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Star Trek: Hell's Mirror

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#1 Lt (JG) Zamha

Lt (JG) Zamha


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Posted Star Date 22009.04 @ 22:52 (10:52 PM)

A one-shot comic book released this week by IDW.


It's the 23rd Century.  In the mirror universe.  With KHAN.


As with everything else in the mirror universe, he's the opposite:  a hero who failed to overturn the unjust governments of 20th Century mirror Earth. The Botany Bay is found in the 23rd Century by a group of revolutionaries, and he becomes the driving force behind their attempt to overthrow Imperial Earth.


But when the Empire's most decorated captain, James Tiberius Kirk, sends a secret transmission that he wants to defect, does Khan dare trust him?

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#2 Lt Xenara Xardeen

Lt Xenara Xardeen


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Posted Star Date 22009.05 @ 06:43 (06:43 AM)

And now I have to read it in Ricardo Montablan's voice. lol 

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