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OZ/D05 - Engineering

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#1 Capt Jason Simmons

Capt Jason Simmons


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Posted Star Date 21909.06 @ 17:25 (05:25 PM)


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#2 Lt(JG) Onyx Krylixson

Lt(JG) Onyx Krylixson


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Posted Star Date 21910.14 @ 21:50 (09:50 PM)

==Mission Timeline==


Onyx walked into Main Engineering and he looked around silently as the Engineers before him were doing last minute checks. Sometimes it made Onyx stop and think a moment about how it was down to his department, and at the moment directly himself, to make sure everything on board was running. Everything was now his call, and Onyx felt the weight the moment he stepped foot out of the Captain's office. It did not take long for Onyx to find Johnson, the NCOIC. Although the man had Kllingon blood in him, Onyx did not hold that against him. Antess was next to him, and it was clear on their faces that they were not used to Onyx being the actual one in charge. It was not a smooth transition.


"How is everything Johnson?"


"The Ozaki is ready...Lieutenant."


Onyx nodded and he thought on the words he never thought he would say before.


"Gather the department, I want a quick word before we start."


The department did not take long to gather as everyone was in Main Engineering. When they all focused on Onyx, the Mirak began.


"I hope I will only need to address this matter this one time. For those that do not know, and I will be surprised if you do not, Lieutenant Commander M'Rour is no longer the Chief Engineer of the Ozaki. For the time being, the Captain has decided to have me lead the department for this next mission. I do not know if I am permanently in charge or not, so do not ask me because I do not know. Since I am in charge, I expect all of us to be on the same page. All of you know who I am, what I am, and the standards I expect from all of you. In turn, I know who you all are, what you all are, and the standards you expect from me. Unless there are questions, nothing more needs to be said on the matter."


The department fell silent, and Onyx nodded.


"So be it."


They took that as a sign of dismissal and they all returned to their stations. Everything appeared to be in order and once they knew they were under way, Onyx tapped his Communicator.


"Engineering to Bridge. All systems are Go."


And with that, Onyx played the role of observer, letting the department run its course.


==Tag anyone.==

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#3 Lt(JG) Onyx Krylixson

Lt(JG) Onyx Krylixson


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Posted Star Date 21910.17 @ 22:10 (10:10 PM)

==Post with NRCs PO1 Johnson & PO2 Antess==
Antess, a modest yet humbled Bajoran, was not fully supportive of the shift on the Ozaki. Two senior officers transferred to the same ship, and the most unpopular, or the most infamous individual on board was promoted and given Department Head authority. His speech to the department when he came to Main Engineering as their new boss caused some rumors that Onyx surely would have noticed. On one hand, she really could not the Mirak. He is not good at making friends, at all. No doubt there are individuals who want Onyx out, yet for whatever reason he was there. On the other hand, Onyx made the right calls to keep them alive for the past two missions. As she observed him though, she easily noticed something characteristically interesting about him. The Mirak looked like an Ensign, not a Department Head. 
"Johnson, can I have a word with you?"
Antess approached him, and he nodded to her as they went to a corner. This did not go unobserved by the Mirak, yet he left them alone to talk.
"What is it Antess?"
Johnson asked softly, keeping his voice low.
"It's about Krylixson."
Johnson sighed as he shook his head.
"What did he do now?"
Antess shook her head as she waved him off.
"No, no. It's nothing wrong. You are the NCOIC in this department. Has he spoken to you about anything?"
Johnson shook his head again. 
"He has not. I am sure that he is going to talk to me later one everything has settled down. If I am honest I doubt he would listen to me."
Antess nodded and then took a deep breath.
"That is what I was afraid of. Everyone is not looking forward to the fallout."
Johnson made eye contact with her.
"What are you worried about?"
Antess looked over at Onyx's way, and then back to Johnson.
"I am afraid his attitude is going to get us in trouble."
Johnson gave her an inquisitive look, and then shifted his gaze as he thought about something.
"Perhaps he will listen to you."
Johnson grinned.
"Talk to him. Actually get to know him. As you said, I am the NCOIC, and I out rank you."
[Attention all hands, prepare for ship departure, All hands prepare for ship departure. Following officers report for staff meeting. Lieutenant Jensen, Lieutenant Toreen, Lieutenant Krylixson as well as Lieutenant Commanders Velaul and ch'Alev Report to the Captain's Ready Room ASAP.] 
The words of the First Officer were not lost on the Mirak as he did his rounds checking every system. He did not really have to say or do much, at least when compared to when he was still an Ensign or even a Midshipman. In fact, as the Ozaki's senior engineering officer, he thought about how he was going to have to attend meetings with other senior staff. As he thought about the chain of command, he realized something highly interesting. Every other department head and command staff would have to die before he could assume command of the ship. May the heavens help him if that was the case.
[Lieutenant Sothrick please report to the Bridge forthwith.]
The comm went silent, and Onyx stopped in his tracks. Johnson and Antess looked at each other as Onyx was not sure really what to do. Dozens of thoughts flowed through his head, which were interrupted by his senior petty officers coming up to him.
"Sir? Is everything okay?"
Onyx focused on them as he spoke.
"Yes, I am fine. I am needed on the Bridge to deal with someone who can't stand me and someone who wants to kill me. Not sure which is which."
Antess spoke up.
"Sir, I was thinking that I could accompany you to the Bridge. I have a personal grievance that needs to be addressed."
Onyx sighed as he looked at her,
"Can it not wait until I get back?"
Antess shook her head. "No sir. We can discuss this on the way to the Bridge."
Onyx shook his head and spoke in a plain voice.
"Fine. Lets go."
Onyx left and Antess gave a thumbs up to Johnson, who shook his head and went back to work.
==Next post: Auxiliary Locations==

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#4 Lt. Peter Jensen

Lt. Peter Jensen


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Posted Star Date 21912.08 @ 21:08 (09:08 PM)

Krylixson's badge chirped:


 [Jensen to Krylixson. Sir], Peter said, seeing as Krylixson as Chief Engineer outranked him, even if he was a full Lt, and Krylixson was not yet,  [If I could persuade you to move yourself to a place where your people can't hear you], he said, then waited for the signal that this was accomplished. [I'd like to request two favors of you], he said, a bit of a smirk in his voice, but friendly enough. [First of all, I'd like to ask you to rig two phasers to make it impossible for them to do any kind of damage, but still emit the light beam. That way we can call shenanigans if our opponents try to claim they weren't hit], he began. [And secondly, I'd like to ask you about Crewman Vlokar. I'd like to ask two questions: 1: Is he a competent enough engineer to get done what we need to get done? And 2: Would you consider letting me take him as the second member of the away team?], he asked. He asked that way deliberately. He realized full well what kind of request it was. Of course, in this particualr situation, the risk to anyone involved would be absolutely negligible. But the principle of asking someone to put his men in another officer's care was one he recognized as being quite a big thing, and he by no means took it lightly.


== Taggity :D ==

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#5 Lt(JG) Onyx Krylixson

Lt(JG) Onyx Krylixson


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Posted Star Date 21912.22 @ 06:11 (06:11 AM)

==Playing Catch up from Bridge==


Onyx had a lot to think about, and the first thing he did was to brief his department. It was the first time he led a briefing as to their mission.


"Hear me well. We are on an exercise, in a war game, against the Sheridan."


The department all turned their heads to look at each other. Onyx knew the reaction was perfectly normal.


"Yes, M'Rour is on board that ship. Unlike other officers on board, she is expected to have an intimate familiarity with the Ozaki, as am I, and we. She knows every single one of us, and she will use that to her advantage. We know very little about the Sheridan from an engineering perspective, and that, in turn, also has us at a disadvantage. The advantage that we have resides in each of you. All of you have proven yourselves not just to be engineers, but also to be a pack."


Onyx shook his head,


"My apologies, a team. Naturally, we are not going to be firing lethal damage at each other, but it will be close enough. All damages will be recorded under simulated conditions. Therefore, our shields and our weapons systems will be operational but will be deturned to non-lethal strength. That does not mean; however, we will not take damage when we are hit in the right spot. Damage and casualties will be treated as combat damage and casualties."


Onyx then took a breath as he knew he had to tell them.


"Where the exercise is taking place, is also near Breen territory. Therefore, I want a system-wide switch to be able to turn the Ozaki from simulated combat to lethal combat. I also want a combat readiness diagnostic performed to look for any imperfections in the Ozaki. That is all."


The engineers went about their duties when Onyx took a breath as he felt the weight of his pips dragging down on his shoulders. 


[Jensen to Krylixson. Sir.]


Onyx narrowed his eyes as he wondered what on earth Peter wanted with him.


[If I could persuade you to move yourself to a place where your people can't hear you],


You could not convince me to move a...oh forget it.


Onyx moved to the office, and he shut the door, grunting to let Jensen know Onyx was alone.


[I'd like to request two favors of you],


Onyx was not sure he liked the tone of Jensen's voice.


[First of all, I'd like to ask you to rig two phasers to make it impossible for them to do any damage, but still emit the light beam. That way, we can call shenanigans if our opponents try to claim they weren't hit.]


Easy enough.


[And secondly, I'd like to ask you about Crewman Vlokar. I'd like to ask two questions: 1: Is he a competent enough engineer to get done what we need to get done? And 2: Would you consider letting me take him as the second member of the away team?]


Onyx took a breath, and he made it a silent one. Onyx did not support the away team idea, and he made his objections known. It was, however, not his decision, and Onyx was not in the mood to send one of his own on a fool's hunt. Was it against the way of the hunt? No. It was, however, something Onyx found no point in. And, only saying a word, Onyx closed the link.




Walking out of the office, Onyx summed Crewman Volkar to his office, and the Crewman stood at attention in front of Onyx's desk. Onyx, feeling tired, sat down.


"At ease."


Onyx watched him move, and then Onyx pulled up his file and began going through it. Onyx only somewhat liked what he saw.


"Crewman, you have been requested to take part in a boarding action against the Sheridan under the command of Lieutenant Jensen. According to your record, you are proficient in close quarters combat. Commander M'Rour also notated on your record that you are capable of logically improvising a solution, especially in engineering related matters. Your mission will require both close quarters and improvising. You will be required to keep a low profile and not gain the attention of Commander M'Rour nor Commander Pond. If you chose to accept this mission, you would report to Lieutenant Jensen for further instructions."


The emotionless mask of the Vulcan made Onyx very uncomfortable, and such Onyx always had a claw first and asked questions later when it came to a Vulcan getting violent. Their strength is known among the Mirak.


"Yes, sir. I will accept this mission."


Onyx stood up and looked down upon the Vulcan.


"Find two phasers and spare power packs and bring them to me, I have some modifications to do."


Onyx watched him leave and, within moments, presented the Chief Engineer with two phasers. The premise was simple, and he instructed the Vulcan to do the same thing. Taking the phaser apart, he would change the output power from the power pack to the phaser. Instead of it being at a stun or even as a lethal power, the amount of energy being put into the phaser would be sufficient enough to send the beam and have the impact as powerful as a light punch. Nothing enough to cause damage, but adequate to let the target know that they were indeed hit. Of course, the phaser would have to be tested, and Onyx had in mind to set up a simple test rig. Onyx replicated an empty cup and would fire at it. If the cup was knocked back a little bit, it was sufficient. Onyx would leave the other two alone, just in case something went wrong and they had to fight for real.


==GM input please: 


1.) Were we successful in being able to "switch" the Ozaki from simulated combat conditions to real combat conditions?


2.) Is the Ozaki showing any signs of a premature self destruct...I mean trouble?


3.) Were Onyx and Volkar successful in modifying the phaser power packs that the two would only be powerful enough to "lightly punch" the target while the other two would behave like a standard phaser?==

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#6 Lt. Peter Jensen

Lt. Peter Jensen


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Posted Star Date 21912.22 @ 22:47 (10:47 PM)

Jensen's reply was immediate, and only slightly more verbose than Krylixson's had been:

[Much obliged, sir]


== Somehow I get the feeling that you don't like me much :( .... :P ==

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#7 GM-19



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Posted Star Date 21912.24 @ 21:09 (09:09 PM)

== Onyx ==


Switching from simulated combat, to real combat, was easy – a voice command from any department head or above, or Bridge officer would do the trick. Consoles on the Bridge, Main Engineering, and Sickbay also had a hard-wired function to disable simulated combat if necessary. Finally, the computer also had access to the override should a certain amount of damage be taken in an emergency.


As for the Ozaki herself, she seemed to be doing well, and all systems showed to be nominal.


Finally, Onyx and Volkar would be successful in making the changes to the phasers. However, drastically changing the output of the phaser meant that changing them back to full power wouldn’t be a quick change back.

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#8 Lt(JG) Onyx Krylixson

Lt(JG) Onyx Krylixson


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Posted Star Date 21912.25 @ 04:44 (04:44 AM)

==I like you, Jensen, it's Onyx that has some problems  :rolleyes: ==


Between the two, Onyx and Volkar were able to get everything situated as far as the phasers were concerned. Try as they might, they would have one inherent flaw, a flaw that could cost them in seconds, if not minutes, of recharge time to get the internals to go from a punching weapon to a lethal weapon. Onyx was sure that it would be possible to force an overload, but that would be something Onyx did not want to entertain for too much longer. 


Stepping outside of his office, he got the reports that he was looking for; all systems were in good order, and the Ozaki was ready to go from a simulated to real at a moment's notice. After giving final assurances and orders, Onyx made his way up to the Security office. Some things are better left said face to face; that way, there would be no doubt what Onyx wants to tell the Assistant Chief of Security. 


==Next Post: Security Office==

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#9 Lt(JG) Onyx Krylixson

Lt(JG) Onyx Krylixson


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Posted Star Date 22001.05 @ 16:22 (04:22 PM)

==Pre-Time Skip==


Onyx returned from the Security Office, and he did not think too fondly of the fact that a mission of this nature canceled at the last moment. He did not really care too much about that. He cared about having to be the point of contact with his department. The weight of that gold pip along his black pip weighed him down, along with his designation as Department Head. In some eyes, Onyx was younger than the senior members of the department. Onyx had only served two missions total with the Ozaki. When the Ozaki was about to sink and when the Ozaki lost power. He was a Midshipman for the first and came up with a way to save their bacon three times. An Ensign for the second, M'Rour was incapacitated, and Onyx had to take over as de facto head of the department to get everything back online before life support failed. As a Lieutenant Junior Grade, Onyx, son of Krylix, was the head of Engineering. He was a senior officer. Onyx had seniority. That made Onyx very uncomfortable. He did not want rank; he tried to do his time and then go home. That was his mission: to survive to be discharged with honor and to be able to go home.


Taking a deep breath, he approached Main Engineering, and he saw a working department quickly become an attentive department. Everyone turned and saw the Mirak. Onyx looked around and knew that they would follow his orders to the best of their ability. By his expression, though, Onyx could only guess that he would have information.


I wish I did.


"Listen well. We have been ordered back to Pioneer Station at maximum warp. That gives us a few days at most. Whatever is happening, I doubt any of us will have any leave to rest and relax. I will not force anyone of you to be up longer than you have to. Those of you who are currently on the watch will remain so. Those of you who are not: get some sleep, have a meal, write letters home, and so long as it is within Star Fleet regulations enjoy recreational activities. I will float through the watches just in case. Are there any questions?"


One raised their hand; it was Johnson.


"Sir, do I have your leave to set the watch schedule as I see fit?"


Onyx nodded. If there was one lesson he learned quickly, it was to trust the NCOIC.


"Thank you for volunteering to take the first watch."


A rare grin from the Mirak helped them relax as the reaction flowed through the ranks. 


"Very well. Everyone report to Johnson for your watch assignments. That is all."

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#10 Lt(JG) Onyx Krylixson

Lt(JG) Onyx Krylixson


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Posted Star Date 22001.07 @ 19:02 (07:02 PM)

==Post Meeting


Post with PO1 Johnson and Antesss==


With Onyx gone, Johnson stood as the watch engineer and monitored all of the systems. The voice that came from the CO concerned him. He had served with Simmons since the Ozaki launched, and he had encountered many dangerous situations. Even Onyx was suspicious about what was in the Captain's voice. In fact, Onyx was gone for a while, just long enough for Antess to come in for her watch.


"Hello Johnson. I'm here for my watch."


Johnson nodded and he handed her the log.


"Antess. The Chief is in a meeting with the senior officers still. Did you hear the tone in his voice?"


Antess could not help but nod as she shook her head and ran her hand through her hair.


"How did Krylixson handle it?"


Johnson sighed a little as he shook his head. 


"He didn't say a word. It would seem that even he knew when a situation was serious."


It was at that point that Johnson narrowed his eyes and focused it on her.


"You seem to have taken an interest to our young Mirak."


Antess looked wide eyed as she glared daggers at Johnson.


"I assure you, it is strictly professional."


Johnson grinned as he crossed his arms.


"We all see it. You visit him every watch. You talk to him off duty. Dare I say if it was not against regulations it was almost as if you two were dating."


Antess then looked serious.


"Johnson, do not even go there. He is a young officer who needs to grow up and not embaress the department. That is all."


Johnson raised his eyebrows.


"Really? I thought you were putting in your application to be his...what do the young ones call it? BFF's?"


It was at that point Onyx walked into the department, just in time to hear Antess' response to a shocked Johnson.


"I would not call Krylixson my friend even if he asked me to! It is strictly professional."


There was silence and Onyx spoke clearly.


"Noted, Petty Officer Antess."


She turned around and she craned her neck to look up at him. Onyx took a breath and he looked at Johnson.


"Assemble the department. Off duty personnel included."


Johnson nodded and went about informing everyone to report back to Main Engineering. Onyx then shifted his attention back to Antess and he shook his head softly.


"The least you could have done was have the decency to say it to my face."


Onyx walked into his office as he prepared for the briefing, and he also gathered transfer requests for the inevitable. Antess was cursing under her breath and she looked at Johnson, who only shook his head when he could tell she was about to head to his office. Sighing, she resumed her duties and waited.


Once he saw everyone assembled, Onyx stepped outside and saw them all formed into a line. 


"Sir, Engineering Department formed and ready for your address."


Onyx nodded and he spoke, "Stand them at ease, Mr. Johnson."


The department standing easy, Onyx addressed the department in the only way he knew how.


"We hunt for the Borg."


To say that no one was surprised would be referencing a liar. Everyone's military bearing went out the window. Deep breaths, looks of shock, and some had looks of horror. None of them spoke.


"The Corps of Engineers will be doing their best to gather as much intelligence for counter-measures as possible to defend ourselves against them. I feel it does not need to be said that there will be casualties, possibly worse. With that said, all of you will be required to perform one task. I have in my office transfer request forms for any one of you to be rotated out with a station engineer. There will be no dishonor for anyone who wishes to step forward at this time."


Onyx waited, and no one stepped forward, they did not even look at each other. For Krylixson, he would have sworn that a tear feel from his eyes, seeing how beautiful the sight was.


"For those of you who wish to tell me to shut up and tell you what my plan is, please step forward."


In unison, all of them stepped forward, and Onyx could not help but to be surprised by their actions. 


"So be it. Carry on."


==To be continued.==

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