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OZ/D99 - Ancillary Locations (First Line Indicates Location)

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#1 Capt Jason Simmons

Capt Jason Simmons


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Posted Star Date 21909.06 @ 17:29 (05:29 PM)

==Ancillary Locations==

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#2 Lt(JG) Onyx Krylixson

Lt(JG) Onyx Krylixson


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Posted Star Date 21910.22 @ 16:17 (04:17 PM)

==Corridor and Turbolift==


==Post with temp NRC PO2 Antess==


The Mirak and the Bajoran walked out of Main Engineering side by side, making their way down the corridor to the turbolift to take them to the Bridge.


"Sir, I was wondering if you would take the advise of someone who has been in the fleet for some time?"


Onyx shifted his gaze down at Antess, she glanced up at him a few times.


"Trying to say you want this young cub to listen to an old woman?"


Antess shook her head as she knew Onyx was not really trying to be funny.


"If you want to put it that way, yes. I do."


Onyx nodded slowly,


"Never let it be said I did not listen to advise. Go for it."


The ship being a small one meant that they had no time getting to the turbolift door, but they stopped short of it so Antess could give Onyx a piece of her mind.


"Sir, you need to understand something. We are not in Mirak space, and I have no clue how the Mirak navy works. In Star Fleet, at least in some parts, crews often look at each other as a family. A family that has an established hierarchy and laws and regulations with vast consequences, but a family none the less. No one wants to be around the one individual who takes it upon himself to be the black sheep of the family."


Onyx raised his eyebrow in amusement.


"You do realize every hair on my body is black, correct?"


Antess sighed and shook her head putting her head in her hand. Onyx turned and walked to the Turbolift and Antess followed him trying to figure out what else she could do to salvage this talk.


"You know what I mean, Sir. Look, all I am saying is things will go a lot more smoothly if you practice...discretion."


The hunter narrowed his eyes curiously.




Antess grinned slightly as she suspected she was getting to him. 


That's it! Once he's curious I have his attention.


"Yes. Not everyone on board can handle your...bluntness. And yes, at least our department has gotten used to you telling it how it is. If you do not like something, you are not afraid to say it."


Onyx began to nod, but then he cornered Antess with one trait about him.


"I do not consider anyone aboard this ship family though."




"Well what about..."


She paused while she got the words in her head.


"You're a hunter, correct?"


"Of course!"


Antess went further.


"And your whole purpose as a hunter is to not let your prey know you are studying it to kill it, correct?"


Onyx shrugged,


"Among other things, yes."


Antess brought her point home.


"What if, at least for now, you just observe the other officers like that? I am not saying to kill them, but to at least begin to understand what they really are like. I know you and Jensen and the FO's wife have bad blood. I get that. I am also not saying to go out of your way to be friends with them. Just learn about them. Study them. If you really cannot trust them as far as you can throw them, that's your decision."


Silence. Antess could see Onyx's gears starting to turn in his skull, and part of Antess suspected that she was really getting through to him. She was no counselor, nor did she want to be. She did however feel that she needed to help Onyx become the Department Head he needs to be. Johnson of course out ranked her, and his plate was already full. Antess however had a small amount of free time, and at least when M'Rour was the DH, Antess and Onyx both had the same shifts.


"I will, take note of your counsel."


Antess sighed in relief as Onyx then had a grin on his face.


"If that is all, I really do have a meeting to attend."


Antess spoke proudly,


"Yes sir."


Onyx turned and walked to the Turbolift and just before he shut the door.


"I shall talk to the Chief Medical Officer about cross training you to medical."


Antess smiled and shook her head as they proceeded to the Bridge, and Onyx went straight for the Ready Room.


==Next post: Ready Room==

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