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HD04 - Science Cadet Morris

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#1 Cdr Maddie Allen

Cdr Maddie Allen


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Posted Star Date 22009.07 @ 12:37 (12:37 PM)

== Holodeck 04 == 

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#2 Cdr Maddie Allen

Cdr Maddie Allen


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Posted Star Date 22009.11 @ 13:04 (01:04 PM)

== Welcome to your holodeck Cadet Morris


Read the following information carefully, because it has a fair amount of important information for you.  If you have any questions or difficulties at any time, please contact one of the following people for assistance.  We’d be glad to help you out.


Captain Esperenson: Esperenson@fed-space.com

Commander Jasal: sforcom@fed-space.net

Commander Allen: allen@fed-space.com


Remember during your time at the Academy that people who have responsibilities such as school, jobs, and family, maintain Federation Space. There are times when we all have to wait longer than we’d like for a reply to a post or a question. Patience and treating each other with respect and dignity are two things that are absolutely required of all members.


On the flip side, the Constitution states that players need to post at least twice a week.  If you find you are unable to keep up due to something coming up in real life responsibilities or you’re just going to be on holiday, please let one of the Admins know.  You will be granted a leave of absence for the length of time you think you’ll be away.  If you don’t let us know and you suddenly disappear, this could end up with you being considered AWOL and eventually removed from the active cadet roster.


With that said, let’s get to your character’s bio!


Please begin by posting your bio using the template found below. Once posted, your bio will be reviewed by an evaluations representative. They will post comments for you and suggest any adjustments your bio might require.  Once they approve your bio, you will be assigned an instructor and your adventure will begin!


Federation Space is a written RPG. With that said, we ask that you try to pay attention to spelling and grammar in your posts.  Posts that are properly formatted are easier and more enjoyable for everyone to read. I strongly recommend you run your bio and any posts you make through a spell check before posting them.


A few things to keep in mind while writing your bio.  First, certain species are not playable.  Click here for a catalog of playable races. Second, a great resource when it comes to filling out the bio form is the Character Development page. Lastly, our Star Fleet Majors and Minors.  This is a great page to understand the Academy curriculum.  One last thing, we would like you to take time to read and understand our site's canon page.  It's important for you understand what ‘Trek’ related info is on our site.

Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!  Hope to see you playing soon and have fun!


== Physical Description ==







Build/Body Type:


Hair Color:

Hair Style:

Eye Color:


Off-Duty Clothing Taste:

Distinguishing Features:


== Personal History ==

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:

Marital Status:

Siblings Name & Ages:

Mother's Name:

Father's Name:

Parent's Status:


Best Friend:

Personal History:

== Personality ==

Academy Majors:

Academy Minors:

Hobbies & Past-Times:

Short-Term Goals:

Long-Term Goals:


Sense of Humor:




Pet Peeves/Gripes:

Bad Habits / Vices:









== Questions ==

Most Painful Experience:

Best Time:

Most Crucial Experience:

Role Model:

Referrer / How you found Fed Space (If 'Google' or 'Search Engine' please specify the search engine and the term searched for):



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#3 Cdt Alex Morris

Cdt Alex Morris


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Posted Star Date 22009.18 @ 14:55 (02:55 PM)

Alex Morris bio

== Physical Description ==

Name: Alex John Morris

Species: Human

Gender: male

Age: 19

Height: 5’ 7”

Weight: 125 pounds.  

Build/Body Type: Longer legs and a slim frame.

Complexion: Cocaction but tans easily when in direct sunlight and never burns.

Hair Color: A darker sandy brown with a few natural blond highlights.

Hair Style: Short with a left part

Eye Color: A deep but bright blue, almost like the ocean.

Voice: Deep but not overly so.

Off-Duty Clothing Taste: Simple and practical.

Distinguishing Features: Many reddish-brown freckles littering his nose and cheeks.


== Personal History ==

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth: Scotland, Erath

Marital Status: Single.

Siblings Name & Ages: n/a  

Mother's Name: Margaret Quinn

Father's Name: George Morris

Parent's Status: His parents were married but since his father past away as a Starfleet officer. His mother has not had a relationship since. 

Pets: n/a

Best Friend: A Vulcan named K’pak

Personal History: After his father passed away on a star fleet mission when he was two, his mother joined star fleet leaving him with her best friend on Vulcan. Although he was raised as a Vulcan, he often received ridicule for being human.

At the age of 16, he applied to enter the Vulcan science academy and was accepted as the elders found he had eliminated all traces of his human emotion. Only a few months later he was kicked out after a knew Vulcan was put in charge of the science center.

After being dismissed he found himself lost without a goal. For the next year he worked on earth as a secretary trying to find emotional security in a universe that did not seem to accept him.

 It was at this time his mother received the rank of admiral and took a desk job on earth. With her guidance he then decided to join star fleet. With a new goal in mind he was able to call upon his Vulcan teachings and begin a knew life. 


== Personality ==

Academy Majors: cybernetics

Academy Minors: Quantum mechanics, computer science, temporal mechanics

Hobbies & Past-Times: Even though he was raised on Vulcan he still secretly enjoys pastimes such as pool and socialising.

Short-Term Goals: To become the head science officer on a large starship.

Long-Term Goals: His long-term goal is to contribute to the scientific knowledge of the federation enough to leave a lasting impact.

Personality: Naturally quiet, loves learning, but can be quite social in small groups.

Sense of Humor: Almost non-existent but dry when he does use it.

Phobias: Scared of rejection, and the unknown but never shows fear as part of his Vulcan training.

Likes: playing pool and learning.

Dislikes: Hates art and large gatherings.

Pet Peeves/Gripes: when someone interrupts him or figits unnecessarily

Bad Habits / Vices: Uses terms no one understands when explaining the most mundane things

Achievements: Became the first human to ever be accepted into the Vulcan science academy.

Disappointments: Getting kicked out of the accadamy only a few months after being accepted.

Illnesses: n/a

Strengths: Learning fast when in the right environment.

Weaknesses: Shows no emotion most of the time causing ocational burst of uncontrollable emotion.

Fears: Not achieving a goal, Spiders.

Prejudices: Does not like it when someone has no control over their emotios.


== Questions ==

Most Painful Experience: When he was kicked out of the science academy.

Best Time: When he spent time with his best friend on Vulcan

Most Crucial Experience: Being left with a family fried on Vulcan

Role Model: Amanda Serek, a human who thrived in a Vulcans world.

Referrer / How you found Fed Space (If 'Google' or 'Search Engine' please specify the search engine and the term searched for): I was searching for the three dialects of Romulan when I found the site.

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#4 Cdr Carrs Jasal

Cdr Carrs Jasal


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Posted Star Date 22009.21 @ 12:10 (12:10 PM)

==Greetings Cadet, I am Commander Carrs and I will be assisting with your bio!


This is a good start to a bio, but we need to make some changes before we continue:


1) Age: 19 is too young for a new character Federation Space, especially one who has attended multiple institutions of Higher Education. Realistically he would be 22 at the youngest, more likely 23-25.

2) Personal History: This seems heavily inspired by the character Michael Burnham from Star Trek Discovery; I'd like to see this altered to be less familiar.


Once these two changes are made, we can look at other parts of the bio.==

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