 
“When you get back to your quarters, take a look on TheTube,” Sydesh said. “Look up RedRapinoe. I used to post videos of freestyling and me doing… well, pretty much what I just did on 5-a-sides. It was originally to help me learn to control my kicks for my taekwon-do but turns out I love playing football. The Academy made me stop posting clips once they realised, and I had to take a couple of videos down because they were recorded on the grounds, but I had a good few thousand subscribers at the end.”
“I think we’re all going to be looking at that…” James said. “Sydesh, you said your name was? Can you play again next week?” 
The redhead smiled.
“Yeah, probably,” she replied. “And it’s Beka. Beka Sydesh.”
“I’m Jordan,” the captain said. “That’s Riggs, Monar and our keeper Raich.” 
“Good to meet you all,” Beka said, nodding to each in turn before closing up her kit. “Now, we have to get this one to Sickbay so I can clean up and fix him. OK? We’ll talk fixtures once he’s in post-op but I’ve got a job to do until then.”
The doctor touched her comm-badge to call in for the site-to-site transport, suddenly all business again.
== TL;DR girl plays football, is good at it. ==

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Posted Star Date 22105.08 @ 00:02 (12:02 AM)

== Approximately one hour before timeskip finishes ==


Three… he finished the lift, bringing the weights back down toward his chest.


Four… Nathan pushed the weights back up, and then placed back onto the rack before sliding out to sit up on the bench.


“Ramius…” a familiar voice called out to him. Nathan’s hand searched for his sport bottle for a moment, while his eyes hunted for a face.


“Ah, el-tee. How can I help you sir?” taking a couple of solid breaths, he then took a good swig from his shaker.


“No need to help me Ramius. I just saw you and thought you might want a spotter.”


Praasn looked clean, like he hadn’t even been working out at all, whereas Nathan was soaked from his usual arm day routine. With all of the training with the SRT, he found he needed to step up his routines, as he often never got the chance to head back to the Recreation Complex.


“It’d be nice for my last reps, yeah. Thanks,” Nathan put the bottle back on the ground, and went to one side, adding another five-kilogram weight; Praasn followed suit, placing a five-kilo weight to the other side for balance.


Afterward, Nathan took some more deep breaths before sliding back onto the bench and into position, with Praasn looming over him.


“Any news on Tegg?” Praasn said with exactly zero expression on his face.


“Nope, you probably know more than me,” Nathan replied, almost curtly, before lifting the barbell from the rack and beginning his reps.


“Not really,” his Team Leader started, “most of what I get is just the rumor mill doing its thing. Though I heard you’ve given Coleman a full report.”


“Yup,” Nathan managed through gritted teeth, finishing a second rep.


“I find it hard to believe no one noticed Tegg’s suit had a hole in it.”




“Are you saying that they are lying?”


“No,” he barely managed, finishing up what would normally be his fourth and last rep, when Praasn started leaning on the bar slightly, adding weight.


“So, are you lying then?”


That caused Ramius to glare with anger instantly. The muscles in his arms, already taut, found new strength as he reacted to the accusation. With all the weight though, he couldn’t respond, and instead struggled to try and get the bar back on the rack. Nathan continued to stare at Praasn, whose only response was to smirk like an ***hole.


“I mean, someone isn’t being honest about this whole situation.”


Finding a moment to get more air into his lungs, Nathan pushed with all of his might upwards, letting the growing rage fuel his attempt. However, it wasn’t enough, and instead his arms started to shake violently in response. Finally, Praasn slowly let up, allowing Ramius to rack. As soon as the weights clunk down, the sweat soaked officer nearly forgot to dodge the bar as he shot up to a sitting position.


“If you are accusing me of something Praasn, then you better just damn well say it to my face.”


“I just want to know what happened to Tegg. We all do. Someone isn’t being forthright,” the other man said, without a glimmer of emotion.


Arms still shaking, Nathan considered standing up and getting right into the Team Leader’s face, but instead focused on his breathing.


“There is a big difference between lying and discretion. I’m exercising the latter Lieutenant. If you want answers, then ask Coleman. People should leave Tegg alone until he is ready to talk, and only if he ever wants to talk about it.”


There was a long, heavy pause between the two, both of whom had now locked eyes. The way that Nathan was breathing, it might have seemed to an outsider that he was trying to figure out if he wanted to go after the other man. It wasn’t the intention though. Of all circumstances the young man had ever been through, numerous times, the encounter just then was one of the easiest to stay calm in.


“Very good,” Praasn finally broke the silence with a smile, “that’s what I like to hear Ramius. Clean up and get your butt down to the armory to gear up once you are done your post-workout. We are on call,” he finished by tossing a towel to Nathan, who could only sit there puzzled.



>> Deck 13 Security Complex >>

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