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Posted Star Date 22005.21 @ 15:25 (03:25 PM)

Agent Thomson watched the discussion taking place on Earth through his terminal and shook his head; of all the centuries when temporal incursions and destabilisation occurred, the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth were the worst, and the repeat offenders seemed to be from one specific ship; the twenty-fifth century USS Copernicus. Previous administrations had overlooked these incursions for reasons Thomson could only imagine, but now they were being very carefully watched - the new powers that be had made it explicitly clear that no further meddling would be tolerated.


The potential ramifications to the outcome of the Temporal Cold War were simply too great for a collection of misguided fools to start screwing with the timeline...


Especially after what happened to Voyager...


The door to the office hissed open, and Agent Thompson entered. In addition to similar-sounding names, the men looked enough alike to be mistaken for brothers, and their mannerisms had become almost disturbingly similar in their fifty years of partnership working for the Department of Temporal Affairs. They were the finest "Time Cops" in the Department, and they were given the hardest cases - the ones that often required 'radical adjustment'.


If it came down to it, that adjustment would require eradicating all traces of the Dys "family" from the timeline.


With a sigh, Thomson went back to watching the recording, and longed for the simpler days spent in his cubicle predicting Krenim incursions or analysing the expansion of the Borg Chronocracy.


Those were good times...

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