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AT/D04-09 - Transporter Rooms

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== Edward's Arrival ==
Not again… 
Ed carried a backpack containing some personal supplies and equipment borrowed from his preferred Multi Purpose Laboratory 3. Gripped firmly in his right hand was a containment case no larger than a briefcase. The older officer had materialised on the transporter pad not a moment earlier, a containment forcefield enclosing the pads themselves. Something was wrong, but this was becoming the standard arrival protocol for the Midshipman. 
Edward had spent the last few days examining and documenting the status of the USS Jupiter’s stockpile of agricultural seeds. As a fleet tender it had transported some emergency provisions should the Pathfinder project’s ships find themselves without the ability to replicate sustenance for any extended length of time. In the short term emergency ration packs would suffice, but the Midshipman knew that a crew would be tired of those supplies in no time at all. His professional expertise as a botanist, and past life as a humble farmer had undoubtedly influenced Commander Gregg’s decision to send him off ship for routine tasks. Crew transfers and reassignments across Pathfinder had meant Jupiter had been unable to perform the assessments themselves. 
“Welcome back Mr Alken… I see you’re keeping with tradition and triggering the transporter’s biological quarantine protocols.” 
Standing behind the transporter controls was a technician Ed recognised. This wasn't the first occasion they had each been cast roles in this repeating drama, she had delayed him on no more than two occasions previously. A triumphant record for a Midshipman who had barely been off ship. 
“I wouldn’t want to disappoint you.” 
He lifted the case to shoulder height, as if to present it to the technician for examination. He knew all too well she would have no idea what it contained. 
“Just some soil and seed samples for further study. I can assure you nothing untoward.” 
She offered a sceptical look, as if he had assured her of that one too many times before. It was only the forcefield's sudden disappearance that allowed the Midshipman a sigh of relief. He had no sooner returned the case of samples to his side and shuffled his backpack to a more comfortable position, than stepped off the transporter pad. His first steps back aboard the Artemis in what felt like forever. 
“I’ve flagged the biological samples in the system sir, but you’re clear to proceed.” 
Edward had struggled to hide his smile at the thought of senior staff coming in search of his talaxian turnip seeds, and at the thought of the disciplinary hearings that would follow. 
“I am never out of trouble it seems... At least with my arrival flagged, Commander Gregg will know I've made it back on board."
Before she could respond he had found his way through the doorway and into the corridor that ran the length of the ship. Soon he would be in a turbolift headed towards home - Multi Purpose Laboratory 3.
>> Science Complex >>

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