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A01 - Auditorium

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#1 RAdm Abigail Taylor

RAdm Abigail Taylor


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Posted Star Date 22201.05 @ 19:06 (07:06 PM)

Star Fleet Academy's auditorium is a huge, bright, modern-looking space capable of seating over 500 people. The entire South wall is made up of windows allowing the sunshine in and an awe-inspiring view of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. On the other walls hang large painted portraits of former Star Fleet commanding officers--the noble people who set an example for cadets and officers alike--including the likes of Jonathan Archer, Jonathan Beckett, and Thomas Grayson. There are currently a few dozen beings of various races occupying the auditorium: some are talking in small groups and others just enjoying the view between classes. Most are wearing uniforms designating them as cadets at Star Fleet Academy. A few are wearing the purple tunic that denotes them as Academy personnel.


Just below the stage is the admissions area; a long desk sits there with multiple computer terminals as well as two or more officers. At the center position is usually found Commander Maddie Allen, the Dean of Admissions. Newly arrived Cadets report to her for training holodeck assignments, where they will undertake the final portion of their four year academy training. Dean of Evaluations Commander Carrs Jasal or Academy Superintendent Admiral Kinziri Jal can be counted on for assistance as needed.


There is a queue of cadets at the admissions area, awaiting their turn to accept the assignment for their final examination here at Star Fleet Academy.


== Welcome to Federation Space RPG and Star Fleet Academy! We're so glad you've decided to join us. 


Please make your first post below! The post should contain two things... 


First, write an in-character portion describing your character's arrival in the auditorium. They have just completed four years at Star Fleet Academy and are waiting the assignment for their final examination. They should report in to the Admissions desk to the officer on duty for their assignment. 


Secondly, you must read the Cadet Code of Conduct and the Federation Space Constitution. Include in your post an out of character statement that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by these documents. 

For example:

Cadet Davis entered the auditorium and tugged at the stiff collar of his uniform. Seeing the admissions desk and the short line of Cadets, he approached and waited to catch the eye of the officer on duty.


"Cadet Davis reporting for assignment sir!" He cringed at the volume of his own voice, hoping no one noticed the error.


== I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Federation Space Constitution and the Cadet Code of Conduct. ==


Good luck and have fun! ==

#2 Mid Amila Ra'an

Mid Amila Ra'an


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Posted Star Date 22212.15 @ 12:08 (12:08 PM)

Amila Ra'an smiled as she entered the auditorium. She always had enjoyed the view here, but today was different. Amila had finally finished all of her coursework, and she was about to take her final examination. She had heard rumors that it was a mentally grueling process, but Amila felt as though she was prepared for it. Hear dream of becoming a Starfleet officer was closer now than ever, and exam jitters couldn't quell her excitement. 

Amila couldn't help but bounce on her feet a little as she waited her turn to approach the admissions desk and receive her assignment. Finally it was her turn to step forward and receive her assignment. Amila stood at attention, and announced her presence to the faculty member manning the desk, "Cadet Ra'an, reporting for assignment," she stated in a voice she had practiced numerous times in the mirror since arriving at the academy four years ago. 




== I have read, understand, agree to abide by the Federation Space Constitution and the Cadet Code of Conduct. == 

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#3 Capt Maddie Allen

Capt Maddie Allen


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Posted Star Date 22212.16 @ 13:01 (01:01 PM)

Maddie took a sip of chai from her mug as she read through a few reports coming back from holodecks. Things were going as smooth as usual. Sure, there were a few hiccups, but that was expected. Cadets were milling in the auditorium, some pausing in front of the various portraits hung on the walls, some chatting with friends made, some sitting by themselves and looking like they would be sick. Everyone responded differently to their final day. 


"Next," Maddie called and a science cadet stepped up.


"Cadet Ra'an reporting for assignment." 


Maddie smiled and nodded. "Hello Cadet Ra'an. It's a great day for graduating, eh?" Maddie knew the cadet still had their final to go, but she always tried to raise the cadets confidence before they left her. Exams could be nerve wracking, but their last one always reved up the anxiety. Maddie continued, "Give me just a moment while I make sure of your assignment..." 


Ra'an... Ra'an.. there she is. 


"Cadet Ra'an. You've been assigned to holodeck three. Your instructor will be along shortly."  She paused and then as the cadet started to head towards her exam, she added. "Good luck cadet."


Switching to her glass of water for the moment, Maddie took a drink before calling the next cadet to her desk. 


== Welcome to Federation Space Cadet Ra'an. We're glad to have you here. Let us know if you have questions or need something. :) == 

#4 Cdt Aramoya Ditt

Cdt Aramoya Ditt


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Posted Star Date 22302.15 @ 14:40 (02:40 PM)

Aramoya stepped into the bright, familiar auditorium, waving excitedly at a few familiar cadets as she did so. She was incredibly excited. In fact, her daily morning Vulcan meditation had taken half an hour longer than usual due to her buzzing mind. She let herself pause for a moment, standing to the side as cadets walked past, their strides purposeful, heading towards the busy admissions table.


This was to be her final hurdle. One more examination and she was heading to the stars. It hadn't been easy. In fact, she had been surprised at how tough some of the Academy courses had been. She had always tested so well at home. Her fathers and mothers had always assured her that she had brains to rival even Zephram Cochrane. She knew, of course, that this was an exaggeration, born from her family's ceaseless optimism and support, but it never failed to make her heart shine just a little brighter.


A soft beeping from her cortex stability generator brought her back to the present. She gently applied pressure to the device and pictured a flame flickering in her mind, as she had been taught. The pressure on her skull helped to ground her, while the flame reminded her to keep her emotions steady. The flame's flickering calmed.


She allowed herself a bright smile as she approached the desk. Her father always said that a geniune smile crossed cultures. Of course, Aramoya had found that this was not always the case, but nevertheless.


She resisted the urge to open her arms wide to greet the officer manning the desk. While it may be traditional for her people, it was not always very Starfleet.


"Cadet Ditt, reporting as ordered."


== I have read, understand, agree to abide by the Federation Space Constitution and the Cadet Code of Conduct. ==

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#5 Capt Maddie Allen

Capt Maddie Allen


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Posted Star Date 22302.16 @ 11:15 (11:15 AM)

Maddie smiled back at the next officer approaching her desk. She wore the colors of the science department. As the officer neared, Maddie watched her closely as it seemed the officer had ideas to come closer than the desk allowed. 


"Cadet Ditt, reporting as ordered."


Keeping the smile, Maddie nodded. "Hello Cadet Ditt, happy to see you..."  She looked down quickly to see assignments, tapping the screen a few times until she came aross the cadet's name. 


Ditt... Ditt... there you are. And it's all ready.


Maddie looked back to the waiting cadet and continued.  "Cadet Ditt, you're assigned to holodeck three. Your instructor will arrive momentarily..." Maddie paused before adding, "Good luck cadet. I look forward to seeing you during graduation." 


She nodded to the cadet and then watched a moment and then focused her gaze at the empty cup of coffee next to her.  


More coffee... Yes please.


== Welcome to Fed Space Cadet Ditt! Glad to have you here. If you need anything, don't hesitate to reach out. :) ==