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SH/L02 - Crew's Personal logs

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#1 Capt Harrison Boislevesque

Capt Harrison Boislevesque


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Posted Star Date 21908.10 @ 17:31 (05:31 PM)

== Crew's Personal logs ==

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#2 Mid Nira Said

Mid Nira Said


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Posted Star Date 21911.22 @ 21:32 (09:32 PM)

Midshipman’s Log


Midshipman Nira Said recording:


Today was my first day aboard a starship. The USS Sheridan. It was breathtaking at first, but my first assignment on duty caught me by surprise.


For all the interests I had in Tactical, being assigned to the helm was the last thing I had expected. Then again, early days at best, but I don’t see myself as an ace pilot. Oh, piloting a shuttle can be done by anybody; it’s no different from the common 20th-21st Century human with cars. However, in this case, an ace pilot is expected to have been pulled off in these training maneuvers with the Sheridan and another starship, the Ozaki.


In my regards as a helmsman, I must say, my piloting skills are basic. Emphasis on the word “Basic.” I wasn’t expecting to fly at all, let alone having to pull of such fancy flying. Of course, fancy flying is to be expected with an ion storm, even with all the technological advances to protect the ship from the effects of the storm.


For a first day on the job, it was, as they say on Earth, a doozy. It was particularly scary. I was sweating as much as having to traverse a jungle at Risa’s equator. Let’s just say I’m feeling as much comfort at the helm of a ship as a human is comfortable driving a car in Tornado Alley in good weather. That is to say, driving in a straight line without having to risk hitting something off the road reassures me the most.


Of course, this was the first day of duty as a Tactical officer. I hope I won’t have to be at the helm every day. At least I hope there will be something in Tactical besides the helm for me to do. Oh, I don’t mind the helm, but hopefully I won’t have to do any fancy flying.


Aside from that, I like the ship. The Sheridan’s cool for a little ship. It’s a great place for me to start at. As for the crew, first day yet. The people that stand out to me are Commander Brooks and Lieutenant ZenZin. Brooks is nice, even a little handsome. ZenZin…I always crack a smile when I hear that. ZenZin’s a whacky name. It’s like naming a child ZigZag. I like them. However, it’ll be a while before I get to know them, as with my departmental head, Konstantin, and Captain Boislevesque. Talk about names that roll off the tongue. Still, at least I’ve not heard on joke about my name yet. No “Said What?” or “Said says” jokes. In any case, we’ll see what comes up after this training mission and see what the boundaries and mysteries of space have in store.


Signing Off.

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