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A Captains Birthday

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#1 Cdr Daniel Brooks

Cdr Daniel Brooks


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Posted Star Date 22201.09 @ 08:35 (08:35 AM)

==Celebration of the Captains Birthday = all welcome==

#2 Lt Mori Lunori (ZenZin)

Lt Mori Lunori (ZenZin)


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Posted Star Date 22201.09 @ 08:54 (08:54 AM)

Lunori with the help of the the enlisted crew managed to create a very bright room decorated with balloons and glitter and those thrilly banners that change colours every ten minutes , in the center of the room stood the 50 tire birthday cake it had almost every flavor you could ask for and the tops where brilliant and numerous in nature it seemed Mori went all out for the captains birthday, she even hired a band to preform at the party.


''Okay decorations up, cake is standing and no longer wobbling and what else am I missing..?'' she said looking around


One of the enlisted  started to bring in the presents from the captains family, Mori managed to get a hold of almost every member of his family and got the parcels delivered to the ship.


''Okay all is set just have to wait for the crew to arrive and im sure the Captain wont get mad or anything...''


Mori paused for a moment


''How am I to bring the Captain here exactly?'' Mori sighed she didn't really think things though.


''I know I'll get Commander Brooks to get him once he arrives....I'm sure he would help a Betazoid out some...''


==Tag all==

#3 Cdr Daniel Brooks

Cdr Daniel Brooks


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Posted Star Date 22201.16 @ 19:59 (07:59 PM)

Commander Brooks arrived in the room as he had been asked to pop his head in as there was something going on but wasn't told what it was. 


His icy blue eyes landed on the massive birthday cake and it suddenly jolted his memory that today was the Captains Birthday, Dan had wanted to make sure that nothing was going to go wrong on the ship today so the Captain had a nice uneventful day. 


Moving across the room he spotted Lunori and walking up to her he said, 


"I guess your the one that organised all this? Looks good. I hope that cake tastes as good as it looks."


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