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Dive to the Heart

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#1 Lt Damian Coleman

Lt Damian Coleman


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Posted Star Date 22004.18 @ 09:03 (09:03 AM)

== Backposting some relationship building between Framian

Post-Rogue Plant, Pre-Borg Megasphere ==


=== COS Office, USS Artemis – 1715hrs ===


Damian had been stuck in thought on some of the roster choices he had to make. There were many good people, but Coleman felt like there were some holes to be filled. A fair few had been holdovers from previous ships, such as the Gettysburg and beyond; and while incredibly competent, there was a heavy focus in some areas compared to others. So, while he swapped one crew from a shift over to another, there’d be a gap elsewhere. It exasperated Coleman, as he was more of a ‘hands-on’ leader, rather than a desk jockey. Letting out a deep sigh, he tossed one of the PADDs he was looking at into the sea of stacked piles. Leaning back in his chair, the man rubbed the bridge of his nose.


“This isn’t even going to be the worst of it man. Just wait until people start griping about the changes I make,” Damian sighed again, and shook his head.


Most of his staff were professional, he was sure. But all it took was a few toxic individuals to start poisoning the well. With Coleman being brand new, there was no way of knowing who those people might be; because if he did know, then he’d be able to curb that instantly. There was a thought in his head, going back to the USS Atlanta, that led him to ponder if the management of people was the real reason he saw his previous Captain, Peck, drink like a fish.


“One step at a time man. One step at a time,” he reminded himself, before standing up from the desk.


“Gotta get something to clear my head.”


Stretching a little as he walked, Damian approached the small replicator in his office and began searching through the menu. A few things stood out to him, including a handful of Raktajino recipes with incredibly high caffeine content. However, it was some of the breakfast items he saw there that triggered some recent memories…


Basket o’ Biscuits…


Those deep and dark eyes, drawing him in. A laugh, with some flirtatious batting of long lashes. Soft, short, silver hair serving as the palette to all the other wonderful features of her face.


Kit… Damian smiled, shaking his head at himself. There was an odd sensation that he could feel, as though he were missing her, even though he had pretty much just met her. It was amazing to him just how much of an affect Kitsuki Frost had already.  What they had shared on Pioneer had been both deep and incredible, and so as he ruminated on it more, the more Damian realized that he shouldn’t be all that surprised. They clicked. It just worked between them.


There was a slight sound, as one of the PADDs slid off another in one of the ‘terror’ piles, reminding him what he should be focusing on,


“Gotta get your brain out of the clouds Damian.”


Looking back to the console, he found his choice of poison,


“Computer, I’m going to try this ‘Black Eye’ coffee, extra hot,” coffee with two shots of espresso sounded like just the thing he needed to get a little bit of his pep back, even if it was late in the evening to be drinking such a strong beverage.


Though a visit from Kit wouldn’t be bad either… his mind wandered again as the replicator whirled and whined, producing the hot drink before his eyes. It was more of a wish than anything, to have Frost make a stop by his office and distract him from his work. Damian supposed that he could contact her, if nothing but to chat. However, he had no idea if she was still working a shift or not. That, and it was a dangerous temptation – there was a probability that he wouldn’t get back to his work if there was a visit.


Walking back to his desk after letting out a slight huff, coffee in hand, he stood over the piles before him.


“Alright, time to dive back in I guess…”

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#2 Lt (JG) Kit Frost

Lt (JG) Kit Frost


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Posted Star Date 22004.18 @ 14:39 (02:39 PM)

Kit hadn't seen him all day, and as silly as it was to say, she kind of missed him. Well kind of was pretty crap for a description, she actually missed him. So she had headed down as soon as her shift had ended towards his office. Wanting to at last just talk with him, banter with him, maybe they could share a meal together. Maybe they could just hang out and watch a movie. Kit knew that she was walking dangerous ground, with him being a superior officer and all she knew that it wasn't likely that there wouldn't be some scuttlebutt that came from this. However, Kit and he had kind of loosely agreed that they would keep it between them for the time being. Trying not to do anything public was hard, especially when she passed him in the hallways. Their dark eyes always seemed to lock and she was heavily aware of where he was. Kit felt very in-tune with him which was an odd thing to say considering they had only spent a few days together on Pioneer.


The Security deck was already buzzing and she had a feeling that it always was. She had thought about, sometimes, going through the Security route initially when she joined the Academy. Just because it was all action, and well, that suited Kit just fine. However, in her core was Tactics and battlefield planning. More so than that was the exhilaration of being behind the helm and flying the actual Starships. There was nothing like it.


She hoped that he wasn't too busy, she was only a Lieutenant, and he was someone that ran a whole department, expecting him to be off when she was wasn't likely, but she could hope and if now she could at least just visit. The corridors around his office in the Security sector of the ship were thrumming with activity. She passed through them all her tactical red standing out against the gold of the deck but she didn't let that deter her. It was not completely abnormal, she thought, for a Tactical officer to be visiting with a Security officer. They often worked together. But, today she wasn't going to be able to use that excuse for visiting the Chief. Kit could feel the eyes on her as she headed towards the office with the fancy placard that labeled it the home of the Chief.


It was her first time seeking him out like this and she hoped he was okay with it. They hadn't said they needed to be secretive, only that they needed to be careful because of their class difference on the ship. But, she wasn't shy and neither was he, so she figured that she wouldn't mind the visit. Once Kit reached the office marked for him, she pressed the bell and waited, hoping he was there and she could hang out a little bit. The bell resounded in the office and it was a moment later she could hear his voice coming from within. It wasn't until that moment she wondered what she would have done were he not in his office. Kit could feel the frustration and the weight of the office weighing down on his shoulders. A visit probably would do him some good. At the sound of enter, she palmed the door panel open and stepped in, a confident grin crossing her face as she took him in.


~Hey Stranger.~ she said to him immediately switching to mental telepathy comfortably. He was bent over his desk looking over some PADDs and various work that he had to complete. So Kit stepped behind him, her hands resting on his shoulders, she began to smooth the tension from his body with her strong fingers. ~You're working too hard.~ she teased.

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#3 Lt Damian Coleman

Lt Damian Coleman


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Posted Star Date 22004.20 @ 02:43 (02:43 AM)

Having easily dove deep back into his work, Damian didn’t even bother to look up at all. In fact, he thought that perhaps whoever had come to intrude might have just left. Though, he did sense someone in the room… part of him wanted to be cautious, to keep an eye out. And yet, there was a part of him that somehow knew with a certainty that he didn’t have to be worried. Perhaps because he was stuck in middle a Vesta-class Explorer, in a heavily fortified and patrolled area. Or was it something else?


~Hey Stranger~ he heard, and suddenly the room was just that little bit brighter, and a smidge warmer. Feeling her hands on him, rubbing his shoulders, he leaned slightly back into her touch.


~You’re working too hard,~ despite the communication being telepathic, Damian could hear the playfulness in her voice.


“Cute-suki,” he whispered, reaching a hand back behind himself, only to find Kit’s backside within his grasp. A smirk appeared on his face as he gave a good squeeze.


“I’m been missing you. Just thought about you a little while ago, and was hoping for a visit from…” Coleman had to let out a bit of a growl as her thumb hit a sore spot near the base of his neck, “…you,” he finally sputtered.


Dropping the PADD that was in his hand, he finally gave in and leaned all the way back into Kit. For a moment, he focused on his breathing, letting all of the tension that had been building up through the day dissipate a bit. She was right, of course. Damian had been working incredibly hard to get everything ready in his Department before they left port. Not that Bryan Crawford had left a mess, but there was something to be said for having things setup just the way one liked them. Coleman had never had that chance yet, so he was going to utilize what he could now that he had the power to make those decisions.


“I’m glad you are here. I really need to learn to take longer breaks. Get up, get some exercise…” there was a roguish quality to the tone of his voice, particularly at the end of his sentence. It was obvious he was using a double entendre, even if he did barely try to hide it.

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#4 Lt (JG) Kit Frost

Lt (JG) Kit Frost


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Posted Star Date 22004.23 @ 02:04 (02:04 AM)

There was something about the way he said her name, the nickname that she could not imagine anyone else getting away with. He was lucky that he was so damn cute, because most people would have gotten socked if that were something that had come out of their mouth. Not Damian though, he was very gifted at smashing the end of her name with other words and making them work for her. He reached behind him, and she figured he was going for her leg or something but ended going up a bit too high. But, he just went with it, causing a mutual grin to cross her face as she leaned down and placed her lips on the top of his head giving it a small peck. She continued to work on the tight muscles on his neck and shoulders as he told her that he had been thinking about her and had hoped she would come to visit. A sly grin crossed her face, while her thumb pushed into the sore spot to work it out, she would do better if they made it back to his Quarters at some point when she could lay him out properly relaxed but this would do for now.


“Summoned, I was.” she teased.


Damian seemed to relax into her more so, putting the PADD in his hands down and just sinking into the chair. She could feel him relaxing underneath her touch and happened to quite enjoy the way that it felt with him pushing against her. Kit didn't stop giving him the massage, in fact it worked a whole lot better now that he was relaxed fully. Truthfully, Kit had fallen hard and fast, for the darker man. His grin, his cockiness, the way that he smiled at her, the way that he made her feel. Weak at the knees and yet stronger at the same time. He matched her wit and banter with his own, and it was perfect. There was something to be said about the fact that she could fully be herself with him, he never seemed to judge her. Kit was glad that they had run into each other on Pioneer. He admitted that he needed to remember to take longer breaks and get some exercise.


His grin said everything, so did the tightening of his hand on her backside. “Now now, Chief, you can't be playing with the subordinates.” she winked at him as his eyes opened. Her hands slid down his shoulders and across his chest. So that she could hug him from behind with just the chair between them. Looking down at him, she smiled, the silver hair framing her face and hanging around him as Kit closed the distance and kissed him softly upside down. The differing feel of their lips was kind of cool feeling.


“You know, I could help.” she stated as she pulled away from him before she was tempted to make another move. She pushed an old cup out of the way and sat on the corner of his desk without asking. Kit was the sort that tended to make her own spaces. She didn't tend to ask for much. Looking over at him tucking some of those silver strands behind her multi-pierced ear. “I know you probably don't need it, and, it's probably not much of anything I could do. But, I am gifted in tactics and strategies.”


Her eyes locked onto his, when they met her own. There was something that just sparked between them at all times, she was lucky that he hadn't jumped her yet. She could feel it though, under the surface, and she knew that he could feel it as well from her end. When they were together they were completely mentally open to one another.


“Maybe you just need to take your mind off of it. Do something else for a little bit. Hang out with yours truly. Watch a movie with that hot silver headed chick. Eat dinner with that tattooed girl you're always with. You know, things.”

#5 Lt Damian Coleman

Lt Damian Coleman


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Posted Star Date 22007.01 @ 23:47 (11:47 PM)

=== Co-authored with Kit Frost ===


“Now now, Chief, you can't be playing with the subordinates,” Kit said, and Damian chuckled at it, before settling into the behind-the-seat hug. As he looked deep into her dark eyes, a trait of hers that he absolutely loved, framed by strands of silver hair, Cutesuki closed the distance. He closed his eyes as their lips touched in their odd, but romantic, upside down kiss. It was nice. It was wonderful. It made him want more.


“You know, I could help.”


“You could?” his words were half-question and half-statement, with the grin to match the intention.


Watching as she made her own space, Damian’s eyes were less on the movement, and more on the goods. The assets. When she looked back over at him, he didn’t try to hide it, but did meet with her gaze. And when they locked eyes, it felt like their connection was deep, despite it being a relatively young relationship. Whatever it was between them, it was almost as though the Universe had conspired to put them together. Like solving a puzzle, they were two pieces that fit together perfectly. They were electric. And it was the most open he’d ever been with someone, ever, bar none.


“Maybe you just need to take your mind off of it. Do something else for a little bit. Hang out with yours truly. Watch a movie with that hot silver headed chick. Eat dinner with that tattooed girl you're always with. You know, things.”


Damian raised an eyebrow up, a rather large impish smirk squeaking out from the corners of his lips.


"I would certainly welcome some of your, expertise..." he stood up from his chair, and moved over to the little corner of his desk that Kit had claimed for her own.


“…what do you have in mind?” his hands reached out to her, one landing on a shoulder, the other gently caressing her face.


“Wellllll…” she said, but there wasn’t time for her to say anything more. His lips met hers again, this time with much more fervour; like he had been starved of her. It was when Kit returned the kiss, pulling him in by his uniform, that was the point of no return for him.


“Computer, lock door and silence chimes…”


== fade to black ==




=== Day One, USS Artemis Delta Quadrant Cruise - Chief of Security Quarters===


The entire day had been spent building up to the evening. Coleman had managed to square away his duty shift with one of his minions, creating a gap where he could make preparations. Even though he normally kept an extraordinarily clean abode, Damian had decided to do another big clean. While others might consider it a chore, he enjoyed it. The sense of having a clean, safe space was all the reward that he needed to accomplish the task. Not only that, but now that Kit was staying with him on the regular, keeping the place clean was even more important…


== flashback ==


"I've... never had something so strong as I've had with you," Damian started, his fingers flowing through the silver locks of the woman laying with him, blankets covering them, "…the only thing that comes close is my first love; the one that hurt the most to lose. But with you there is something different. There are the same, strong feelings... but there is this underlying connection that is more comforting than it is terrifying..."


Damian paused for a moment, his hand freezing as he considered his words,


"…I guess, well, I feel like it is something I need to explore. I've never had a chance with someone that just gets me. I mean, you don't necessarily know me completely, at least not yet. But the vibe you give is that you desperately want to. I've never encountered that. And it makes me want to get to know you just that much more,” his heart added an extra beat, and he a surge of warmth crawl up his body.


"I want to know you.  All about you, and how you feel.  I love..." Kit paused, “…the way we are around each other.  I can't get enough. I don't want enough. And this, right now, talking and being together.  Softly, gently, appreciatingly, it's... special to me.  I miss you when you're not around.  I long for you at night, not just your body... you're presence."


Damian gave a sidelong glance at her. The long pause between ‘love’ and ‘the way we are’ made him smile. He hadn’t realized just how deeply Kit had been into him, and part of his brain then realized how deeply into her he had become.


“We’ve got time, to find one another. To spend those moments with each other. I mean, we spend enough time together already, I might as well open up my Quarters to you too…”


Kit’s eyes widened and stared at him before replying,


“What... does that entail actually?  Because I've never been just... allowed like that so... can you explain what… what that means?  I can... sleep here?  Eat here?  Spend my time here?  Any time?  Or, just like, when we plan for it?"  there was hope and excitement in her eyes, and it made Damian smile even more.


"Well, I mean... huh, you know, I never really thought of it so specifically before. But yeah. Sleep, eat, spend time here, even when I’m not around. Maybe pack some extra clothes; casual stuff for lounging, a uniform in case you get called to duty, something fancy for a dinner date. Maybe some other articles of clothing too,” he winked and grinned his bright smile.


 “Sorry I'm asking so many questions,” Kit said, and he held her tightly to him in response, “the last relationship I had was one of convenience in the Academy and it was never… like this.  I never felt with him the way I do with you and... I want... more," she admitted before leaning up to lay a soft kiss against his jawline.


"You know I’ll be staying more than going with you, if you truly allow this.  I'm not clingy or needy, but the nightmares are constant, and... it means more time with us, off duty without the prying eyes of everyone being judgmental."


He nodded, and then planted a sweet kiss on her forehead, while his hands reassuringly caressed her,


"You are welcome to stay more than go. There is nothing that I can think of that would be as sweet as seeing you in one of my hoodies, all curled up on the couch, as I walk in from a duty shift," he grinned "or maybe, lounging in something else…”


== /flashback ==



There was a large, oafish sort of smirk on his face as the music he was playing snapped him out of his memory. Moving from the replicator to the table, he placed the rather large dish onto the table. They had talked, a long while ago, about having pizza. However, Damian had wanted to do something a little different for his Cutesuki. It wasn’t an original recipe in the grand scheme of things, but it was for him, as he had never thought of doing it before. Fortunately, the replicator had several iterations of ‘sushi pizza’ in the database, and all Coleman had to do was pick one.


Moving from the dining room table back to the replicator, he paused to double check his outfit for the night: a fitted, white, dress shirt made with a Royal Oxford fabric blend that gave it a noticeable and distinctive sheen and texture. The first three buttons from the top were undone, and Damian gave the opening a little tug. The pants were tailored to perfection, giving his backside a contour that he hoped might give Kit pause, while the shoes were the most ostentatious part of the outfit; glossy leather that ran between a deep crimson to black, and back again on a steep gradient, and were finished with bright red piping.


“Computer, dim lights,” he said, before punching in a series of commands into the replicator. The familiar whirr was reassuring, and the light played out around the room as the overhead lighting darkened substantially. A large grey with gold highlights ceramic carafe appeared atop a candle powered hot plate, along with two matching sake cups on a tray. Again, he made his way back to the table, setting the tray down next to a large vase that was filled with a variety of flowers, some for their color, others for their fragrance.


“That reminds me,” he said to himself, as Damian shuffle-stepped over to the bedroom. Carried over to the armoire, he opened it and rummaged through the various bottles of cologne that he had.


Something smooth and gentle, not overpowering, something that is just right… he searched for a few moments before settling on a bottle filled with a light green colored liquid. Turning, Damian sprayed the air out in front of him, and then he walked into the droplets hanging in the air.




Returning to the living room, he turned the chair so that it was facing toward the door and then dropped himself into it, letting his body find a comfortable lounging position. Closing his eyes, he tried to reach out to her. Their bond had created a connection, and if he put enough energy into his thoughts, Kit could read him throughout the ship.


~Tried to make supper…~  he fibbed, ~…so we might just have to replicate an old favorite or something. Don’t suppose you’ll be home soon, will you?~


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#6 Lt (JG) Kit Frost

Lt (JG) Kit Frost


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Posted Star Date 22007.05 @ 23:25 (11:25 PM)

==Co-written with Damian Coleman==





Kit stretched as she left the Tactical console. There had been nothing much going on today. However flying in a slipstream was something that she could really get used to. It was smooth and beautiful and so fast. The only thing she mourned was the fact that she wasn't able to feel the speed like she could on Earth when using a fighter plane. Braggins had really gotten something going with her back when they visited Earth to get their Phase 3 training. It had been her bread and butter, the speed, the difficulty, the sheer death defying action. It was all rather perfect for Kit and she had fallen quickly in love with such exhilaration. Now, the slipstream was amazing but it was not as fun as the fighters.


She had no idea what the plan was for tonight, last she heard Damian would be working late. So she would probably catch up on a Japanese TV drama, and have some ramen before crashing out by stealing his pillow. She tended to fall asleep wrapped around his pillow on the nights that he came home much later than her. Partly it was strategic, he had to wake her up to get his pillow back and that meant she could cuddle with the real deal, and part of it was that his scent was all over it and it made her more comfortable.


~Tried to make supper...~ came the voice across their bond and surprise registered across it hearing that he was not only home, but had tried, and apparently failed, to make dinner. ~If the house smells like burnt noodles again we're eating at Ten Forward.~ she chuckled across the link. ~I'll be home soon, just got off duty.~


Home. It was unusual and yet not new that she had a place that was home. Not a Quarters, that had been pre-Damian. Now her life seemed to be broken in to PD and AD, Pre-Damian and After-Damian. She definitely preferred the After to the pre, that much was for certain. She still remembered much of their history even though it had come and gone so fast. Damian and Kit were on a fast track and she hoped that it wasn't one that would abruptly end but if anything could be said it would be that they loved and loved quite hard.


//Flashback Swirl Mode Activate//


~Do you believe in fate?~ she asked over their bond while they ate pizza. Her vegetarian was perfect for her and his was covered in all sorts of meat products and nary a vegetable. Such a man.


~Before I met you, I sort of believe in a type of fate. I saw decisions like a tree, with a trunk and multiple branches being the choices you could make. Some branches were barren, others full of leaves, and some only had buds. Some choices weren't as clear, but some were obvious but-~


Kit's attention was rapt on him, because she totally felt that fate had brought them together, and perhaps he did to. Not that it was a deal breaker but she was curious what his beliefs were. ~Since I met you,~ he continued, ~I've started to rethink my worldview on fate. Because, meeting you was a part of a culmination of choices I had made; that led me to the moment of meeting you. Same with you. But, us actually being in the right spot at the right time? That's some serious odds. Just a minute later getting of the transport? Or if you would have got held up getting your drink? We might never have met. So.. I suppose, there has to be some kind of Fate, unless you accept incredible consequences. Does that sound crazy?~ He laughed, she loved his laugh.


~What about you, Cutesuki, do you believe in Fate?~ he threw the question back at her.


~Not crazy at all. You're right. I do believe in fate, I always have. I believe that fate gave me my parents, that fate is why I was abandoned, fate crossed my paths with the life I have lead, there were some dark times.. in my childhood. There were times I hated myself, hated others, hated the world, and yet.. I made it through. And maybe, .. I was meant to be the person I was, to find you, to meet you, to walk beside you. Because I cannot imagine my life without you now. Not being able to share things with someone, or feel them, or know them.. as intimately as I do you. I don't just mean in the bedroom, I mean.. between us. The way I can tell your day, your moment, your feelings. The way you feel to me when you see me across the room, when you wake up first.. that's probably one of my favorites.~ Kit blushed.


Damian reached out with his hand and cupped her cheek. Leaning forward he pulled her into a long slow kiss that was all their emotions turned into physical touch for the moment. Damian sent the emotions he was feeling across the bond and she had done the same as a crash of emotional waves brushed into each other.


“Kitsuki, you make me fall in love with you every day. Everyday I fall in love with you again and again, and it isn't like anything I've ever had in my life.”


~Words cannot do justice to how I feel when I am with you. You complete my soul, you are my other half. When I am with you, I feel whole, grounded, and as though you were the part of me I was missing my entire life. Your laugh soothes my soul, your smiles warms my heart, your touch gives me electricity. But more than that Damian Coleman.. you are home. Where you are, is home.~ she confessed to him across the bond.


~I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. I'll always be your home.” he confessed. “This is yours, and yours alone. I willingly give you the keys Kitsuki Frost. My body, my mind, they are all yours. Everything I have, I share with you, and whatever the future brings, that's yours too.~ She remembered tears streaming down her cheeks just to hear the words coming from him. He brushed them away with his thumbs. ~Stay here with me. Let's be home to each other, and lets' make this our kingdom. Let's rule with love and desire and passion. Stay here tonight, and from always after.~


Kit had been unable to find words for a moment and instead just kissed him passionately climbing into his lap, pizza forgotten for the moment. ~I'll stay. Our home, our life, our future. Lets walk forward together. Our adventure. You are my everything, Damian.~


//Back to Liiiiiife Back to Realityyyyy//




Kit turned towards the Quarters, so far, so good. No burnt noodle smell. She headed for the doors and they opened at her presence. She stepped in and noticed that not only was the absence of burnt noodles not a thing, but it smelled nice. Something really good, nothing he had used before. Her khol rimmed eyes shifted to find Damian trying to look totally casual and failing miserably as he posed against the wall waiting for her to come in. He looked delicious, and handsome, and her heart thumped heavily in her chest. She gave up a grin as she slid her hands into the pockets of her uniform.


“I feel under dressed.” she stated with a confident grin as she let the door close behind her. He looked amazing, and then she realized that he had some sort of not-pizza thing.. on the table. Was that.. “Is that a sushi .. pizza?” she asked tilting her silver head in wonder for a moment.


She made a move to for the pizza looking it over and she chuckled looking up at Damian her dark black eyes glistening. “Well well look at you, what have you done with Damian? He's known to be a fantastic lover but a horrible cook.” she chuckled as she walked over to him and ran her hands up over his chest and to his shoulders.


“This is a nice surprise. You didn't even have to drug yourself this time.” she winked at him with a bit of a grin. Before pulling him into a long slow kiss. “Missed you all day. You were busy.”

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