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What Star Trek - REAL Star Trek - means to me.

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#1 Lt Xenara Xardeen

Lt Xenara Xardeen


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Posted Star Date 22009.09 @ 06:52 (06:52 AM)

Please watch this video in its entirety before commenting. I know my views on Kurtzman Trek aren't popular, but this guy NAILS what TRUE Star Trek means. What it used to stand for. 


Don't defend Kurtzman Trek, or by extension, Lower Decks. You'll lose. It's OKAY to like it, but oppressing opposing views about it and calling it hate - well, I do hate it, but that's not the point - is exactly what Kurtzman wants his dwindling fanbase to do. If you complain about me hating Kurtzman Trek, you're part of the problem.



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#2 Cdr Laura Macleod {Macleod}

Cdr Laura Macleod {Macleod}


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Posted Star Date 22009.09 @ 09:07 (09:07 AM)

I second that