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Original Lost In Space

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#1 Ens Verelan Sahen {Tomaz}

Ens Verelan Sahen {Tomaz}


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Posted Star Date 22001.10 @ 10:44 (10:44 AM)

So this last Christmas, I got a box set of the entire Lost in Space episodes. I remember watching parts of it when I was younger, but now as much as I like the show, I still can’t believe there are any other people out there that like it.


I’m betting for me, the problem is that it just doesn’t seem realistic enough for sci-fi. One thing to note, I’m not talking about the corny special effects, since it was the 1960s. Although the original Star Trek pilot was being filmed at the same time and while it looked slightly better, I’m not convinced Lost in Space had a similar budget. And to be fair, I’m still on the first season of the show as well.


One of my main issues as to why it’s not realistic is that they don’t seem to be prepared for their flight to Alpha Centauri in the slightest. I understand that they’re supposed to be in cryostasis for the entire flight, but you’re telling me if something were to go wrong, only Major West can fly the Jupiter?


Perhaps I’m used to Star Trek’s redundancies upon redundancies, but when you’ve got only three adults alongside two kids and a teenager, you’d think they’d at least be given some training. I know how a good chunk of sci-fi was like that back in the day, but when I think of how Star Trek emerged from the same era, it’s just boggling.


Perhaps that’s why I like the movie version, even though it bombed at the box office. At least there it seemed like they knew what they were doing when it came to their mission.


What do the rest of you think about this series?

#2 LCdr Shi-mi M'Rour

LCdr Shi-mi M'Rour


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Posted Star Date 22001.11 @ 13:44 (01:44 PM)

I used to watch Lost in Space back in the olden days too. I've seen the movie, which updated for the time it was made in is an enjoyable romp, but not the current version on Netflix. So no idea how it relates to each of the other incarnations.


The original series though is pretty much a straight adaptation of the Swiss Family Robinson, (Published, 1812) written to teach the authors children about family values and self reliance among other things.


And since in the 60's, the nuclear family was a thing, and each of the characters follow the stereotype tropes of the period that appear in all family-centric shows. The style of it, all Silver Spacesuits and; “Oh Gosh Darn it, Ma!” Pretty much means it could never have been made any differently even if they had the budget of Trek.


The people who watched it in the 60's weren't looking at it and going “That raygun is only a hair dryer with a ping-pong ball glued to it.” or “That's the button to open door last week, not shoot the laser guns!”, they were most likely shaking their heads at the way Judy is looking at Major West this week, and how does Maureen manage to make dinner and still look so fabulous.


I suspect, as usual, it's only been remade again to extend the licence for copyright purposes, but the original will still remain one of those 60's series that'll keep going and will probably still be being watched by kids in 50 years time too.



As a side note, I used to work with a chap called Will Robinson. DANGER! DANGER! ;)