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An Update on Site Management

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#1 FAdm T'Mana

FAdm T'Mana

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Posted Star Date 22209.19 @ 18:01 (06:01 PM)

Hello everyone,

As some of you may know, Aaron, the president and site owner, has rather abruptly left FedSpace. There was a bit of an issue yesterday with passwords, but that's all been sorted out. There's no danger to the site, and for the time being it will continue to operate as normal. Trystan, Paul and I are committed to working out a way forward, and once we have an idea of what that way will be, we'll let you know. For now, we're still getting a handle on what needs to be done and working to ensure that bills will be paid. FedSpace is not going to disappear.

We appreciate your support as we deal with these issues. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us. I just wanted to give you all a quick heads up. Once there's more to report, we'll do so. For now, keep posting and having fun. Thanks.

#2 Lt Lois Lim

Lt Lois Lim


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Posted Star Date 22209.19 @ 23:32 (11:32 PM)

This is very sad news. I hope Aaron and his family are all OK. I hope this is only temporary. If not, "Mr Predident thankyou for everything."

#3 Lt (JG) Jake Morgenson

Lt (JG) Jake Morgenson


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Posted Star Date 22209.20 @ 09:09 (09:09 AM)

Agreed. Even though we all know real life is more important than Fed Space, I hope he comes back soon. Fed space has lost a good leader today, and I hope we get him back too! 

#4 RAdm Abigail Taylor

RAdm Abigail Taylor


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Posted Star Date 22209.22 @ 15:49 (03:49 PM)

This is really sad news. Aaron was such a pillar to the site and community for so long.


He was my first First Officer when I joined back in 2006. He was so open and caring, genuinely interested in making sure that as a fresh new middie that I was welcomed and comfortable on the ship. We became fast friends, and it's a friendship that has allowed me to meet him and his family several times in real life. His online personality is genuine to who he is.


He did so much work behind the scenes for the site over the years that most people don't realize. He was the heart and soul of our site history and wiki, a thankless job. He wanted to preserve all the wonderful creative work that members have put into the site for the last 20+ years. He worked in the Academy with me for ages and was a pillar there that the Taylor-Esperenson-Halpert team will be one of my best memories. He was someone you could bounce ideas off of and get second opinions on things. I'm sure if you cut him, he would bleed Fedspace in the amount that he loved and cared about the site. 


I understand the departure, as it's really easy to get burnt out here (people don't understand how much work goes on behind the scenes to keep a community like this active and running until you do it!), but it's always sad when it happens.


I'm fortunate that we're friends off FS, as his friendship means a lot to me.


I hope you get a much deserved rest, Aaron! You will be greatly missed here. Love you! <3 

#5 Cdr Daniel Brooks

Cdr Daniel Brooks


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Posted Star Date 22209.22 @ 20:24 (08:24 PM)

It is lovely to read your post Superintendent about Aaron. 


We will all miss a member of our family that has been here for such a long time and done so much!


It is a difficult position to be at the top of anything and Aaron has done well in being there as long as he has. 


I hope that the slight change in management will see Aaron and his predecessors who have all added so much value to the site, the foundation stones of the community, that is FS legacy in tact, even through the changes that are being voted on they along with every member past and present on the site is valued member. 


I have been here since 2007 and I can't believe 15 years time flies when your having fun with a great bunch of people and seen a few changes along the way but it is always sad when a leader goes.


All the best to you Aaron and good luck for your future what ever that might be. :)


Good luck to those who are left to Admin the site, I hope that the wind be on your back and help you to push us all in the right direction. :)