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AT/E02 - Utopia Planitia R&D Station: Primary Research Facility

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The Primary Research Facility is large in scale – with the science and reactor area being multi-storied – and can be broken down into three spaces.


A skylight atrium is the first part of the facility to be entered from the Crew Living Areas walkway. Plant and water features dot the area providing aesthetics and functional environmental support. Transparent cubes can be seen throughout – allowing for workers and researchers to still enjoy the atrium, but are sound insulated for focus. Collaboration areas also a found throughout. These areas allow for various numbers of people to sit down and discuss ideas with helpful holographics. Some areas of the atrium are also designated for rest and relaxation.


Beyond the atrium area are the office and lab spaces. Offices allow for uninterrupted work, with conference areas nearby for collaboration or meetings. A small auditorium demarks the space between the office and lab areas. Lab spaces are self-contained rooms – each lab is sized differently and allow for varying levels of occupancy. All labs have holographic capabilities. A small sickbay is located within the labs for emergencies.


The primary science and reactor area can be accessed through the lab spaces after a small decontamination chamber, and is the largest of the three spaces. Two stories tall and four stories deep much of the facility cannot be traversed and is filled up with equipment. A reactor powers the facility and the experiments – it is directly linked to the testing area. More laboratories exist within the science zone and are large enough to have many engineers and researchers working in concert. A computer core is located within this zone – spanning two stories in height and is self-contained from the rest of the facility. Storage rooms are located on the outer edge of the facility and are equipped with cargo transporters.