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A Fashionable Reunion

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#1 Mid Amy Martinez

Mid Amy Martinez


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Posted Star Date 22105.31 @ 05:11 (05:11 AM)

Of all the places Anna had performed, Andoria had far been the worst stop of her tour. It wasn’t the attire that had been the problem, far from it. The low-cut dress happened to be one of the more beautiful garments she’d worn during her various appearances, especially with it’s assorted gemstone merged into the fabric itself. However, the biggest problem was the fact some genius decided it would be better to have the fashion show outside. On Andoria of all places. Anna performed her part rather quickly, just to get off the stage and back to some warmth.


This would’ve been a lovely time to show off some of the winter sets we have. But apparently that’s not sexy enough to bring in the crowds. I promise I won’t complain if our next destination is Tyree. Anything to get away from the negative temperatures here.


Just short of storming off the stage, Anna let her black hair down in an attempt to better shield her shoulders from the harsh cold. Luckily, within a minute one of her assistants ran over with a heavy-duty jacket. It wasn’t a fashionable piece of clothing by any stretch of the imagination, but once the young woman slipped it on the top half of her body would stay warm until she could reach the lobby of the nearby hotel so she could retire for the evening. All Anna could hope for was that her unshielded legs would hold up for those several minutes.


After all her time doing her best to avoid paparazzi, Anna managed to hold it together until she reached the entrance to the hotel. Next item on her agenda was to reach a lift so she could reach sublevel twelve. It was always weird to head down in a hotel, but given the building on Andoria, and it being warmer the lower one descended, it at least made a resemblance of sense. Unfortunately, the starlet wasn’t fast enough to evade detection from her manager. Although, to be fair, he knew exactly which room had been given to Anna so it would be an inevitable meeting.


“You want to tell me about your ****-poor performance out there tonight?”


Anna couldn’t help but sigh when she heard Chusra call out towards her. When she turned to face him, she could tell he wasn’t happy. Chusra always had that tell, because his Xindi-Primate cranial ridges always seemed to flare about when he was frustrated about something. He also wasn’t concerned about airing his grievances out in public, and if a crowd were to gather, he’d make it an even bigger spectacle. Luckily, the hotel lobby was currently sparsely occupied so there wasn’t a risk of that coming true. Anna wasn’t in much of a mood for an argument at the moment, so she tried to brush him off.


“I’m not feeling good right now, Chusra. Can we please take care of this in…”


Unlike most Xindi-Primates, Chusra didn’t seem to have much in the way of patience. Anna had never managed to get away without a conversation becoming heated, and it started to seem like this was going to be another time that was no different than any other. Honestly, all the young woman cared about was just reaching the lift and disappearing into her room where she could pretend the rest of the universe didn’t exist for a couple of hours.


“No, we can’t! Just because it’s negative fourteen degrees doesn’t mean you can just skip all your movements out there. You knew what was required of you when you signed your contract, and now you’re seemingly trying to make me look bad and ruin me all at the same time.”


Chusra looked like he wanted to continue ranting, but a chime from one of his PADDs went off. It was alerting him that he was needed at the front desk. Anna didn’t know why, nor did she really care to ask. It seemed like she was going to be able to leave without much of a fight, for the moment, and she was going to enjoy it.


“Looks like circumstance saved you, this time. Just remember, any more screw-ups won’t be tolerated as easily.”


With Chusra shooting off across the room, Anna slipped over to the nearest lift and activated the recall function to bring it back to the ground level. While she waited the several seconds, Anna turned back around to observe the lobby and noticed Chusra now speaking with someone that appeared to be wearing a Star Fleet uniform. Initially, she didn’t think much about it until the Xindi specifically pointed in her direction. As the lift door opened, Anna stepped inside just as the military member began heading towards her.


Feeling unsure, the ride towards sublevel twelve began to soothe Anna’s nerves slightly. It seemed like that officer had been asking about her, but for the life of her the young woman couldn’t figure out why. Sure her sister was a member of the fleet, but that was the limit of her experience. The fashion model had no intentions of following in her twin’s footsteps. Hopefully, her room would be a safe haven and not have to worry about why she was being targeted.


As she approached her room, Anna was starting the hand scan to be able to access her room when an individual approached her from the other end of the hallway. Upon inspection, it turned out to be the same Star Fleet officer that had been speaking with Chusra. Anna was able to make out more detail of the uniform. It was mostly black, with gray shoulders and a purple stripe separating the other two colors at the breast level. There were three golden pips affixed to the woman’s collar, but Anna didn’t truly know what they represented.


“Anna Martinez? My name is Jenna Carranza, and I knew your sister. I was hoping…”


The mention of her sister was enough to grab Anna’s attention, but at the moment Anna didn’t really care much about everything else. All she wanted to do was get in her room and plop down on the bed. As curious as she was about what the other woman had to say, she was about to brush Jenna off. Anna even did her best to not seem too rude as she replaced her hand on the scanner.


“Look, I’m sorry but you must have me confused with someone else.”


Unceremoniously, Anna entered as soon as the door opened and let it shut off the Star Fleet officer. Commander Jenna Carranza knew for a fact that she hadn’t been mistaken in the identify of the person who’d just cut her off. Since watching Amy Martinez graduate from the Academy, and having become the young officer’s mentor, Jenna wanted to help revive the relationship between the two sisters. Unfortunately, it seemed like it was going to be slightly more difficult than she first imagined.

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#2 Mid Amy Martinez

Mid Amy Martinez


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Posted Star Date 22106.06 @ 07:12 (07:12 AM)

After failing in her own personal mission on Andoria, Jenna found herself back in her office at Star Fleet Academy. Despite getting back into a groove and bringing more knowledge to the future Tactical Officers in the fleet, the brunette had a hard time getting the failure out of her mind. On the terminal before her, Jenna had the essays from one of the last assignments she’d given before the Andoria trip. Regrettably, it was difficult to focus on them at the moment.


I can’t imagine what my life would be like if Jessica and I ever had a schism like Amy and her sister had. Helping Jess through the transition of no longer being a marine, and I can’t imagine worrying if she was going through that without me there. Amy is almost like the daughter I never had, and I hate seeing anything like this negatively affect her.


Continuing to oversee the various reports that needed grading, an alert popped up on the terminal. Switching over, Jenna noticed that she’d received a response from the message she sent to the Superintendent just the other day. At this revelation, her heart felt as though it were beating twice as hard. This was going to determine whether or not the probability of success would go up or down. Knowing it was time to pluck the band-aid off, Jenna opened the message to see it’s contents.


[TO: Cdr Carranza, Jenna

FROM: Capt Espereson, James

SUBJECT: Re: Leave of Absence Request


Request approved and good luck.]


Despite the burden of reuniting the Martinez sisters, it started to feel like some of the weight had been lifted off her chest. While Jenna had a personally responsibility to her protégé, she also had to make sure her cadets were still going to be looked after. Officially being on leave meant it would be easier to accomplish both goals, as now she could have someone temporarily fill in for her lectures.


If it were a standard class, I’d really like to have Olsen fill in. Beka is a bit more inflexible, but she demands the highest of the cadets she oversees. Not that she can’t instruct the Tactical cadets, but Security doesn’t entirely mesh well with star base space battle tactics, no matter how good a teacher is. I wonder if I can get Ryan to cover me.


“Computer, what is Lieutenant Ryan Vaughn’s present location.”


[Lieutenant Vaughn in currently in the Staff Lounge.]


Jenna chortled slightly. It seemed he hadn’t left the grounds like she had. Despite the fact it was an hour after classes had been finished, the life of an instructor never seemed to be finished. No longer being a Dean had given Jenna a little bit more free time, and it wasn’t like she left the position in bad hands with Maddie. With Ryan being in the lounge, it was possible that he’d be heading home before long. Downloading most of the information regarding her class, and the papers she’d yet to evaluate, onto a PADD Jenna hoped she wouldn’t overload the Lieutenant. Closing up shop for the moment, Jenna left her office and started walking down the hall to the lounge.


He’ll either want to kill me, or be willing to take on the extra work. Better get this over with.


Stepping into the lounge revealed only one individual. With the sunlight starting to fade over the bay, Jenna presumed everyone else was either finishing up in their offices or had gone home like normal people. The Lieutenant in the room looked older than he truly was. His hair was slightly gray and his beard was starting to become more salt and peppery. Though he defended the decision to not darken it, as he believed it made him look distinguished. The only thing that was disappoint was that Vaughn was ever so slightly overweight, but with his ethics he would do everything within his power to secure the lives of other people.


“Commander, what a cheery surprise.”


Jenna was positive her fellow instructor hadn’t seen her enter. Perhaps he’d heard the door open, but the fact he was engaged in reading and his eyes hadn’t left the display it was still mystifying. More was said about the man’s work ethics when he remained ever so formal, despite the fact he was in his purple undershirt with his uniform top hanging on the back of his chair. Jenna joined him on the opposite side of the table.


“I’m officially on leave as of a couple minutes ago, so I don’t really think you need to call me ‘Commander’ right now. How about trying ‘Jenna’ for a change?”


Knowing there was a possibility of an uphill battle, she had to keep herself presenting a calm and inviting atmosphere. While it was possible to straight up bark orders out, it wasn’t the most efficient way to get others to do what one wanted. That was a lesson she learned while serving on Star Base 85 after her original Department Head had perished. The replacement officer had the ‘bark orders’ leadership set, and it not only alienated Jenna from him, but various other members of his department. And then she landed her position at the Academy as a junior instructor, and did her best to not emulate his leadership.


“I’ll try, but old habits are hard to break. I had a feeling you’d be wanting to see my before you left, so I knew if I hung around you’d eventually come by.”


Ryan was no longer giving his PADD the attention he had previously been giving it. Now Jenna had his complete attention, and a part of her started conjecturing if he already knew what was coming. It was like he’d been hanging around the Superintendent, but the staff around the Academy talked and for the most part it seemed near impossible to keep a secret on campus.


I guess the cat’s about to be out of the bag one way or another.


“Would you mind subbing in my classes for a couple of weeks. I’ve got most of the lesson plans already drawn up if that will help…”


Despite Jenna knowing she needed someone to fill in, it wasn’t something she liked pawning off on others. However, the fact that Vaughn hadn’t started arguing, or immediately leaving the lounge, made it seem like everything was going to err on the side of progress. Even if he hadn’t technically agreed to it as she started rambling. It didn’t help matters when the smile he had started to become more neutral.


“You didn’t even have to ask. I’ve just got to know one thing. Do you really believe you’re not wasting your time by trying to reunite Midshipman Martinez with her sister? I’m not saying it isn’t a noble cause, but I’ve looked her up, and let’s just say models aren’t the easiest people in the universe to handle. And they’re typically more interested in themselves and fame.”


Jenna couldn’t help herself as she let out a resigned sigh. Ryan wasn’t wrong in his question, but that didn’t change the fact the brunette believed she had to at least make the attempt. She’d only had that one brief ‘chat’ with Anna, and it wasn’t as successful as she’d hoped. It would’ve been easier to just not worry about trying, but that sounded a whole lot like quitting and Jenna couldn’t let that happen.


“I’m not going to lie. Maybe I’m on a wild goose chase, but I’ve come to care about Amy and even if neither of them will admit it, losing a sister isn’t all it cracked out to be. Besides, in my experience when your twin is hurting, it almost feels like it’s hurting you as well. I don’t know if I’d be the same if Jessica and I ended up the same way, and I wouldn’t want to find out. So if I can help them both, shouldn’t I at least try for someone I care for?”


Ryan didn’t say much, but smoothly grabbed the PADD Jenna had brought with her. He overlooked it contents, and didn’t say anything as he left the lounge. The brunette wondered if she was fighting a losing battle, but Ryan’s silence seemed to speak words. Did he truly believe it would work out? Jenna couldn’t be sure, but he was at least willing to give her that opportunity. That was something at least. After a couple of minutes of sitting silently alone, Jenna figured it was best to head home and pack. She was going to have an interesting couple of weeks.


== Slight hijack of Captain Espereson was approved by his player. ==

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