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He Who Dares Wins

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#1 Cdr Daniel Brooks

Cdr Daniel Brooks


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Posted Star Date 22201.09 @ 20:01 (08:01 PM)

==Subplot by the Chief of Security for her Security Officers - Good Luck==

#2 LCdr Luna Pond

LCdr Luna Pond


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Posted Star Date 22201.09 @ 21:08 (09:08 PM)

== A dark and dingy open area on Deck 17 atmospheric smoke with a red and green glow. Each deck of the ship has been ammended to simulate various conditions GMd by Pond and these would not be known to the team which one they would face until reached. when her team come to join her Luna will be found stood with her hands on her hips in starfleet grey Physical training outfit consisting of grey leggings and a sleeveless grey top. Around her neck she has a sports whistle ==

Luna was just putting the finishing touches to her own training program, her team had been having a fairly easy time of late and Luna thought it was time to change that.

Stood in her physical training gear and hair in a high tail she stood behind 3 heavy rucksacks, hands on her hips as she awaited her Security team. This was not going to be easy and would require additional teamwork from the team involved.

Having sent out instructions to come dressed in training gear and bring a water bottle, Luna tapped her comm badge to open a ship wide channel.

"Pond to Morgenson and Lincoln report to Deck 17 immediately Pond out" her voice athoratative and direct.

Now we wait....

== Tag Morgenson and Lincoln ==

#3 Mid Jake Morgenson

Mid Jake Morgenson


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Posted Star Date 22201.11 @ 08:32 (08:32 AM)

==Subplot timeline==


Jake stumbled out of the turbolift looking slightly disheveled, like he had just been through an exercise program of his own. He stomped his left foot hard, and saluted. Jake had came as Commander Pond had instructed: a water bottle with the words 'You can do it!' on it, and his training gear. He appeared to look rather tired, but immediately cleared that up when he noticed the atmosphere. He then turned to Commander Pond with a tinge of curiosity on his voice.


"Just curious, Commander, what are we going to be doing?" Jake asked. He did not like the look of those rucksacks, and decided on asking outright rather than trying to guess and maybe getting it wrong later. He shook off the feeling of guilt that kept settling upon his stomach and instead look around some more, taking in the scene.


==Tag Pond==