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NT/X100 - NPC Thread

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#1 Cdr Velaul

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Posted Star Date 22105.29 @ 01:20 (01:20 AM)

This is an area for a small description of any NPC, generally what they look like

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Posted Star Date 22105.31 @ 19:15 (07:15 PM)

Here is a small list of NRC's for Medical and Engineering and a couple of other departments, along with some notes created by Alturkia and myself.


Engineering NRC's


Lt. JG Andrew Summers, Human Male : Alpha Shift.


Ensign Karai - {Alturkia}, Vulcan Female : Beta Shift Leader. Shoulder length black hair. Specialist in Antimatter Containment. Suffers from panic attacks which she hides from everyone.

Went through Pon Farr without telling anyone and subsequently telepathically attacked Lt Alturkia and did the dirty without his permission.

Was forgiven by Alturkia, and has formed sort of a friendship with him.

Has a birthday on December 25th. Currently 73 years old.


Ensign Deanna Anasa, Betazoid Female : Delta Shift Leader.


Midshipman Stephen Slava, Human Male : Gamma Shift.


CPO Aktuh Johnson, Human/Klingon Male : Alpha shift.


PO2 Reagen Barkley, Human Male : Alpha Shift


PO2 George "Elf" Kickappoo, Human/Andorian Male : Alpha Shift.


PO3 Thana Lavigne, Human Male : Gamma Shift.


CM Drake Thoran, Betazoid Male : Delta Shift.


CM Erik Armiger, Unjoined Trill Male : Beta Shift


CM Natalya Solari, Betazoid Female : Gamma Shift. One of the non-identical “Solari Twins”


CM Penna, Vulcan Female : Beta Shift


CMA Kena Solari, Bolian Female : Gamma Shift Quite bubbly. One of the non-identical “Solari Twins”


CMA Wesley Guy, Human Male : Delta Shift.


CMR Volka, Tellarite Male : Delta Shift.


CMR X'aria, Catian Female. : Alpha Shift.



Medical NRC's


PO3 Aisha Ouan, Betazoid/Human Female : Head Nurse


CM Niamh O'Connell, Human Female : Nurse.

CM Aavo Esutha, Bajoran Male : Nurse


CM Surik, Vulcan Male : Lab Technician. Likes Dancing.


CM Serina Andersen, Human Female : Lab Technician.


CMA Jasoor al-Nazar, Human Male : Nurse.


CMR Reign Hockozh, Klingon Male : Lab Technician.


CMA Pierre Breton - {Alturkia}, Human Male : Lab Technician. Mostly works on own research. Hopes maybe to one day be a doctor. Drinks white coffee. Short, sandy hair and a beard. Has slight French accent. Wears glasses. Fancies Dr Troy. Married to Ensign Papaver. (Estranged)



Security NRC


Ensign Perdita Gold - {Alturkia}, Human Female. Short blond hair. Doesn't like Engineers. Gold's parents were civilian contractors. They were both killed when a massive engineering project failed and they were crushed to death. Perdita was lucky to survive the accident herself. The inquest found the engineers in charge of the project were negligent in their safety procedures. This is why Gold hates all engineers. Tarring them all with the same brush.
Because of her reaction to almost being killed along with her parents, her reaction was to take every opportunity to enjoy herself to the extreme. Her attitude to many experiences is almost hedonistic in her enjoyment. Even if this makes her somewhat unpopular.
She is independently wealthy and only joined Starfleet out of a sense of self worth to avoid having to take over running what was left of the family business. Which was ironically an engineering contractors.

She holds a third dan in Karate, Akido and Krav Maga.

Went over the top at a recent ships function, and is awaiting to be disciplined.



Science NRC


Ensign Papaver – {Alturkia}, Human Female.
Referred to as “Poppy” by Alturkia. First name is kept quiet, but is known by Alturkia and Breton.

Short black hair. Pale complexion.

Former Science officer on the USS Magellan. Injured during Borg Incident. Recently reactivated and assigned to the USS Nikola Tesla.

Married to Pierre Breton. (Estranged). Old friend of Asfar Alturkia. Plays piano. Loves Christmas.



Tactical NRC


Ensign Mike Fresco - {Alturkia}, Human Male.

Short cropped hair. Quite sporty.



Support NRC's


Midshipman Marta Palmerston, Human Female.

Blond. Shares quarters with Karai.


CMA K6 Red, Nasat Male.

Large red insectoid. Shell painted support purple. Scuttles about just getting on with his job


CPO Mulberry, El Aurian Male. Quint essential butler.

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