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Any Linux users on here?

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#1 Lt Xenara Xardeen

Lt Xenara Xardeen


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Posted Star Date 22102.11 @ 13:44 (01:44 PM)

I recently found a distro called Linuxfx that emulates Winders 10 almost perfectly. 


Who uses Linius and is it your only OS? Do you dual boot? I'm asking because my puter is going on 12 years old and Winders isn't what it used to be. There is so much garbage on it (even installing without internet I still have some annoyances leak in) that running online games is tentative at best and downright unplayable at worst. Path of Exile runs alright as long as I turn everything down to low or off and I still have problems with swarms of enemies on the screen...but I digress. 


It seems like Windows needs a LOT of what I call "background noise" (apps and services that the average user doesn't know about) to even run properly. But Linux doesn't seem to suffer from that problem. The only downside is I'd have to install Wine and that seems like a lot of extra hoops to jump through just to play games. Also Linux has a different method of installing since it doesn't recognize .exe files. Which is fine, I don't mind learning, it's just seems like a hassle just to play winders games.


Anyway what do you like about Linux and why? Is Linux & Wine a viable option to Winders 10? I know it's not that popular but Winders is driving me nuts. Maybe it's my hardware, but I don't have the money to upgrade yet. It looks like a lot of fun to use and learn though.

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#2 Lt. Drew Willard

Lt. Drew Willard


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Posted Star Date 22102.22 @ 13:48 (01:48 PM)


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