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Project: Wildlands

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Posted Star Date 21907.03 @ 18:53 (06:53 PM)

Project Wildlands


Are you a member who:

  • Wanted to do something different?
  • Wanted to be on the Columbia/Apparition/Reciprocity but either didn’t want to transfer or already had too many characters? Able to post with a disparate group of people?
  • Is able to post creatively with a group of disparate people in a setting outside of what we consider “normal” missions?

Then I have the opportunity for you!


Project Wildlands is a plot idea I’ve spent several months working on. The idea is to assemble a group of (mostly) ordinary officers and drop them into a situation better suited to a veteran Intelligence or Special Forces team. It’ll promise action, intrigue, maybe even some romance, but mostly should prove fun to write and for me to GM!


The plot will run “out of time” and will take place “at some point in 2419”. This means you’ll be able to post with your character aboard ship and in the plot. It is also 100% deniable, so there will be no mention of it on the wiki, in character bios, or in game – quite simply, this has already never happened.


What are the requirements?:        

  • CO permission.
  • Out of game rank of Ensign or higher.
  • Commitment to the plot.
  • Creative play style.

If you’re interested, please e-mail me with a brief summary of why your character (PRC or SRC preferable) should accompany our merry band. Ideally I’m looking for five or six players, though I will go as far as eight should I receive enough applications that qualify.


Unfortunately, players who have served on the Reciprocity, Columbia or current Apparition are not currently eligible for this opportunity.

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